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Best places to live in NJ while working in NYC

Everyone knows that NYC is an expensive city for living in. So, if you are lucky enough to get a job in NYC, you should definitely take it. But, you will need a small miracle to find a decent apartment for a reasonable price. There is no really a point in working in NYC if you are going to spend more than half of your paycheck on a tiny apartment. Luckily, you can find great housing options near NYC such as in New Jersey. The commute is almost the same as living in some parts of NYC, just much more affordable. For this reason, you should consider moving to some city in New Jersey close to NYC. Additionally, you can organize smooth relocation with Ample moving. As for where you should live, here is the list of a few best places to live in NJ while working in NYC.

What are the best places to live in NJ while working in NYC?

The biggest reason why you should live in New Jersey while working in New York City is the cost of living. NYC is known to have the highest cost of living in the US. The most expensive part of living in NYC is the housing. Whether you will be renting or buying a property in NYC, you will need much more money for the same property in some other city or state. For example, the median home value in NYC is around $900 000 while in New Jersey is around $330 000. As you can see, this is a huge difference. For this reason, it’s better to find a good home in New Jersey and move there with movers NJ to NYC. You can easily travel to your work in NYC from the following cities in New Jersey:

  • Edgewater
  • North Bergen
  • Edison
  • Bloomfield
  • Montclair
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You have a great choice of the best places to live in NJ while working in NYC

Why you should move to Edgewater when working in NYC?

First on this list is Edgewater. It’s a small city with only 12 500 residents. However, Edgewater is one of the best places to move in with interstate movers NJ and it’s very close to NYC. You will need approximately 26 min to get from Edgewater to NYC and it will mostly depend on the traffic and the type of transportation. There are four ways to travel to NYC and they are subway, bus, taxi, and car. The line 1 subway goes will take you to Manhattan and you will need about 18 min which is relatively short. If you travel by bus, you will spend a little more time in traffic as bus line 158 need about 31 min to arrive in Manhattan. The fastest way will be with a car whether you drive or take a taxi.

Bloomfield is another good choice for you

If you want to live in a little bigger city than Edgewater, Bloomfield might be the best place for you. Bloomfield is also one of the best places to live in New Jersey and it’s also close to NYC. You will need about half an hour to get to Manhattan and there are also a few traveling options. The fastest way would be by bus and there is a direct line that connects Port Authority Bus Terminal and Liberty St & Broad St. The bus departs hourly and operate even on weekends. There is also a direct train line. You will need about 31 min to arrive at New York Penn Station. However, the train only operates on workdays. So, you should definitely start planning your move with movers Bloomfield NJ to this city.

One of the Best places to live in NJ while working in NYC is Bloomfield
You can take a bus, train, or taxi from Bloomfield to NYC

Another great city on this list is Montclair

If you moved recently to Montclair with moving companies Montclair NJ and unexpectedly found a job in NYC, you are in luck. The distance between Montclair and Manhattan is 17 miles and you will spend an average of 31 min on travel. The fastest way to travel from Montclair to Manhattan is by taxi as it only takes about 22 min. However, as traveling every day to work by taxi is not exactly cheap, your other options are bus or train. There is a direct train line that goes from Watchung Avenue to New York Penn Station. However, you will need about 40 min of travel and the train only operates from Monday to Friday. If you are working on weekends as well, you can then take a bus that operates even during weekends.

You can’t forget Edison

While Edison is a little further away from NYC than other cities on this list, it’s a still very good choice. Edison is the biggest city so far on this list as it has over 100 000 residents. What you need to know about Edison is that the city has almost a perfect overall grade when it comes to living conditions. The median home value is around $390 000 while in NYC is around $600 000. The average rent prices are similar but you can find a much bigger apartment in Edison for the same price as smaller ones in NYC. So, it’s much more affordable to live in Edison while working in NYC. There are four ways to get from Edison to NYC. The average traveling time is around 1 h which is slightly longer than the previous ones on this list.

black and white train rail
You can take a train if you are working in Manhattan but living in Edison

Why should you choose New Jersey over NYC for a living?

New Jersey is a great state for living, but it’s most of the time overlooked. People mostly focus their attention on NYC. However, you shouldn’t make this mistake. As you can see, there are a lot of places to live in NJ while working in NYC. Also, there are many other benefits of living in New Jersey besides proximity to NYC. Additionally, you will have even less time commuting from New Jersey to Manhattan than from some parts of NYC. So, there is not one good reason why you shouldn’t consider moving to NJ while working in NYC.


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