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Things to do in spring in NJ

Winter has finally ended and you are starting to feel more energized. And for a good reason, because there are a lot of things to do in spring in NJ. From walking in beautiful parks, joining the locals in various festivals during the season, even surfing. The sky is the limit, and the point is that you won’t ever feel bored while in NJ. And if you’ve been thinking about moving here permanently, now you know just some of the options for spending quality time. All you have to do is inform yourself about trustworthy moving companies NJ to help you relocate efficiently and stress-free.

Living in NJ or coming for a vacation

Whether you are local here or a tourist, it is the same. Everybody likes the sun, outdoors and fresh air. And, this is just the beginning of fun times. Spring is a favorite time of the year to many people. The weather is so pleasant since it is not too hot, nor too cold, and it is very nice for a walk outside but you don’t sweat so much.

Spring in the Shore

Jersey Shore offers quality time and activities during spring. Now, when the winter is over you can finally relax and enjoy the sun. It is still not the peak season so it is usually cheaper at this time of a year so you can spend a couple of days pampering yourself in a nice resort or a hotel and spend some enjoyable time in NJ.

For all of you that enjoy outdoor activities there is:

  • Surfing – the fall in NJ is actually the perfect time for surfing. But you can see a great number of surfers lining up New Jersey shore in spring as well, as the ocean temperature is warm enough, which is quite excellent for surfing.
  • Bike riding – everybody who enjoys riding a bike has probably waited the end of winter to go on a ride. Beautiful shoreline and plenty of bike trails is simply a magnet for all fans. Very popular is Sandy Hook Units which is a part of Gateway National Recreation Area
  • Crabbing – if you are looking for some action, which is a little unorthodox, you have to try crabbing. NJ is very famous for its blue crabs and spring is a great time to go crabbing and try some of that delicious meat.
  • Kayaking– this is very attractive for tourists. On the beautiful shore of Cape May, you will find plenty of guided tours and kayak rentals.

Activities for the whole family

Your family will have enough fun activities in springtime in NJ. Find different types of outdoor events such as boating, canoeing, fishing, hiking, nature walks, hunting, camping, and horseback riding.

Now, when the cold winter temperatures are gone, you can go for a ride on a roller coaster and other exciting rides. There is Six Flag Great Adventure in Jackson where you can find fun and excitement.

Festival season is about to begin

NJ locals are known for being foodies and there are so many NJ towns with great food. Why not pay them a visit and indulge in the wonderful flavors of the food you’ve tried in your life? You can choose from wine tasting, seafood to an apple food festival.

As for other festivals, your children will most certainly enjoy Kidfest, which is on March 23th and during which your little ones can have so much fun, play a lot of games, go rock climbing, etc. They can also go on a scavenger hunt and marshmallow roast. The hunt ends on March 31st. Don’t worry, if you’ve been thinking about things to do in spring in NJ with your kids, this is just a small part of great activities.

Hand pouring into a beer glass on a tap
Taste some of the best beers in NJ

Restaurants are always an excellent way to spend your free time and try something new as well. New Jersey has many breweries that you can visit. This is an activity for all seasons, but in spring before most people go on vacation and holidays, you can meet your friends and have some fun. If you want to spend a little more time trying out some new beers and ales, go on a Brewery Tour. There are couples of breweries that organize this type of tours.

Wondering what things to do in spring in NJ? It’s the right time to go on a safari

Wandering how is there safari in NJ? A perfect escape from the city, crowds, and traffic, go to Safari Off Road Adventure. There you can actually see animals from all over the world. Also, you can create the type of program you’d like. Even spend the night in safari.

A Giraffe in close up
You probably never thought that one of the things to do in spring in NJ is to go on a safari

Six Flags park has rides beside Safari Adventure. This is a great way to spend a couple of days or some weekend and enjoy spring in New Jersey.

And of course, shopping

Shopping is a favorite way to spend time, but in the fall, we can say that it is a necessity as well.

Summer is so close so you need to buy everything for the new season. We are sure you will be more in the mood for shopping now that the sun has finally appeared.

Lighthouse exploring

Spring is the right time to visit some of NJ’s lighthouses. Because the Shore isn’t still so crowded, it will be easier and you will be able to see everything without millions of people. Some unique lighthouses are also keepers of the history of New Jersey. Although the Lighthouse Challenge is in October you can still pay a visit to some of these and enjoy the view.

Lighthouse made of beach pebbles
When you visit the Lighthouse Challenge, you participate in preserving those historical landmarks.

Skip everything and simply relax

If you are not feeling up to adventure or exercise, you can just go to your favorite coffee shop and enjoy in your favorite hot beverage. New Jersey is simply beautiful during spring. Take some cup of coffee with you and go for a scenic road trip. Enjoy the beautiful colors of spring, because there are plenty of things to do in spring in NJ and so many wonderful things to see during this season.


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