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How to pack for a move across the street

So, you have relocated to your new neighborhood and you just love it. But, in one moment you are realizing that you need a bigger house or apartment. On the other hand, you do not want to leave your street. In this case, you just need to organize your moving because the place is already familiar to you. In this article, we are going to present to you how to pack for a move across the street.

Find your new place for a living

The first thing you need to do before you start to pack for a move across the street is to do a research about the places in the city you are going to live.  In this case, houses which are for sale or for a rent in your street. You might ask your neighbors if they can help you. Maybe some of them want to relocate to another place and they want to sell their house. It will be easier for your relocation if you already know in which house you are going to live. Also, keep in mind that you need to make a deal about the price no matter if you are going to buy or to rent your new house. When you know with the owner of the house and you make a deal with him, you can be focused on your relocation.

How to organize your moving?

When you have finished finding a place for you, now it is the time to organize your relocation. You should do research about moving companies. Because you need a local moving, you should contact local movers NJ to help you with your relocation. Don’t hire cheap movers, hire the best. The company will help you with your relocation and no matter if you are about to relocate across the street, you still need to use a help from a company. Keep in mind that the main thing for you is to pack for a move across the street.

Make a plan for your relocation
Organize your moving

Pack for a move across the street- Find packing materials

Now that you have finished with contacting your company for your moving, you need to pack for a relocation across the street. The main thing you need for your packing is to find some good packing materials for your items. Here is a list of packing materials for your relocation:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Packing boxes- Try to find out where to get free cardboard boxes
  • Egg cartoon- This material is helpful to secure your items more when you need to pack for a move across the street.
  • Packing papers

You need to find packing materials so you can be sure that your relocation is going to be safe. Either you can find these materials on the internet and see what is the price for it or you can ask your family or friends for a help. They might have some already used materials, but if they are in a good shape, it will be helpful for you. When you find all the packing materials you need, start with packing your items and prepare them for the relocation.

Make a moving checklist

Before you start with packing your items, you should make a moving checklist. Moving checklist can be very useful when you need to pack for a move across the street. By having a moving checklist, you will know what items do you have and what you need to relocate with you or what are you going to leave behind. It will make your relocation a lot easier. Write in your list all the things you have in your house. When you write it down, you can make a selection of the items and put them in categories. In this way, you are going to avoid moving mistakes. Once you separate your items in categories, you will have a clear image of your items and how to pack them.

Prepare to pack for a move across the street
Make a moving checklist

Go through every room one more time

You have finished packing your items and now you should go through every room in the house from your kitchen to your garage. In this way, you are going to be sure if you have forgotten something or you did not pack all the items in your boxes. Use your checklist for a help and take your time. Do not hurry with it because you can not have a clear image. The best option for you is to have one day to do this. You will not have to hurry and you can pay attention to every item on your checklist. If you need to unpack all your items to be sure, do it. You will put all items again when you finish with checking them.

Be ready for your relocation day

Finally, your relocation day has come. Now you need to be prepared for it. Get up early and make sure that everything is ready for the moving company when they come.  Again, you should use your checklist and be sure that everything is in the right place. When the moving company arrives, be with them until they load all the things inside the truck. Let them load the items and you can just tell them what is in the boxes. In this way, they will know what to load first and what is inside in every box.

Keep in mind that the heavy boxes go first and then the light ones. When they finish with loading, you should go back to your house and check every room in it. Once you have checked everything you are ready for your relocation across the street.

Arrive first to your new home

Because you are moving across the street, you must be first to arrive. It will not take so much time for you to arrive. When you arrive, help your movers with the items. You can tell them where to put all the things, for example in one room. Later, when they leave, you can separate your items into every room in the house. Be careful when you are unpacking your boxes. Do not hurry with it and no matter how many days you need to unpack them, take your time. When you are about to renovate your apartment, think wisely how to do it. Keep in mind that you have just relocated and that it is in your interest to save money on apartment renovation.

To conclude, when you need to pack for a move across the street, it is not as easy as it sounds. You still need to have a good organization and a good preparation for it. But, if you organize on time and if you are prepared well, you will not have to worry.


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