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Guide to moving your sports equipment

Having fitness equipment in the house seems to be crucial these days. Even if you are living in the post-pandemic future that this article does not have privy to, we hope that you appreciate the importance of having the ability to stay fit while in the comfort of your own home. Many people actually prefer practicing at home rather than at the gym. This comes down to benefits in privacy and convenience that public gyms simply do not have. However, to practice efficiently, you need the equipment that gyms have, meaning you need to have sports equipment for usage at home. These can often be not only expensive (therefore valuable), but also bully and not movable – which is not good news for when the time comes that you actually need to move. Therefore, we made this guide for moving your sports equipment!

Cleaning before moving your sports equipment

Hopefully, the moving equipment you intend to move via moving company Union City NJ has been well used. After all, you will agree that moving equipment that has not being used is also not worth relocating (more on that later). Therefore, if we presume that it has, it must, by now, has some tear and wear. Not to mention that the “blood, sweat and tears” are some of the liquids you might find on them, associated with some really good, hard work, sure, but also not something you want when moving. In other words, you should try to clean your moving equipment before you move them.

moving your sports equipment - winter equmpent
You want it clean before it gets packed

Cleaning before moving your sports equipment is really all about having the patience to sit and cover every single surface of your sports equipment with a towel or a mop. Be sure to disconnect the electric ones, and to have extra attention given to the bigger ones (treadmills or bikes, for example). Make sure that you clean thoroughly and that you disassemble anything that can be disassembled from the sports equipment. Don’t try to force anything, of course. If it is all one piece, that is perfectly fine. However, disassembly is not only the best way to clean the equipment thoroughly, but it is also a good way to prepare them for packing.

Weights, barbells, and dumbells

Let us first start small. This is the type of sports equipment that is easiest to relocate via affordable movers NJ, or any movers really. Moving your sports equipment is all about trying to pack it, and having barbells, weights, and dumbells for sports equipment is really convenient since they are literary made for being picked up every day. They are small, compact, and easy to handle (if hard to lift, of course). However, that does not mean that no thought should go into packing them. It just means that it will be comparatively easy (when you compare with the heavier ones).

hand weights
How to handle smaller fitness equipment?
  • Weights – As for all that, weights too should be put into boxes that will be able to tolerate their weight. When moving your sports equipment you don’t want it to get damaged. With weights, the way to address this and to avoid any damage befalling your items is to provide ample cushioning material between the weights that share the box. If you can find individual boxes for individual weights, that is even better.
  • Barbells – Barbells should be placed on the bottom of whatever boxes you are stacking because of their weight. You always want for heavy items to go to the bottom of the stack, as that way you avoid any accidental damage to anything that would find their way below.
  • Dumbells -Remember to find boxes that leave some space around the dumbells, and fill it up with a lot of cushioning materials. Also, try to have them placed in such a place that they do not budge. Dumbells can do some heavy damage to themselves and other possessions if they fall from a height, so keep them low.

A bike

Movers Bloomfield NJ could testify to the fact that bikes are the most popular sports equipment around. They are also fairly easy to move. Simply put them in the truck in the same position you find them in your home. Cover them up with a blanket to prevent damage. Other than that, not much can be done, really. You, unfortunately, cannot disassemble the bikes and the best position for them is the upright one.


Treadmills are fairly popular as well in all of their renditions. They are not easy to lift and are not simple machines. Therefore, you will not be able to disassemble them to a large extent.

Four running tracks
How to pack treadmills?

If you don’t know how to disassemble the only part that you should be able to, the handstand, you can always leave it to professionals to do it for you. If you, however, manage to do it, just be sure you have someone help you move it (and don’t lift it with your back, it truly is heavy).

Storing and downsizing

Finally, one good way to not have any issues with moving your sports equipment is to simply not move them. Rather you can downsize and buy new. That does not seem like a good idea to you, and we get it. You don’t want to abandon your old sports equipment. However, the bigger ones such as treadmills and running bikes are generally very hard to move but easy to sell. You might just find a buyer on Craiglist before you relocate and recuperate some of the cost of buying a newer, better one.

There are also other ways of downsizing. For example, you can find some of the many charities that will take pretty much anything for their homes. Your sports equipment would be very valuable to them. Finally, short of throwing them away, which would be a terrible shame, you can store them for later. Storing sports equipment simply requires a climate-controlled, always dry storage unit.

In conclusion

These are all the things you need to know about moving your sports equipment. Hopefully, you will pull it off without a hitch. Just remember to pack properly, clean thoroughly, and take things to step by step.


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