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Budget friendly decorating tips

Moving to a new place has a great impact on your budget. Do not despair; there are some budget friendly decorating tips that will not use up your entire budget.

Clean up and throw away things you are not using

Use your relocation to organize and clean up your belongings. When you are packing and preparing to move, separate everything you don’t need anymore. If you have clothes that are in good condition, give them to charity. You can do the same with used furniture. That is if you are planning to buy new ones.

Minimalism is trendy right now. Anyway, when you declutter you will feel better and ready for a fresh start.

Plan new look

Moving to a new and empty space is your advantage actually. It is an excellent opportunity to imagine and organize everything from the beginning. Use what you already have, just visualize it differently. First, you have to decide what you like. That is what kind of decorating style you like the most. This is sometimes difficult for many people. Once you figure it out you are ready for the next step.

Sketch design of a room
Make a sketch when you decide what style you would like.

The best is to start from the biggest room in the house. If you have a tight budget use the things you already have. You can actually re-purpose some of them, especially if you are up to some DIY projects. For example, you can use some old ladders and lean it against the wall so you can use it to hang something or as a shelf. This is very popular in interior design right now, plus it’s cheap, so use it as one of our budget friendly decorating tips.

Leave enough space for passage

When you are planning and arranging your furniture, make sure that you are leaving enough space for passing through. So-called traffic flow is very important, you will see for yourself. The best way to ensure that you don’t stack too many things in your room is to plan a storage space.

Determine everything in advance. You need to think about all of your belongings and where will you put them. If you don’t have enough storage in your place you will pile up clutter really fast.

Everything should have its own place

If your space and your budget allow you, make a closet system. The cheapest way is to use the existing wall for a closet. In this case, you will just need to close it with doors and install some shelves inside it. There are budget-friendly closet organizers. You can get shelves, drawers or something else you maybe need. When you have space to sort everything you will be satisfied. In addition, you won’t have any stuff that is just laying around the house.

Don’t make a mistake and think that you will sort everything in time. Do it right when you move in because it will be less stressful if you don’t trip on the moving boxes. Avoid stacking your clothes on a bed or dresser until you think of something.

Small budget friendly decorating tips that will look big

When you have finished arranging bigger furniture, you can start with smaller accent pieces.

People usually buy cheaper things when they are on a budget. You don’t have to do this as well. You can buy one or two good things and you will love them always. Buying something just because it is in your price range usually means that you will be bored by it fast. Then you will want to replace it or throw it as fast as you can. This is actually as if you are throwing your money away.

Budget friendly decorating tips

Blue accent wall with a picture hanging on it
The accent wall is a cheap solution, but a nice statement

A budget friendly and easy solution is to paint an accent wall. You will just need a bucket of paint. Choose the paint that fits your room size and furniture color. Choose a brighter paint color if you are in a smaller space. If you don’t know which color suits your space the best then choose some type of neutral. Everything goes well with neutral color.

If you have a small space, you can use the mirrors to make it feel larger. You can use only one mirror and if you put it in the right place, it will look excellent.

Create a gallery wall. This is a great statement but also a budget-friendly decor. You can make it with different frame types or you can have the same frame color in different sizes. Anyway, be sure that you measure and plan. You can use painters tape to arrange the frames before you drill the holes to a wall. Pictures and family photos will make a huge difference in a room.

Same size picture frames hanging on a wall
Plan your gallery wall before you hang pictures.

Give your old furniture a new look

  • If you are bored with your old dresser, bookcase or chairs then give them a makeover.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot to have some nice changes. If you are not up to big changes, you can just change drawer or doorknobs and pulls. However, a fresh paint job and your furniture will look excellent. Besides, it doesn’t cost a lot, so it is definitely one of budget friendly decorating tips you can apply.
  • If you have open shelves or a bookcase you can freshen it up with a little wallpaper or a fabric. You can line the back with it and you will have an almost new piece of furniture.
  • You can also re-upholster your chairs. You can choose fun fabrics for a modern look. This task will take some time, but it is cheaper than buying new ones.

Moving is always a difficult period. Try to take it easy and plan everything so it would be less stress in the end. Bear in mind to pack everything as safe as you can. Always use moving boxes because they are sturdy and durable. This is actually the best tips for your budget. If you damage or break some of your favorite belongings, you will have to buy new. Maybe just repair it but that can be pricey. Consult your moving company for packing tips especially if you want to pack a moving truck. Excellent if they have packing and unpacking service. Use that service so it is a less stress for you.


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