What to Pack First and What Last When Moving Long Distance?

What to Pack First and What Last When Moving Long Distance?

When you decide to relocate, especially if you are moving long distance, there are so many tasks you have to finish before your moving day comes. One of those tasks is, of course, hiring a reliable moving company. Our suggestion is to contact some of the best NJ movers who will conduct your relocation flawlessly. However, even if you are all set when it comes to transferring your belongings, packing them maybe won’t be that easy. If you have a lot of items and a tight schedule, this can be a real challenge. If, in addition to that, you are packing for the first time and you don’t know where to start, you can be completely overwhelmed. Don’t worry. Keep reading and you will learn what to pack first and what last when moving long distance.

What do you need before you start packing?

Before you start packing for your long distance move, you will need to make a few preparations. First of all, make a plan. We know it may seem like a waste of time, especially if you don’t have much of it. However, it is going to be priceless in the long run, because you won’t even need to think about the process, you will just be finishing things the way they are written on the list.

A woman packing seasonal clothes
If you want to know what to pack first and what last when moving long distance, start with the seasonal items

Another preparation you will have to do is to gather all the moving supplies you will need. Of course, the plan you make beforehand should contain the list of the packing and moving items that are necessary to conduct your relocation without problems and without damaging your things. The packing supplies you will need include:

  • Moving boxes. You will need a lot of moving boxes of different sizes. Cardboard boxes are the ones that you will need most, but for some more delicate items, you can use plastic ones.
  • Bubble wrap. You can wrap all the items in this product. However, fragile items, (such as dishes, ornaments, and electronic devices) must be protected well.
  • Wrapping paper. If you want to protect your things well you will need a lot of wrapping paper, because one layer will never be enough.
  • Duct tape and labels. Of course, duct tape will prevent all of your boxes from opening. The labels are extremely important, because they will make your unpacking way easier, and they will make your movers more careful with the boxes that contain breakables.

If you hire packing services NJ, they will bring their own packing supplies. This way you will save time you would spend on gathering supplies and packing.

If you want to know what to pack first and what last when moving long distance-start with your storage

The first items you need to pack before you move are those in storage. First of all, there is a great chance they are already in boxes or at least half-packed. This will make the job for you and long distance movers NJ much easier. Secondly, if your items are in storage, that means that you wouldn’t use those anyway in the following few weeks. This is usually the case with seasonal clothes. Also, it is a great way to finally declutter your home and get rid of the items you don’t need. When you finally throw away the unnecessary items, your moving list will be less long. Also, the fewer boxes you have, the cheaper your moving costs will be.

China coffee cup
Pack fine China among the first items

Move on to packing your China and rarely used dishes

Some of the items you most definitely won’t be using in the weeks before your relocation are fine dishes and China. When you hire moving services NJ, you expect them to be extra careful with your fine items. You must do the same while packing them and putting them in the boxes. You probably won’t be making any fancy parties in the middle of your long distance relocation process, so that is the reason you can pack all those items. Even if you make a farewell party, use disposable plates and cups. It will make your hectic life much easier at that point.

Pack all the ornaments and artwork

Of course, alongside the rarely used dishes, you can pack all the ornaments and artwork. That is something you don’t normally use, so you will survive a couple of weeks without looking at it. Besides, those items usually have a great value (material or sentimental), so it is advisable to move them away before moving boxes and other packed items take up your space.

Pack your books

If you have a lot of books, they should also be among the items you will pack first. They are usually heavy, and crossing them out from the list will feel like you have done a lot. Also, you will free up a lot of space.

What to pack last?

On our what to pack first and what last when moving long distance list, we have come to the items that should be left for the last days of your preparations. Those are the items that you need to use every day, and most likely those you will need to have by your side on the very day of your relocation. Documents are among the last things you will need to pack. The reason is simple, you need your documentation when preparing for your relocation, and on the day when you are traveling long distance. Of course, you will have those at the top of the packed items.

A document and a phone
Documents should be among the last things you will pack

Also, important devices should be among the last things you will pack. For example, the Internet connection device, laptops, chargers… All of those items might be needed until the very last moment. Of course, we can put toiletries on this list also. But, even if you forget some of them, it is easier to solve than losing one of the important devices.

Prepare an essentials box

The essential box is definitely the last thing that should be packed. There you want to put your documents, your phones, and other things you use every day. Also, it is important to pack some food protein snacks, and a lot of water.

Now that you know what to pack first and what last when moving long distance, you can contact some of the reliable companies and get moving quotes NJ to help you decide which one to choose. Your long distance relocation process can start.



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