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5 best restaurants in New Brunswick

Welcome to New Brunswick, a town in Middlesex County, New Jersey. New Brunswick is a town that has a population of around 56.000 residents living in an urban-suburban area. With a plethora of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and parks, this town is a great place for younger professionals, as well as families. Moreover, the town also has a high diversity rating. This only means that the food in it is diverse and cultural. If you are a foodie and would like to relocate to a town that can satisfy your tastebuds, consider hiring professional moving services, like Ample Moving. However, if you are still uncertain about the relocation, maybe our countdown of the best restaurants in New Brunswick might change your mind. As we discuss some of the finest restaurants in town, we hope to bring you closer to the cuisine and the culture the town has and can offer.

5 best restaurants in New Brunswick

The restaurants in the town are known for feeding a large majority of the population living there. The food scene in the town can match any person’s desires and needs on a regular basis. Due to its diversity and the cultural background of the people living there, one can expect to find a large variety of dishes from all around the world. As we list some of the finest places to eat in the area, relocating to New Brunswick can easily become something you did not know you wanted to do.

a plate of food standing on the table of some of the best restaurants in New Brunswick
Regardless of what cuisine you enjoy or the atmosphere, you are after, New Brunswick restaurants have a little for just about everyone

Out of the 56.000 residents that live there, there are around 8.000 families. Meaning that you can expect to find nice cuisine in a town with so many families. So, without further ado, here is the list of some of the finest places to eat in town:

  1. The Frog and the Peach
  2. Panico’s Restaurant and Bar
  3. Tacoria
  4. Ramen Nagomi
  5. Veganized

1. The Frog and the Peach

We start off our list with, probably, one of the fanciest restaurants in town. Allow yourself to enjoy the delicious food of a restaurant that has won awards like “All Around”, which is one of the best awards in New Jersey. Moreover, the restaurant is also accounted in the “Top 30 New Jersey restaurants”. Furthermore, this fancy restaurant offers a huge variety of dishes that will appeal to anyone that enters it. More importantly, this variety ranges from Sunday Branch to French Tastings to everyday dinner and lunch menus. Apart from enjoying flavorful dishes in the restaurant, you can also enjoy in various rooms to dine in. For instance, you can dine in the Balcony, the Garden Room, the Wine room, etc. To top it all off, the restaurant also offers private events, if you are interested in such.

2. Panico’s Restaurant and Bar

Are you a fan of Italian cuisine? If so, Panico’s Restaurant and Bar is the perfect choice for you. This is one of the best Italian restaurants in New Brunswick. Because of the authentic atmosphere, wonderful staff, and amazing, yet wide, menu, one can easily get to meet New Brunswick neighbors after moving in by enjoying a meal with them in this restaurant.

two women eating a pizza at a restaurant
Panico’s restaurant is the perfect choice whether you want to have a casual or fancy meal with friends or by yourself

Aside from the Italian cuisine, which is their specialty, the restaurant also offers seafood and grilled sandwiches which just shows the wide range it has. Furthermore, whether you are looking for a fancy night out with your partner or a simple and casual meal, Panico’s Restaurant and Bar might be the perfect choice for you.

3. Tacoria is one of the finest Mexican restaurants in New Brunswick

Now, New Brunswick would not be such a family-friendly town if there were no places where you can enjoy it as a family. One of those places is Tacoria. This Mexican cuisine restaurant is amongst all-time favorites for students of Rutgers University, as well as the visiting families. On one side, we have a quick in-n-out type of restaurant. This part always has a line of customers waiting from the sidewalk to order their meal to-go. However, on the other side, you have a nice sit-down area that allows you to enjoy a lovely dine-in experience. Swinging benches, plants, mirrors, and picnic tables add up to the Mexican-inspired aesthetic of the restaurant. As you can see through our NJ for foodies guide, New Jersey has a lovely and diverse cuisine all around. Tacoria is, of course, one of them.

4. Ramen Nagomi

Are you someone who loves Japanese cuisine? If so, the town of New Brunswick is home to Ramen Nagomi. Namely, the restaurant is following the Japanese philosophy of cooking and presentation. This means that you can expect to see and taste quite flavorful and unique dishes in the restaurant. Moreover, the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant makes everyone who visits it feel at home. Furthermore, what separates this restaurant from others is knowing that all the meat used for food is organic, cruelty-free, and hormone-free.

a bowl of ramen noodles with meat in it
This authentic Japanese restaurant offers great cuisine, as well as the atmosphere

Because of this, the restaurant is among the favorites among college students in the city. So, if you enjoy quality Asian cuisine, in an atmospheric environment, with a unique approach to presentation, make sure you visit Ramen Nagomi.

5. Veganized

As you might have noticed, our goal for this list of best restaurants in New Brunswick was to cover one of each diet type in the area. Because of that, we could not allow vegans to pass out on this opportunity. Now, whether you are a vegan or simply want to eat healthier, Veganized is the best restaurant for you. The warm and homey aesthetics of the restaurant, followed by modern vegan cuisine make this restaurant a must to visit when in New Brunswick. If you are wondering what you can expect to find when visiting, expect 100% natural, 100% vegan, and 95% organic food. Moreover, the restaurant is quite passionate about using local products for their food. The place is an often meeting point for the local students, as well as the local families.


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