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What to Prepare for When Moving from Montclair to Jersey City

Good timing and detailed preparations are keys to a successful relocation. Even if you are moving from Montclair to Jersey City, still you should prepare on time. It is best to start planning and preparing a couple of months before your moving date. You can hire NJ movers and packers if it is too complicated or overwhelming to organize everything. No matter what choice you make – to hire movers or DIY move, you need to prepare.

Moving from Montclair to Jersey City

Every relocation, long distance or a local one, requires planning and preparations. Sometimes when you are moving somewhere close by, it can be challenging if you have skipped the preparations. One of the bigger misconceptions regarding a local move is that you can easily move your belongings when your moving day comes.

Briefcase with documents
Make sure that you check all documents and bill before moving from Montclair to Jersey City.

Montclair is close to Jersey City. You can get to Jersey City by train, bus, or by car. A local move like this is easier than a long-distance one. You can leave the entire move to local movers NJ or you can do some parts by yourself. Since Montclair is about 20.1 km away from Jersey City it won’t be too complicated. If you will transport some or all of your belongings by car, the ride will last about 20 minutes. So in case you choose a DIY relocation, you can go back and forth a few times and move everything.

Another option is a train ride, the cheapest way of transport to Jersey City. It lasts 30 min. and it costs from $1 up to $9, depending on the distance off course. A bus is also a cheap way of transport, but a bus ride lasts the longest – about an hour and a half.

How to set a budget for a local move?

We have already said that local moves are simpler, because of the proximity. However, you need to prepare before the move. The first thing you need to do is to set a budget. When you set the budget, you will know how much the complete relocation costs. Another thing is to try and stick to your budget. Even thou it is a local move, expenses add up. You will see, in no time there are some additional costs that you haven’t planned out in advance. Make sure to contact several moving companies Jersey City and compare their prices before you choose. Also, check what is included in the price and whether there are some additional expenses. Include additional services in your budget, if you will have some.

Utility company worker
Prepare your new home for moving in, and don’t forget to check the utilities.

Prepare packing materials for moving from Montclair to Jersey City

You should choose and collect packing materials before your moving day. For example, you need to decide if you will buy moving boxes and other supplies or if you will get free ones. There is a great difference between the two. Moving boxes are durable and sturdy, particularly designed to transport heavy items. On the other hand, free, already used boxes can be a bit damaged. But they are free, so usually when people have a tight budget, they aren’t too picky. No matter what boxes you choose, make sure that you secure the bottom of each one with tape. If you don’t want to go through this entire process of packing, you should contact several moving companies Montclair NJ has and hire the one that has a professional packing service.

Don’t forget about the utilities in your new home

When you are moving from Montclair to Jersey City you will have to set up everything before you move in. Even though this is a local move, you should check what providers you have in Jersey City.

See if you can transfer some utilities from Montclair to Jersey City. Make sure that you have running water, electricity, and gas, before your moving-in day. You should prepare this before you arrive.

Cost of living in Montclair and Jersey City

One of the most important things to prepare for is an upcoming budget and costs. To know what to expect, it is best to know the living cost in your new neighborhood. Some things are cheaper and some are more expensive in Jersey City. For example, rents are lower in Montclair than in Jersey City. But on the other hand, Jersey City has cheaper restaurant prices. Groceries are cheaper in Montclair and so is the transportation. Basic utilities like electricity, water, and garbage are about twice as expensive in Montclair than in Jersey City.

When you are living in Jersey City, you are close to other major cities. It has an excellent location and connection to NYC, so there are a lot of people commuting to work. If you are moving for work, you could check out your neighborhood before you move in. Explore the surroundings and plan out your way to work.

Organize a cleaning for both homes

You can also get a professional cleaner service, same as moving service. There is a lot of work to clean both houses after moving out and moving in. It is even more difficult if you are moving in wintertime when everything is wet and muddy.

Professional cleaner preparing home for moving from Montclair to Jersey City
A cleaning service is an excellent solution for people who want to save time.

No matter how well have you protected floors, somebody needs to clean floors, bathroom, etc. If your budget allows you to hire a professional, do it and make it easier for yourself afterward.

Prepare for stress-free unpacking when moving from Montclair to Jersey City

You thought that packing is hard? Oh, wait to see the unpacking process. If you want to be fast but efficient, you need to make a plan. Decide what room you’ll unpack first. Make sure that you are starting with the most used rooms. And move from there. If you have small children, organize some family members to watch them. You will finish everything faster and they will be safe, away from tools and other things laying around the house.

When you are moving from Montclair to Jersey City, the best way to prepare is to start well ahead of time. Anyways, if you are not sure what to do, you can always hire a mover that will do everything for you.



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