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Top 3 Secrets of Fort Lee, New Jersey

Moving to any part of New Jersey is always a good choice. Especially if your choice is Fort Lee, a town on the Hudson River in Bergen County. Fort Lee, which is now full of high-rises and new buildings, used to be the center of the movie business. Now it’s much more popular among people who work in New York as a place to live. It offers a lot of green space and plenty of historic and fun places. After you have checked for reliable moving companies NJ, you will want to know about 3 secrets of Fort Lee you don’t want to miss!

Secrets of Fort Lee

Every town has its own secrets that make them particularly special and attractive to people. If you are one of the New Yorkers who found that Fort Lee could be a new place to live, make sure to look for movers NYC to NJ which will make your transition easier.

George Washington bridge
George Washington Bridge connects NYC with Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Fort Lee is among the best cities to live in

On the list of 50 best places to live, Fort Lee is in 14th place. People who live in Fort Lee feel like they are in a big city, and most of them own their own homes. Fort Lee’s public schools get top ratings, which makes this place amazing for people with children. On the other hand, many older people live in Fort Lee and choose this place for their retirement. And with reliable local movers NJ they know the transition will start smoothly. The city is also known for its low unemployment rate of only 3.5%.

Safety is one of 3 secrets of Fort Lee

Fort Lee is really safe with low violent and property crimes. Compared to the national average there are more than 4 times fewer assaults. When it comes to murders, that number is 6 times lower! This goes for all other types of violent and property crimes. By one study, 83% of residents believe in the police department and that they are very visible and highly responsive. 54% of people said they feel very safe, while 31% feel pretty safe. Everyone can agree how important this is!

Police officer and a boy talking about secrets of Fort Lee
Residents of Fort Lee have great trust in the police and this is one of the 3 secrets of Fort Lee.

It is one of the largest Korean enclaves in the country

Korean neighborhood that began to grow in the 1970s. In the 1990s, thousands of Korean immigrants moved to Fort Lee. Some of them were wealthy professionals who opened law firms and hospitals. Out of 40 thousand residents, 42% of people say they are Asian. There are hundreds of Korean restaurants and shops. Locals and tourists love Obalton and Sa Rit Gol. There are also Korean grocery stores, beauty supply stores, karaoke bars, and places to buy books. By the year 2000, there were more than 100 Korean-owned businesses in Fort Lee, and most of them were along Main Street. If you decided to move your business as well, check what movers Fort Lee NJ has in store.

Fort Lee, New Jersey is a really good choice

If you have decided to move to the borough of Fort Lee, you made a great choice. Even though we highlighted only 3 secrets of Fort Lee, this city has so much to offer. We hope you will see that too!




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