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Why do singles leave NYC for NJ

You are probably wondering why so many singles leave NYC for NJ lately. And you are not the only one. Many people asked this question and we have decided to shed some light on the subject. Today we will help you understand why this is happening and also, we will prepare you for the journey ahead. In case you have decided on moving to NJ as well, we will help you find reliable movers NJ and ensure your relocation project is safe. Now, let’s see what NJ has and NYC does not.

Is NYC for everyone?

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. This is a quote tightly knit into the American dream. But probably one in a thousand get to see just a tiny particle of it. In the reality, succeeding in NYC is almost impossible. Simply because the competition is harsh and ruthless. If you do not have money, talent, or a strong background story, you have most likely set sail to fail. It is a city where people come to make huge careers, become famous, and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. It is one of a kind and arguably the most important city on the planet. With that being said, you will understand why it is so hard to be single in this marvelous city. It offers a lot but you will not be able to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle it requires.

a woman looking through the window
NYC is a beautiful city. But it is not for singles that is for sure.

The dating scene is especially hard for introverts. Most important events require you to come in pairs. Yes, you can bring a friend but if you moved in recently, then you might not have anyone to bring with you. Although, attending restaurants, coffee places, live gigs, and parks are always available. You might look sad from the eyes of a beholder but at least you will have something to do until you meet a few locals. Do not worry, at least that part is incredibly easy in NYC. Just open up a bit and you’ll meet someone shortly. But all in all, this is one of the reasons why singles leave NYC for NJ. The much-needed change of scenery if you are unable to get along in NYC.

There are too many tourists in NYC

There are so many tourists in Big Apple and everyone would like to take a bite. They pour in every day and it will never stop. And for some people, this is not the environment they want to live in. Let alone raise a family in. So, this is one of the reasons why singles leave NYC for NJ. They simply do not want to get involved with people who will leave tomorrow. Or to start something serious in such a hectic environment. As you may know, New Jersey is much calmer and slow-paced when compare to NYC. We can simply compare a rabbit and a turtle and you’ll get the jest of it.

The housing market is volatile

You probably know how volatile the real estate market is. Not only in NYC but everywhere in America. And especially in New York. One moment your home can be worth half a mil and the next $250k. Or the other way around. Nevertheless, it is not something you should think about if you have a healthy budget and safe investments. But for poor old you who is renting a studio apartment below the bridge for $1.5k a month as we all do, this can be a huge problem. You simply must have a steady income and a good credit record if you want to keep your apartment and maybe in the future purchase a property.

expensive housing is one of the reasons why singles leave NYC for NJ
Better prepare a hefty budget if you want to purchase a property in NYC.

Although why struggle so much when you can purchase or rent an apartment in NJ ten times easier. And cheaper of course. So, when you think about it, this is probably the biggest reason why singles leave NYC for NJ. We all need stability and a promising future. In NJ you’ll simply have it much easier.

Another reason why singles leave NYC for NJ is the expensive nightlife

We all know how expensive NYC can be. It is twice if not three times more expensive than NJ. But with such a reputation comes amazing nightlife and famous parties and events throughout the year. To attend any of those, you must spend a bit. So, people opt for living in NJ and once a month, partying in NYC. Or you can visit NYC more than once if you can afford it. It is just around the corner.

Singles leave NYC for NJ because of job opportunities and the quality of life in general

And now we must tell you about the obvious reason why singles leave New York and relocate to New Jersey. The state of New Jersey is cheaper by all means. Groceries, taxes, bills, partying, education, you name it. Everything is far cheaper than in Big Apple. And what people do, and especially singles, is to rent a place in NJ and work in NYC. Commuting is extremely easy and you will get anywhere within an hour. The average commuting time is 33 minutes so you’ll love the fact that you can go back and forth within an hour. This opens many educational and career opportunities for everyone who is willing to give it a try. This tactic is so popular now that at the moment, there is no other way if you want to afford a better lifestyle.

a woman checking out fruit at the market
Everything is cheaper in NJ. It is surely one of the main reasons to move there.

So, the bottom line is, that you will work in NYC and earn three times more than in NJ but spend money in NJ where everything is twice cheaper. You do the math and you’ll figure out if this is something you should do at least for a year or two. Or until you find your soulmate.

How to get to New Jersey?

Finally, now that you know everything about this topic, let us tell you how to get there. As you already know, relocating home is expensive, hard, and time-consuming. And some NYC moving companies are taking advantage of people who are moving out. So, the first task is to find reputable, affordable, and honest movers NYC to NJ. You can find them online but do not hire anyone until you do thorough research. You must inspect your movers inside out and confirm they are legit. Read a few blog posts, social media comments, and reviews.

Once you find professional movers NJ, give them a call and confirm they have enough experience, knowledge, proper tools, adequate moving services, licenses, and safety protocols in place. Only then you’ll be ready to purchase the moving service and relocate yourself to NJ. Lastly, pay close attention to moving services. Some services can make your relocation much more enjoyable and safer.

Now you know why singles leave NYC for NJ. If you are single at the moment, just look across the water and you’ll see plenty of opportunities. People in NJ live slower and communities are more friendly and open. Research a bit before you go there to make sure you have settled in the appropriate neighborhood. Good luck.



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