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Best neighborhoods in Union City NJ

Union City New Jersey is a beautiful place to move to. We think it is just perfect and you should definitely consider its beautiful neighborhoods when looking through the list of apartments and houses. Let us explain everything you need to know when deciding on moving to New Jersey. Then, you will be able to make an educated choice and find your new home in one of the neighborhoods in Union City NJ.

Choosing among the best neighborhoods in Union City NJ

First of all, Union City doesn’t have your typical neighborhood order. All are very similar, but you can choose according to your standards. For all we know, you want to live next to an Italian restaurant in the center of the city, but then again, who does not…  If you, like most people, choose to move interstate for work, then it would be wise to know which neighborhoods are close to what.

Having lunch with friends - neighborhoods in Union City NJ
Neighborhood in Union City NJ have tasty food at every corner!

Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Union City NJ:

  • The Union Hill neighborhood is closest to West New York NJ
  • The Downtown Union City neighborhood is closest to Jersey City NJ
  • Union City UEZ and Celia Cruz Park neighborhoods are both in the center of Union City
  • The West Hoboken neighborhood is located near the Hudson River and is connected from Weehawken to Midtown Manhattan, New York by the Lincoln tunnel.

What makes life in the neighborhood in Union City NJ easier and more beautiful?

​Parking in the neighborhood

There are many things an adult is looking into when deciding to move and many of them are practical things that can make your day just a little bit better. For example, parking. Union City has recently established a new policy in most neighborhoods and it is a Resident only policy. This means that you can get a free parking permit if you are a resident. You will probably have a much better chance of finding a good parking spot faster than you normally would. We all know how life-saving it can be not to drive around for half an hour after a working day. If you, however, do not own a vehicle and prefer to go by foot, Union City has been given awards by the American Automobile Association for pedestrian safety.

Public transportation to and from Union City

  • Airports: As an important part of transportation to all who travel to another country, airports play a big role. Newark International Airport and Teterboro Airport are an easy commute from Union City. Both airports are no longer than half an hour’s drive by car.
  • Buses: For those who do not own a vehicle, buses are more than frequent and well organized. Union City is very accessible. Public transportation is available almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and has transportation to many cities that surround
  • Traffic: In Union City. traffic, like in any other urban city, is a daily must. Nevertheless, it is reduced to a minimum because of the great infrastructure. If you travel to work every day, as most do, you will be pleasantly surprised to find Union City, NJ more than organized.

Restaurants and takeout in Union City

As a person who, we assume, has a job or will get a job, you probably do not always have time to cook for yourself or your family. This is the case especially if you have just moved here. This really is not a problem because Union City has many restaurants and coffee places in all the neighborhoods! Cuban, Chinese, Italian and lots of other cuisines are at your offer for a simple takeout or for a lovely dinner, lunch and even breakfast. So, whatever neighborhood you choose, you will always be stuffed!

A woman riding a bike in a park
Enjoy yourself in Union City by visiting all these beautiful places!

Union City and its charms

Once you move to Union City, NJ, you will probably need some time to get to know the neighborhood and your surroundings. We have already told you about some great things it has to offer but we are not done. If you have kids, pets or just like to take walks, we have some lovely recommendations for you. Maybe reading books in parks surrounded by wooden benches and a scene of greenery is your thing or maybe it is the urban life. Whatever you like, Union City is the place for you. Much like all the greats, it has some beautiful and interesting places you can visit to really get into the spirit of the city! Here are some of the most popular and most interesting places in Union City:

  • Frank Sinatra Park ( You will love the beautiful path that leads you forward in life while you think you’re just taking a walk through the neighborhoods of Union City)
  • Hamilton Park ( As we’ve heard, fantastic scenery)
  • Hudson River Waterfront Walkway (Beautiful, you will enjoy it. And it’s a great way to let your busy mind wander)
  • Richard W. DeKorte Park ( Some even like it in the winter, they say it looks magical)
  • Joseph & Michael Church ( You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the beautiful architecture this church has)
  • Sybil’s cave (A little something for those with a peculiar taste in amusement)
  • Frank Sinatra birthplace sidewalk star ( This one is for all the fans and we think that we all are)
  • Birthplace of Baseball Monument (A little bit of history, a little bit of nostalgia and a lot of American spirit)
A woman with her chldren unpacking.
With a good moving company Union City NJ, You will have an easy move!

Moving to New Jersey is an easy task

Since we think you have already decided to move to Union City in New Jersey, let us help you with the process. Moving to New Jersey can be a really easy task, if you let the right people do it for you, that is. We believe that moving on your own is just too hard so why don’t you leave it to the professionals? If you are looking for someone professional and trustable , then hiring the best moving company Union City NJ just might be what to do to help yourself.

Union City, here I come!

In the end, we would like to put a cherry on the top of Union City. Since you have obviously chosen to move, you should know this. This really is a beautiful city in a beautiful country. You will have many opportunities and make a lot of great memories.  Do not forget, this can be a city like any other or it can be a special one, it all depends on how you experience it. We have told you all about its virtues. You can have a peaceful life, or a fast one. The options are endless. Just don not forget, hire the right moving company Union City NJ, and you are all set to start a new, beautiful part of your life. Now that all is said, good luck, whatever neighborhood in Union City NJ you choose, you will not regret it.


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