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You have probably heard about Bayonne. It is west of Brooklyn and east of Newark, and a big portion of the port of New York and New Jersey is located right here. Bayonne has a very rich history and it is a city that is growing really fast. The looks of this city are changing and you might consider moving there. Of course, Bayonne movers will help you in that and make it all go smoothly. We will also give you a little bit about the history of Bayonne. Also, we will advise you about all the hot spots in the town.

Bayonne city history

Bayonne was originally formed in 1861. There are a couple theories about how did the city get its name. First one says, that it got its name after the bayonet on the gun. That one is the least probable explanation, but it is the most common belief. The two other theories both can be true, and the history still can’t decide which one is true. There is a city in France, also named Bayonne and it is a sister city to the Bayonne US. The other theory says that the people who bought the land named it Bayonne because it is located on the shores of two bay.

US Navy submarine in Bayonne
US Navy submarine

Bayonne also once was home to the US Navy, and later in the 70’s, it was converted to an army base. A lot of important persons are actually from here. But also, a lot of important people visited Bayonne. And believe it or not, Bayonne was one of the biggest cities in New Jersey until 1930. Right now, Bayonne has about 60 thousand people living in it. Either way, you are probably getting interested in Bayonne, and you can already start thinking about hiring Bayonne movers.

Things to do in Bayonne

The looks of the city are changing, there are a lot of new buildings. You can visit the “Tear of Grief” – it is a 100-foot tall sculpture that is dedicated to 9/11 and world terrorism. It is located in Harbor View Park, from where you can see the skyline of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. You can visit Collins Park where you can enjoy the skate park, bike park, and many other outdoor activities. There are 25 different parks in Bayonne and they offer various things that you can enjoy.

Manhattan skyline from Bayonne where you reached it with Bayonne Movers
Manhattan skyline

You can also visit Robbins Reef Light Station, although it is not open for public it can be a nice field trip with lovely photos. There are a couple very interesting museums in Bayonne, for example, they have a firefighters museum. And what you should do- you should definitely play lottery here. Bayonne has the most lottery players in the whole state. And also, the highest percentage of winners of $1000 awards and higher. So, you should definitely try your luck!

Should you move to Bayonne?

Well, this city has its perks. It is very diverse and it is connected to Staten Island. Actually, the Bayonne Bridge is the fifth longest steel arch bridge in the whole world. If you hire Bayonne movers, they will be able to tell you a lot of tips and tricks about Bayonne that you don’t know. The city has a wind turbine, and a lot of famous people have bought properties here. Also, a lot of movies and tv shows are shooted here. And, there is Henry Repeating Arms Co factory here, and they are creating replicas of 19th-century firearms. Did we mention the lottery winning rate? You might be next!

How to hire a good Bayonne Movers company?

If you decide to move, you should think carefully about who are you going to hire. You need a professional moving company that can offer you various services. They should be residential movers NJ, or at least they should have that as an option. A good and reliable company can offer that as well as the long distance moving. They should be able to move everything – even a piano. You should check reviews, and maybe even visit them at their office.

A professional moving company should be able to provide you with an estimated price for your move. You can always try to negotiate the price. They should have options like free boxes, packing your home for you and unpacking it. Assembling the furniture is also one of the important things. You do not want to get stuck with a closet that you can’t assemble on your own.

Packing tips

In order to make the relocation easier –  labeling the boxes is a key. Packing your home is certainly not easy, but if you label boxes properly, the unpacking process will be fast and you should able to enjoy your new home really fast. You can label them by color, number and similar. Make sure that you use a good permanent marker and that you secure your boxes. Do not pack too many things inside of them since it will just make difficult to move them around. You will also make a job a lot easier for Bayonne movers once the moving begins.

A blonde woman holding a big cardboard box, and standing in front of a yellow wall.
Packing a box

Use a lot of bubble wrap and wrapping paper. Secure all the fragile items and make sure that there are no scratches on your furniture. In most moving companies you can get the insurance. Also, when it comes to any NJ Movers, they can offer you the same.

Moving companies from NJ are very professional and you can make sure that they are able to pack and move your furniture with ease. They take their job very seriously and they have all the services – from packing to insurance.

Settling in…

Population in Bayonne is very diverse. In general, people here are very proud of their hometown and its rich history. Presidents came to visit, congressmen and a lot of famous people are from here. They are friendly and you can connect with them easily. We advise you after you have settled in to go to the Harbor Park view and enjoy the sunset while you watch the skyline of Manhattan in peace and quiet.


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