When and how much should you tip your local movers?

When and how much should you tip your local movers?

Are you planning to change your address? And have you decided where are you going to live? If you already made all the important steps that come before the actual move, then you are all set to think about the moving process. First of all, you should find trusted allies that will help you to relocate your belongings. For those purposes check out moving companies NJ in order to find a partner that best suits your needs. Your goal is to lower the amounts of stress that relocation can certainly cause, and your movers will help you with that. Then, you can concentrate on some other similarly important tasks. One of the things people don’t know much about and is considering moving industry, are the tipping rules. Should you tip your local movers? If yes, then how much and when? To find out the answer to these questions, stay with us as we have prepared a short guide for you.

How to be sure if you should tip your local movers?

The first question you might ask yourself is, are you obliged to tip your movers. Well, you are not. Honestly, it’s entirely up to you. It is pretty much the same as when giving tips to the waiters or cab drivers. If you were satisfied with their service, and you wish to show your appreciation for the hard work they have put in, you will live the tip. It’s just the way to express your gratitude. When the relocation process is over, you now must decide if you should tip the moving crew. So how to determine if they earned to be rewarded.

tip your local movers - moving crew
In order to achieve a stress-free relocation you should hire professional movers.

There are several key indicators:

  • Movers respected the time frames
  • They did a good job
  • The moving crew was friendly and polite
  • They didn’t leave any mess behind

Listed above are some of the signs that you hired quality and hard-working crew and that you should consider tipping them. Likewise, if the moving guys were rude, arrived late, showed disrespect towards you and your belongings, or did a sloppy job in general, you shouldn’t tip them. It is not expected of you to do so. Don’t worry, by the time they finish their job, you will know if they deserved to be rewarded.

Tip your local movers if they preform well
If the moving crew ticks all the right boxes you should tip your local movers.

How much to tip your local movers?

Like we said earlier, tipping your movers is pretty much the same as tipping restaurant personnel or cab drivers. When you are satisfied with the provided service, you leave 20% of the bill. The same applies to the moving industry. When tipping your local movers NJ, you can also tip at an hourly rate of 4-5$. This is considered as a standard in the moving business. This way you will end up paying around 40$ per worker for a day of work. If you are very satisfied with how things went you can raise the tips to 7-9$ per hour.

On the other hand, it is a whole different story when it comes to long-distance moves. Given the nature and the sheer complexity of the job, long-distance moves can be quite expensive. It is not unusual for a long-distance move to cost over 5,000$. Now imagine giving 20% as a tip. So, when it comes to interstate moves, always opt to tip on an hourly basis.

When to tip your local movers

When it comes to finding the right time to tip your local movers, we believe it is best to give money when everything is over. If you wish to motivate the crew to work a bit harder, you can tell them in advance that their efforts won’t come unnoticed. When giving the money, make sure you tip every member of the moving team separately. You will make it easier for them to split the money, and make sure that everybody gets their share.

What else can you do to reward your movers

There are other ways besides tipping in which you can express your appreciation of the amazing work they have done. Relocation is physically challenging labor and moving guys will grateful if you provide them with some cold beverages to help them refresh. Don’t offer them beer or other alcoholic drinks as most moving companies have policies that prohibit drinking on duty. If you have a lot of stuff to move and a whole day of work is needed to finish everything, discuss with them if they would like you to provide them with lunch. Ask them what they would like to have instead of just ordering a pizza. Imagine just how many pizzas these guys had. When you lift heavy pieces of furniture you are certain to get sweaty. For that reason, it would be nice of you to provide them with clean bathrooms with soap and towels. Remember that everything you do to make their job easier will be returned to you in the form of extra effort.

Picture of cold water
Besides tipping, it would be nice of you to offer your moving crew with cold drinks and some snacks

One last tip to conclude everything

To close this topic, we have another suggestion on how to reward your movers. Give written feedback about the quality of their work. Yes, all those companies have their websites and social network profiles where you can leave comments regarding the quality of service they have provided. This is very important to them because good reviews will attract more customers. Be honest and concise when writing a report. This way you will also help others who wish to hire a top-quality moving company.

So, there you have it, these were some of the basic rules when it comes to tipping the moving crew. Follow the steps above and you can’t go wrong. We advise you to rely on your instincts when you tip your local movers. You will know if they deserve rewards and how much. We wish you a safe relocation.


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