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Which neighborhoods do young professionals settle in in New Jersey after living in NYC?

Young professionals are a group of people who move the most. Most of them still don’t have families and kids and they are fresh out of college. For a city or neighborhood to be good for young professionals must be urban, and have good public transportation, job opportunities, entertainment, etc. The city that has all of these qualities is NYC. So, it’s not a big surprise that most young professionals try to find their luck in this big city. While the city’s many charms seem attractive for a while after your relocation with Ample Moving, NYC can be too much for some people. Spending hours in traffic and working all day is hard. But what’s even harder is trying to rest and relax in your home while hearing constant car honking and noise. For this reason, many young professionals settle in in New Jersey after living in NYC first.

Where do young professionals settle in in New Jersey?

New Jersey is one of the best states to live in according to some experts. The state has a ton of benefits that support this claim. For this reason, moving to New Jersey as a young professional might be the best decision for you. New Jersey has almost 9 000 000 residents which might not sound much. However, New Jersey is the fifth-smallest state based on the size of the land, and because of this, it’s the most densely populated state. NYC is the neighboring state in the north while Delaware and Pennsylvania are in the west. Because of its proximity to NYC and Pennsylvania, New Jersey has one of the busiest and largest transportation systems. Also, New Jersey has a strong economic and political scene which makes it a good place for young professionals. Some of the best neighborhoods for young professionals are the following:

  • Jersey City
  • Hoboken
  • Newark
  • Edgewater
young people are wondering where young professionals settle in in New Jersey
There are many good options in New Jersey for young professionals

Why is Jersey City a good place for young professionals?

Jersey City is the second-largest city in New Jersey with around 250 000 residents. The city has everything that one young professional needs to succeed in life. The first two things you need to know about Jersey City are safety and affordability. As a young professional who probably doesn’t have the biggest budget, affordability is a very important factor. The overall cost of living in Jersey City is about 35% less than in NYC. Additionally, the median home price is about 25% less than in NYC. For this reason, moving to New Jersey with movers NYC to NJ sounds like a good option. The next good aspect of Jersey City is its location. Jersey City is surrounded by NYC, then Newark at the west, and Union City, North Bergen, and Hoboken on the north. Public transport is highly developed as commuting is very common among Jersey City residents.

Why should Newark be on your list?

Newark is the biggest city in New Jersey with almost 300 000 residents and also one of the most populous cities where young professionals settle in in New Jersey. The city has all big-city benefits such as job opportunities, high-quality entertainment, an urban lifestyle, etc. The bonus benefits are beaches, low sales taxes, and a good location. You can have all these if you move here with movers in Newark NJ. What makes Newark an ideal place for young professionals is its location. The city is very close to two major cities: NYC and Philadelphia. You can easily commute to NYC as it takes about 30 min car drive. Also, Newark is a quiet economy center as it holds major shipping, air, and rail centers. Additionally, some of the bigger employers are Panasonic Corporation and PSEG. You can either find a good job in Newark or commute to NYC as both options are excellent.

woman in black sitting on the window
Newark is a good place if you are going to commute to NYC

What should you know about Hoboken?

Well, Hoboken carries many great titles, but the best one would be the title of the number 1 city for young professionals in the USA. You as a young professional have nothing more to do than just hire moving services NJ and prepare for your relocation. But before you start preparing for your relocation, you might want to know what makes Hoboken so special. The city has around 55 000 residents and offers an urban lifestyle with a small-town feel. It has enough attractions and activities to make it interesting without becoming too tiring and stressful. If you have a good job in NYC but want to move somewhere without quitting your job, then Hoboken is a great choice for you. NYC is around 10 min train ride away from Hoboken which is quite short.

Edgewater could be a good place for you

Edgewater is the smallest city on this list with only 12 000 residents. However, even with a small population, Edgewater has so many things to offer. The city is located in Bergen County and on the Hudson River. The city is bordering Manhattan across the Hudson River, North Bergen, Cliffside Park, and, Fort Lee. There are a couple of ways to get from Edgewater to Manhattan. The fastest way is by car and takes about a 12 min car ride. However, if you don’t own a car, there is a direct bus line. The overall cost of living in Edgewater is cheaper than in NYC and nationwide. However, the median rent is higher than what you would expect from a small city. This is due to its proximity to Manhattan. The studio apartment rents for around $1200 in Edgewater, while in NYC is around $1500.

the scenic NYC skyline
Edgewater is one of the places where young professionals settle in in New Jersey

How to decide where to live?

New Jersey has many good cities. Additionally, there are many reasons why young professionals settle in in New Jersey after living in NYC. Where you are going to live will depend on your needs and wants. Every city has something good to offer. As you lived in NYC and probably have a job there, you should first focus your search on cities that are close to NYC and Manhattan. After you explore your options and maybe find a better job, you can move to other cities that are not so close to NYC.



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