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5 reasons to consider relocating to Montclair right now

We are sure that New Jersey has a lot to offer. Especially for people in their late 20s and early 30s who want to start a family in the near future, this area seems perfect for that. It offers a lot of private and public schools with an excellent opportunity for further education and employment. If you are still hesitating and asking if this neighborhood is the right for you, this article will surely help you. Before contacting moving companies Montclair NJ, this list will be helpful to decide or even consider relocating to Montclair:

Reasons to consider relocating to Montclair

One of the reasons why people decide to move to this area is the near the big city centers with the suburban feeling. An excellent location and friendly people are the first things you’ll notice. It still has contact with nature with numerous parks and activities outside. The main benefits are also:

House prices

You should consider relocating to Montclair because of the cheaper way of life. House prices are drastically low, and there is an extreme difference from living in New York, for example. This way you can save up some money monthly which is a really good deal at the end of the year. If you are willing to try this way of life, contact interstate movers NJ.

three piles of coins and wooden small house
Montclair has much cheaper houses.

Low crime rate

The crime rate is much lower than the national average. This makes Montclair the safest area for the kids. That is usually the most important factor for parents, so they don’t need to think about all those bad scenarios that might happen. Globally speaking, New Jersey has lower crime rates and it’s not that common in this area. It’s really important if you want to consider relocating to Montclair.


If you are planning a move to Montclair, movers NYC to NJ are willing to help you. This place is laying in the best area for commuters. For all those people who travel to work daily, there is organized public transport so you don’t have to worry about anything. The most commonly used method of transport is a car, but if you don’t have one, buses and trains are everywhere.


As we mentioned earlier, the Montclair area offers a lot of public and private schools. Prices are really high, but there are excellent chances for further education and later employment. There is also a University and numerous kindergartens. Shortly said, its’s perfect for kids of any age.

Empty classroom.
Schools and excellent education opportunities are the main factor.


Because of the bigger cities nearby, the Montclair area offers numerous attractions only a few miles away. It’s an extremely popular starting point for tourists. Walking through the parks and spending the afternoon in nature can be an ideal way of organizing a day. Residents with pets and small children say that nature is the thing that makes this neighborhood special. If you want to consider relocating to Montclair, think about these factors. Planning and packing are waiting for you. For any other information feel free to call Ample Moving.



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