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How much does having a roommate save in NJ?

How much does having a roommate save in NJ? When people think about starting a new life, in their dreams, that usually does not entail having a roommate. They simply skip all the steps in between and they see themselves overseeing some quality movers moving them to their apartment of their own and they either live alone or with their romantic partner. While for a certain percentage of the populace it is possible to live alone from the very first moment of their adult lives, for a larger portion, living alone right from the start is not really a great option for the majority of people. The concept of having a roommate or roommates can be a true savior in such situations. There is a reason why this is a common practice all over the world. However, things are not that simple, so let us delve into this topic a bit more.

Before we discuss the financial aspect, we must first talk about roommate searching

In order to actually come to the point when you can objectively think about how much does having a roommate save in NJ, you first need to know some things. What type of housing unit are you going to look for? Would you go for the supreme low-cost version of renting a studio with the roommate? This, though not really a comfortable scenario is still a realistic one. Especially if both, you and your potential roommate are both open to sharing space in such a way. How many roommates are you willing to have? This is a really important question and you would do well if actually spent some time on really contemplating this. This can also influence the size of the apartment that you will look for.  After you go through these potential scenarios, make a list of options you would consider.

In order to think about how much does having a roommate save in NJ, you must first have roommate
Setting off to find a roommate is best done when you are prepared for the apartment-search

For instance, your top priority is having one roommate and one each of you gets one room. However, you may also be willing to get 2 or even 3 roommates if they already have a bigger apartment. Once you have all the scenarios figured out, you can start looking for a roommate. During the search, it is really important that you discuss all the details about sharing your apartment. The most important aspect is the financial on i.e. what amount of rent is the highest you are willing to go to? How big of an apartment? Location? All these factors contribute massively to how much money you will spend on the apartment and how much money you will potentially save by living with a roommate. Once you find a roommate and you start your search for the apartment, you can call some quality movers NJ has to offer.

So, how much does having a roommate save in NJ?

Now, after you have established what do you want from a roommate, it is time to talk about numbers. According to data from 2019, buying a home costs around 360,000 dollars on an average throughout the state. Depending on the city and the part of the state, prices can go up and down. When it comes to actual renting prices, the situation is still quite high compared to the nation’s average. However, it is important to say here that in the greatest cities in New Jersey, there are way more people who rent homes than actually own them. This is really important as it influences the renting prices which are consequently way higher than in the rest of the country.

person wearing black coat close-up photography
Once you meet your future roommate you can go hunting apartments together

Studio apartments’ renting prices are around $1,068 per month, which is around $260 above the national average. The same goes for the 1-bedroom ($1242) and 2-bedroom apartments ($1436) as they are also around $250 more expensive. So, by having a roommate you could save around $700 per month or more. This is a rather significant sum. If you actually opt for more roommates, you can end up paying even less. With 2 roommates, you could save even a $1000 dollars compared to some scenarios of you living alone. Also, it is important to say that the economy of New Jersey is really stable. This means that you will not have to worry about any big fluctuations in the monthly rent. So, it is time to start gathering some moving tips and start looking for a roommate.

Pro-tip 1: Do not forget to hire professionals to help you move

Now that we have established how much does having a roommate save in NJ, we must talk about something else that also matters quite a lot. Moving is something that almost all of us go through at some point in life. It is often considered as the rite of passage when you move for the first time from your childhood home. Since it is such a big occasion, it would be a shame to have some inexperience-induced misfortune strike because you haven’t hired movers. Hiring moving professionals is the best way to go to ensure that life in your new home begins in the best possible way. So, finding someone as reliable as the moving company Kearny NJ offers is a really smart decision. 

white wooden table
An inventory list is an amazingly useful tool for packing and unpacking

Pro-tip 2: Use the inventory list

Inventory lists are a really useful tool for everything involving moving. People sometimes forget this and end up doing things the harder way. However, moving inventory lists can go a long way towards making your moving really easy. First of all, having an inventory list is really useful for unpacking and packing. As you pack, you can mark in which box is which item from the inventory list. Then when you start unpacking, you can follow the list and prioritize as you go. You also need the inventory list in case you have to file a moving insurance claim as this is one of the documents needed.

Furthermore, while knowing how much does having a roommate save in NJ, you still have to think about the moment when you are done with being roommates. Having a list of your belongings when you move in is a great way to start. It would be useful to keep it and then just add on the things you get throughout the roommateship. That way, moving away can be a lot easier and will save you time from remembering who did bring what to the apartment.


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