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Moving from Chatham to Englewood

Are you thinking about moving from Chatham to Englewood? This relocation shouldn’t be hard to prepare and complete. The first reason is the distance. Moving locally is easier than moving long-distance or cross-country. The packing process is the same, but you must be more careful when packing your items for a long-distance relocation. After all, your belongings will travel longer, so the possibility of damage is higher. Luckily, the distance between Chatham and Englewood is about 30 miles, or rather, the two cities are about 45 min car drive apart.

However, don’t make the huge mistake of not hiring a moving company just because your move is a local one. No matter what kind of relocation you are preparing, you should always hire one of the moving companies NJ relies on. Just make sure to pick the right moving service. Additionally, here are a few more tips for your relocation to Englewood from Chatham.

How to begin preparing for moving from Chatham to Englewood?

Moving preparation is not very complicated, but it requires time. If you are working full-time and have a family, finding free time to prepare for a relocation sounds almost impossible. For this reason, you should get help, and the best help for moving preparation is from professional movers. Now, there are probably many moving companies in your area, and not all of them are suited for you. Therefore, the first step is to narrow down the moving company choices based on the reviews and ratings.

The next step is to cut off the moving companies that don’t have the moving service that you need. As you are moving under 50 miles, you should hire local movers NJ trusts. When you are left with a couple of choices, ask for a moving quote from at least two or three moving companies and hire the one that offers you the best one.

man sitting in white van
The first step of moving preparation is to find a good moving company

Should you move from Chatham?

Chatham is one of the best places to live in New Jersey, and many people decide to move here with movers Chatham NJ has. It’s a lovely small town with a population of almost 10 000. The best advantages are the school system, safety, etc. However, there are a couple of downsides to living in Chatham. The first one is the small population. Sure, not everyone likes big cities, but it can get repetitive seeing the same people every day and going to the same places. There is more variety in bigger cities and possibilities. Additionally, Chatham is an affluent town which means you can hardly buy a nice house for under 1 million dollars which is a lot of money. For this reason, it’s not a bad choice to change a scenario a little bit.

Why should you move to Englewood?

Englewood is not a very big city, with a population of around 30 000. However, it’s almost three times bigger than Chatham. There are many reasons why you should move to Englewood this year with movers Englewood NJ offers. First, it’s not far away from Chatham. You can easily visit your family and friends back in Chatham over the weekends. Additionally, your relocation will be easier and less stressful. Englewood is also an affluent city, but it has more housing options than Chatham. The median home value is around $400 000, which is half the price of the average home value in Chatham. You will find that the residents are welcoming and friendly, which means a lot when coming to an unfamiliar city. Some other advantages of living in Englewood are the following:

  • Safety
  • Activities
  • School system
  • Landscape
  • Proximity to NYC
  • Affordability
two people walking down the street
Moving from Chatham to Englewood will be a good option for you

What can you do in Englewood in your free time?

Preparing for a relocation can sometimes be hard and never-ending. It takes good organization and effort to prepare everything and find the best moving company based on moving quotes NJ companies provide. For this reason, you deserve to relax after relocation and do the things you like.

As Englewood is a bigger city than Chatham, it has more entertainment options and activities. A good way to spend your free time is to see a concert by some of your favorite singers. The perfect place for this is the Bergen Performing Arts Center. A non-profit performing arts venue, the Bergen Performing Arts Center presents top-notch shows at reasonable costs. The most notable artists that performed here are Tony Bennett, Aretha Franklin, and Diana Ross. However, if you want to spend some quality time outside, then you should go to the Flat Rock Brook Nature Center.

NYC is very close to Englewood

One of the biggest advantages of moving to Englewood is the proximity to NYC. First, NYC has endless career options and job positions that usually have better salaries than in smaller cities. However, as NYC has high living costs, it’s a better option to live in Englewood and commute to your job.

The distance between Englewood and NYC is around 18 miles, and there are a couple of ways to travel. The fastest way to get to NYC from Englewood is by car, and it takes about 13 min. Additionally, there is a direct bus that goes from Dean St At Palisade Ave to Port Authority Bus Terminal. The good thing is that the bus operates every day and it departs every 15 min. You can also go to NYC as a weekend gateway or on some special occasions.

A view that you will get to see every day if you end up moving from Chatham to Englewood
Proximity to NYC is always a huge advantage

Should you move from Chatham to Englewood?

While Chatham is a good place for living, Englewood is also a great option for you. Living in a bigger city offers more options for almost everything and especially job and housing solutions. For this reason, moving from Chatham to Englewood will be a good choice. Now, you only need to prepare for your relocation the best way you can and know. You should start in advance so that you have enough time to prepare and organize your relocation. However, the most important step is to hire a moving company that has the best reviews and the moving service that you need.


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