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What to do Before Your NJ Movers Arrive?

You should not just wait with outside with your moving boxes before your NJ movers arrive. One of the option is to ask some of the moving companies in North Bergen NJ how to prepare for them. You should do it to avoid delaying and prolonging of the moving process. As you know, every delaying causes higher costs and stress. 

There are a lot of things you can do while waiting for the movers. Here are some of them:

  • Packing is undoubtedly first on the list when waiting for the moving company, even when you have paid packing as a service – you should remove, pack, separate and organize things for that;
  • Eliminating trash is also something that will help to your movers and make things faster – do not mention that you become a much tidier person;
  • Decluttering is one of the things that you should do before your NJ movers arrive, so they will not lose time on an annoying thing that you can do;
  • Organize thoughts before they come so that they will get the more comfortable pack in the truck – it includes putting boxes in order and labeling;
  • Speaking about the labeling, do not wait for the movers without labels on the boxes – you may surprise how easy it is to lose things with non-labeled boxes.
Trash bags that you need to remove before your NJ movers arrive
It is the best to remove trash bags before workers in moving company arrive

Even when you have paid and ordered helping services from a moving company, there are still a lot of the things that you can do. You should not wait for the movers like this is not your business. Not only that, you will make moving faster, it will make a better connection with the workers, too.

You should pack before your NJ movers arrive

We have two scenarios in this case. If you have paid for packing, you should not pack things inboxes. However, you should organize the preparation and separate things from each other or by rooms. In case you have not paid for the packing, you should pack boxes long before movers arrive. In that way, you will make the process faster and surely help yourself.

Prepare packing supplies

Most people think that only a few boxes and duct tape is enough for moving. Unfortunately, it is far away from the supplies that you will need. Although movers mostly have everything you need, you should think of the needs you have. Do not forget to prepare boxes in different sizes, bags, trash bags, and Styrofoam.

Put in the trash and remove

You do not need to leave the garbage to the workers. They do not have time to clean your house, and surely you have not paid them for that. Also, trash bags can confuse you when loading the truck. Imagine how important this is for gun safe movers. The simplest is to remove them before movers come. Other pieces of trash you can throw away later.

Do not forget to label boxes

It is for sure that you will mark the boxes by rooms, usage, or members of the family. However, you should inform workers about the tables that demand special care. If you have useful markers, write it on the box. However, you can download the labels with signsdo not move, fragile, open first, put on the top.

You should label boxes carefully and mark by rooms but also space in the truck

Organize moving before your NJ movers arrive

Moving looks like an easy job. Pack boxes put them in the truck and wait for coming. However, it is much harder when the process starts. You should organize packing, loading of the car, preparing the emergency box. Professional workers surely know how to load the truck, but you are the person that holds order and boxes arrangement in the car.

Organize stuff by usage, rooms or owners

You should separate boxes before movers arrive. It means that put boxes from the same room, family member of types of stuff inside at the same place. Workers will organize the loading of the truck much more comfortable in that way. Also, do not forget to label those boxes. You can download templates from the internet or make your own models.

Separate wardrobe

It is not the same to pack winter wardrobe during summer and summer cloth. A closet that you will not use soon pack first. Put it on the bottom of the boxes and those boxes first in the truck. If you label them, workers will know how to organize loading. Maybe you will need to rent storage, so those boxes go immediately there.

Declutter the furniture

Workers in moving companies inevitably take care of your stuff and help to declutter it. However, do not just wait for them. You will shorten the time if you do something on your own. In that way, you can even pack something in boxes, so workers load in the truck right after arriving.

Make the job easier before your NJ movers arrive

You should have a plan for moving before movers arrive. It is not easy, especially if you are running for the first time. However, make a list of the priorities and imagine every step in your head long before moving. Try to predict things that could go wrong. On the other hand, do not forget the workers. They surely have a hard job to do, so organize moving and help them as you can.

A piano
Help your workers and clean the area around the heavy pieces of furniture

Clear the area

If you have more important stuff for loading, help your workers, and clean the area around it. Although pool table movers are professionals, they will lose time on unneeded removing. Also, it will prevent possible harms and injuries since they cannot see everything when moving large items. In some cases, you will need to make a path for the movers. It is especially crucial if you live on the higher floors in the buildings.

Prepare contact phone number for movers

When moving starts, you will not be able to be in contact with the movers all the time. On the other hand, they will maybe need additional information or address during moving. The best is to prepare a paper with phone numbers of family members. You can put your mail address and even contact the name of the layer or another trustful person. Prepare it before your NJ movers arrive and spare yourself from troubles and problems.


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