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Why pick Hackensack for your next NJ relocation

It’s always a huge decision when you need to move. Some people don’t like the idea of changing the place they are familiar with While others hesitate because of financial reasons. In addition to this, you should find a place where you will be comfortable, a place where you can grow both as a person and together with your family. This is not such an easy thing to do, especially considering the number of cities that you can choose from. For this reason, you have every right to take your time and find a place suitable for yourself. In case you need some help or you are already interested in this city, here are all the reasons why you should pick Hackensack for your next NJ relocation. If you decide that you want to move to this charming New Jersey city, hire Ample Moving for your relocation.  

Ge to know Hackensack better 

Before you make your decision and hire long distance moving companies NJ, you need to learn more about your future city. Let’s start with the location. Hackensack is located in Bergen County, serving as a county seat. When talking about this city, it is impossible not to mention the peculiar state of its geographical position even though it is technically a New Jersey city, it can be also included as an inner suburb of New York City. This is perfect for someone that is currently working in NYC. You can easily commute every single day since the distance between Hackensack and midtown Manhattan is only 12 miles. In addition to this, the location is perfect if you plan to open your business in Manhattan or somewhere close to Hackensack. it is a huge advantage when you don’t have to spend hours and hours commuting to your work. 

pick Hackensack for your next NJ relocation because it is close to NYC
Pick Hackensack for your next NJ relocation because it is close to NYC

Where to live in Hackensack? 

The next thing you should know about Hackensack would be its neighborhoods. As mentioned, it is a huge advantage that most neighborhoods are pretty close to NYC and Manhattan. This is also the reason why it can be a little bit more expensive to purchase a house. Here are the best neighborhoods in Hackensack that you should consider first. 

  • Hackensack North 
  • Aztec East 
  • Hackensack Southwest 
  • Hackensack East 
  • Berkley Arms 
  • Hackensack Southeast 
  • Prospect Courts / City Center 
  • Hackensack South 

Before hiring movers Hackensack, you should decide on your preferred neighborhood. The best way to make you would decide to visit several neighborhoods. This will give you a clear idea about what you can expect when living in Hackensack. In addition to this, this would be a perfect opportunity to check houses available currently on the market. This way, you can plan your budget properly. 

The cost of living and other important facts 

When you’re moving to New Jersey, you can expect more affordable prices when compared to its extremely expensive neighbor New York. This is one of the main reasons why many people decide to move to New Jersey since New York is extremely costly. You can easily live in Hackensack comfortably while working in NYC since the average commute time is around 25 minutes. On the other hand, if you plan to purchase a house, the median home value is around $310,000. As you can see, it is a little bit higher. However, due to its proximity to NYC. The median household income is around $65,000. Lastly, the median property tax is around $2500. There are currently around 46,000 people living in Hackensack. if you plan to start a family here, it is always better to leave mean a smaller city. This way, your kids will be safer playing outside. 

a big house
Housing is pretty affordable in Hackensack

Pick Hackensack for your next NJ relocation because of the education 

Just as mentioned, if you plan to start a family any time soon or you are already moving with kids, you need to think about schools. New Jersey in general has a great school system and the same goes for Hackensack. They might not be as popular as some other schools in New Jersey but they are not below the national average. Some of the schools that you should consider would be Fairmount, Jackson Avenue, Fanny Meyer Hillers, Nellie K. Parker schools, Hackensack High School, and Hackensack Middle School. In addition to this, if you are already moving with your kids, make sure to give them time to get to know their new school. It can be quite mentally challenging for your kids to change schools, especially if it’s not during a school break. For this reason, visit their new school before your relocation. 

More benefits when living in Hackensack  

So far, Hackensack has proven to be quite affordable, small, perfect for commuting, and with great schools and people. However, these are not all the benefits that you can get when living in Hackensack. Even though it is pretty small when compared to other large cities around it, especially NYC, you will realize that Hackensack has a busy bustling atmosphere. This is due to Hackensack being a country city. All the county’s government offices and courthouse are located here. In addition to this, there is a huge medical center close to the downtown area. In addition to this, you can find Teterboro Airport here as well. This is perfect for people that need to travel quite often. You will practically see an airplane or two every single day. Lastly, the city is also quite diverse with large Colombian, Indian, German, Thai, and Lebanese communities. 

person with a suitcase
It is a great benefit to living close to an airport

Should you move to Hackensack? 

As you can see, these would be all the reasons why you should pick Hackensack for your next NJ relocation. If you like the idea of living in a small charming city that is close to NYC, then, this city is perfect for you. For this reason, if you decide to move to Hackensack, then start organizing your relocation on time. Many people are moving to this small New Jersey city for the same reasons. 



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