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Moving to Sunshine State from NJ

Ever get tired of that urban, fast-paced atmosphere? Everyone running around in a hurry, cluttered streets, and long lines at the bank. Well then, Florida is an excellent place for you! It provides excellent job opportunities, great weather and, above all, it’s a great place to relax. So, here’s all you should know when moving to Sunshine State from NJ.


Congratulations on deciding to move! It’s a huge step in anyone’s life and it requires courage and determination. But, if you want your relocation to succeed you need good preparation. First of all, hire good moving services NJ. You can do this by searching online or asking your friends and colleagues. When you find at least 5 companies and compare them and use the one that best fits your needs. Next, it’s time to schedule the moving day and you’re ready to go. It’s best to schedule well in advance – it’s a lot cheaper.

Now, it’s time to pack and prepare your house for the move:

  • don’t pack a lot of warm clothes when moving to Sunshine State from NJ
  • remember to find an apartment before the move
  • bring your id papers
  • notify everyone of the change of address (this means your bank and the post office as well)
  • rest before the moving day


The weather

Florida earned its nickname by being the only state to have access to both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Since most of the state is close to a large body of water its climate is affected. This means that the summers are hot and that the winters aren’t cold. You can enjoy a beautiful beach day almost all year round, if this isn’t a reason to consider moving to Sunshine state from NJ, I don’t know what is. Even if the summer days get too hot, you’ll have access to the seaside in most parts of the state. And if you don’t, pools are very common everywhere, and everyone has air conditioning.

Flora and Fauna

street painter's paintings
A vibrant community is a good reason to consider relocating to Florida

The Sunshine State has a wide range of beautiful wildlife and plants, including the Florida Scrub Jay which can only be found here. Also, this state is third most diverse in the country when it comes to plants. It offers three thousand different types of wildflowers and it provides some of the most diverse living conditions for plants and animals. Salt marshes, ocean, and even a brackish lake are all available.

Opportunities when moving to Sunshine State from NJ

Assuming you don’t own your own apartment, living anywhere in Florida is at least 10% cheaper than living in NJ. This is amazing since the pay in these states isn’t that different. Apart from the groceries which are a little more expensive down south, everything else works in Florida’s favor. Even the job market is about the same. So, if you’re job hunting, or moving with a loved one or a family, call your residential movers NJ and set the date for your move.


One of the best reasons for moving to Florida is the community. The neighbors are great and polite. In some parts of the state, there are more senior citizens which means that it will be more quiet and subdued. However, all over Florida, there’s a lot of things to do! From zoos to theme parks, golf and a lot of waterside activities, the Sunshine State is well-equipped for anyone’s needs.

Cons of moving o Sunshine State from NJ

The weather

a beach with very strong wind
Some of the drawbacks of Florida’s weather

Unfortunately, access to the ocean works both ways. Even though it provides mild winters and 200 beach days a year, it also means hurricanes or other extreme weather. Now, this isn’t a huge problem, since it doesn’t mean blizzards that come from the ocean a bit more north. And, the risk of such terrible weather can be reduced by moving further inland. But, if you’re ok with the occasional flood or a mild hurricane, you should call your long distance movers NJ right now.

Apart from this, the weather in Florida can be a bit too humid for some people. You wouldn’t like it there if you’re suffering from a respiratory disease or can’t stand humid weather for whatever other reason.

The territory war with animals

While it’s fun to live in a diverse and lush environment, it has its drawbacks. The expansion of cities is putting humans and animals more into contact more and more. So, with such a biologically rich environment such as Florida, encounters will happen eventually. You might encounter alligators, snakes, fire ants and a multitude of other critters and creepy crawlies. Even some strange breed of mosquitoes who “hunt” in packs like wolves. However, none of these encounters happen very often and there are precautions you can take to avoid them. And if you’re considering moving to Sunshine State from NJ this shouldn’t stop you.


an american aligator you might encounter moving to Sunshine state from NJ
Moving to Sunshine State from NJ might mean encountering one of these

Who doesn’t dislike their peace being destroyed by random people cluttering the streets, talking loudly, and taking pictures of everything? Well, as with any shore, so too with Florida’s, people come during the summer months to relieve themselves of stress and enjoy their vacation. People will come from all over the world and a few months a year it will be a bit overcrowded. However, these won’t be the kind that comes to the Jersey shore. There will be more families and couples than crazy teens students on their spring break. And, if your reliable moving company NJ relocates you a bit more inland, you’ll decrease the number of unwanted gawkers.

In the end, when moving to Sunshine State from NJ make sure you know what you’re looking for and what you need. The best way to find a great place for you is to do some research and know what you want.



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