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Popular spring festivals in Jersey City

Have you been wondering whether there are any interesting festivals in Jersey City during spring? Well, you should definitely check the most popular spring festivals in Jersey City especially if you live in New Jersey with family. Spring is not the best part of the year for festivals because by chance. It is a part of the year when people feel that nature is waking up. That strength and freshness make wonders to our senses. We smell fresh grass and leaves, see great green color around us. This is part of the year when our body becomes stronger and younger. Do not forget that this part of the year shows us how nature is important and fragile.

New Jersey City
Have a walk through Jersey City neighborhoods in search for festivals

Popular spring festivals in Jersey City are intended mostly for families. They love to spend time in nature and surely enjoy it. However, there are numerous festivals that we know for that are not particularly for families. They included grown, adult people who mostly enjoy a drink or good food. In order to list popular spring festivals in Jersey City, we included a few important facts.

  • Popular spring festivals in Jersey City must include the whole family or at least be properly organized so children can be part of it;
  • They must be free or not much expensive;
  • We are sure that everybody needs to visit a festival that includes good food or drink;
  • There are festivals that include many different activities;
  • It is obvious that popular festivals must be fun on the top of everything else.

We are sure that people who love to visit festivals will find their perfect choice. However, we have put on the list festivals that you can find in parts of the New Jersey that are close to Jersey City, too.

Family activities and festivals

There are great and popular spring festivals in New Jersey that are the best for families. It means that you should come there with children and spent a great day. Some of them are great thanks to activities and fun, other ones include great food.

Annual spring festival in New Jersey

Although this is a perfect spring festival for families, everybody has been enjoying for years. Thanks to them moving to New Jersey could be your next decision. The festival includes great fun and a lot of activities. You will enjoy great music, food, and competitions. Children can involve in costume ball. It is not for free, but the price of only $5 per person sounds like great free fun.

Spring festival

Another one spring festival, this time organized as Easter holiday. It means that your children will take part in Eastern Egg hunting and great family games. Festival also includes a lot of great food and drink.

Trot into spring

Is there any better way to feel the smell of fresh grass and sun on the face than in nature? If you like horses, it is even better. This festival is surely one of the popular spring festivals in Jersey City. They also have Easter Egg hunting and similar activities. However, as the opposite of other festivals, they have horses. You and your children will enjoy riding and horse racing.


Popular spring festivals in Jersey City for adults

Although these festivals presume a lot of fun for grown-up people, even children can enjoy there. The only difference is that these festivals include alcohol and food competition, that is not perfect fun for children. However, you will find great activities there no matter who you come with.

Oyster festival

It is obvious that your children will not be thrilled to come to this festival. On the other hand, this part of New Jersey is known to oysters, and one river has the same name. The festival is also a competition in preparing the seafood specialties. In case you liked this food, but and you’re planning to move to this city in the next period, do not hesitate to look for interstate movers to help you with your relocation.

Rahway taste of spring

When the festival has a name that includes taste and food, you know that you will eat great meals there. This festival is one of them where people prepare specialties from all over the world. The best of them is a competition, and you, as the visitor, surely get great food to taste.

Craft market festival

This is something for craft masters and makers. They have a great place to show their work and sell them. As one part of the festival, they organize auction and selling. However, do not skip this as one of the popular spring festivals in New Jersey.

Other festivals that are close to Jersey City

Finally, you do not need to spend your time on in Jersey City to have fun. There are a lot of popular spring festivals nearby Jersey City that you can visit and enjoy it. The only difference is that they are not particularly settled in New Jersey or Jersey City. On the other hand, they are close to Jersey City so you can easily visit them. And, if you find them interesting, Jersey City movers will help to move here with pleasure.

Craft beer festival

If you are one of them who love craft beer, this festival is great for you. They have more than 100 types of beers and people taste them and choose the best one. However, they also organize a music festival and food competition. You do not need more reasons to hire packing services and move here.

Jersey City
Waterfront in Jersey City

Spring Art and Music Festival

It is great when you can spend one day in spring visiting art and music festival. On this festival, you will be able to hear the best music performances, see great paintings and sculptures. Even the most popular artists will be there. Great way to spend time, especially when it is in summer.

Spring Tippler festival

As one of the popular spring festivals in Jersey City, this festival obviously includes a lot of alcohol. They prepare the best cocktails and organize different competitions. However, do not drink and drive in any circumstances. You can always take a taxi to come back home after these festivals.


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