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5 top NJ towns for renters

Having the possibility to own your home is quite nice and huge. But, it is not easy at all. To get there, you need to work hard, and you need to achieve many things in life. And, until you do, your option will be to be a renter. Don’t think that it is a bad thing, or that you should be ashamed or something. It is not like that, but rather quite the opposite. There are a lot of NJ towns for renters. And in the following text, you will figure out which ones are the best ones. So, make sure that before you start making a list of moving companies NJ has, you realize where you want to live and rent. The options are quite various, and it is better to prepare yourself on time. It is not something you can decide overnight, so be patient until you do.

When you start searching for the best NJ towns for renters, make sure you start from the Jersey City

Jersey City is a town with a population of over 261,940 inhabitants. Even though the number is quite high and it makes you believe people own their homes there, it is not the case. In Jersey City, 71% of the population rather rent their places than own them. But it is quite understandable since the median home value is $373,700 and the median rent is $1,401 approximately. Living in these neighborhoods you will get an urban area feel. Well, at the same time, you will be surrounded by a lot of coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and parks as well.

Buildings in Jersey City.
Jersey City is for sure one of the top 5 NJ towns for renters.

The majority of the population in Jersey City are young professionals that tend to be liberal, and also you can find many families over here. It is a great place if you plan on expanding your family and raising kids. Now, it is good to know that children there have amazing perspectives when it comes to schooling. There is a quite long list of public schools that are extremely highly rated. And it is the same for the private ones. You just need to choose. Even though Jersey City already sounds amazing and like a place where you would like to live, wait. And make sure that you first explore other cities as well before you decide and start looking for the best moving companies Montclair NJ has.

Don’t forget Newark, it is also one of the top 5 places in New Jersey when you don’t want to buy your own home but rather rent

Believe it or not, Newark is a city with an even bigger population than Jersey City. In Newark, there are 281,054 numbers of inhabitants. And out of that big number, you will find 78% of the population renting their places rather than owning. The median home value in Newark is $245,200, and the median rent is $1,085 so it is quite understandable why it is like that. Living here you will get an urban-suburban mixture of the area feel. And normally, it is one of the best places for families in New Jersey as well.

You can check out with the movers Bloomfield NJ has more details about this place, and which neighborhoods are the bust. But when you are checking this one out, make sure if you have children that you find a place in a nearby distance of some of the schools. The schooling system in Newark is also a straight-A. For sure, some of the best neighborhoods to live in are:

  • Downtown
  • North Ironbound
  • Upper Vailsburg
  • South Ironbound
  • Seventh Avenue
Bridge over the river in Newark.
Living in Newark will give you an urban-suburban mix of the area feel.

Even though that when it comes to crime and safety, they are not highly rated, you can still live here in peace. It is not like crime happens every day on the streets. More important than this, is that you can be completely relaxed if you were worried about if people will accept you. No matter who you are and where you come from, they will.

Also among of the top 5 NJ towns for renters is Trenton, so make sure you put it on that list

Compared to the previous two towns, this one is less crowded. In Trenton, you will find 83,412 inhabitants. And among that number, the majority are families that tend to be liberal. Here, you will have a lot of coffee shops, bars, and parks to enjoy your days in. Living in Trenton, you will have the urban-suburban mix of the area feel. The median home value here is $95,800 while the median rent is $1,026. And that explains why 64% of the people are renters. And only 36% are owners of homes.

Even if the crime and safety are not at their best level, this is a nice town to live in. The majority of the people ages are from 25 to 34 years old. But, the salaries are not the highest. Normally, the median household income is $35,402. And definitely, jobs in medicine are most wanted, but in the court as well. Before you decide and you schedule a meeting with your local movers in NJ, make sure you explore the job opportunities and market here. You will need a job, in addition, to live normally.

Even though it is a tourist place, Atlantic City should also be on this list when you are making one

Atlantic City is quite a popular place among tourists, even though it is not that much inhabited. There are 37,999 people living in this city. And when it comes to living there, around 73% of people decide to rent their homes before they consider buying one. And this is not a surprise since the median rent is $904 only, and the median home value is $156,700. Living here you will get the urban area feel. And the median household income is normally $29,232 with tourism and medicine being the most wanted job opportunity sectors.

Boat on the beach of Atlantic City.
Atlantic City is not one of the most popular tourist places without a reason.

Last but not least you can add Hoboken

The population of Hoboken is 53,193 inhabitants. And living here will definitely give you an urban area feel. Among this number of inhabitants, 67% are renters. Even though the median rent here is quite expensive and it amounts to $2,315. The median home value though is also very expensive amounting to $720,700.


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