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What can you expect from a green moving company?

We have only one planet to call our home. And if we don’t take care of it it can easily become inhospitable. That’s why it’s important to give our best to try and save it from pollution. Moving industry might seem like an unlikely place for going green. But some moving companies are also giving their contribution to reducing pollution. When you are looking for a green moving company you should take a look at their efforts in reducing pollution. From providing reusable moving containers to using alternative fuels. There are many ways in which a moving company can help the environment. So here are some of the things that you can expect when hiring an eco-friendly moving company.

With a green moving company, you will use less cardboard

Brown cardboard boxes have been associated with moving for a long time. And there’s a good reason for it. They are efficient and easy to transport. And once you don’t need them you can simply throw them away. But it’s not really eco-friendly. Yes, discarded cardboard is much better for the environment than the plastic you throw away. But in order to make cardboard companies need to cut down trees and use a lot of water and electricity. And all of that has a big impact on the ecosystem.

A green moving company will offer you plastic bins to replace cardboard boxes. These “green” bins will work the same as your cardboard boxes. Your residential movers NJ will drop them off before moving, so you can pack everything. And after you use them, you won’t simply throw them in the trash. You will be able to return them to your movers. And they will be used again and again many times. Reusable boxes are the best solution for green packing and moving.

brown cardboard box with letters on it can be exchanged in a Green Moving Company
By using plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes, you are helping to save the planet!

You will also use less packing materials

While cardboard is fairly easy to recycle, other packing materials are not. Clear packing tape is one example. Relocating takes its toll on people. With so many things that you have to do when moving it’s easy to forget to separate it from the cardboard. And on top of that, there is almost no way to reuse it later on. With plastic bins, you won’t need packing tape at all. There is no need to secure them as they can be sealed without using tape. It’s a small amount of plastic that you are saving but it adds up over time. It will also save you some money. You will use much less tape and other packing materials. And you will keep your move eco-friendly.

Less air pollution

Most trucks use diesel fuel to operate. And moving trucks are no different. Diesel fuel emits harmful substances like carbon dioxide when burned. And it’s very bad for the environment. Fossil fuels are one of the main sources of air pollution and big contributors to climate change. And while electric trucks are still not widely used, a green moving company will try to reduce its carbon footprint.

a big plant with big smoke!
We all need to work together to reduce air pollution!

Bio diesel is a fuel made from natural sources like vegetable oil. It is not toxic and it is biodegradable. Bio diesel produces much cleaner air and has less impact on the environment. Green moving companies use it to reduce harmful gas emissions. It’s a great way of reducing air pollution helping the environment.

There are also other ways in which a green moving company can help the environment. Like using the battery powered lifting equipment. That way the truck engine won’t have to run while loading your cargo.

Recycling and donating things you don’t need

Moving is the best time to get rid of all the things you don’t use anymore. Things like old clothes, appliances, and furniture. Recycling old electronics and donating everything that can still be of some use is a great way to help the environment. And do a good thing in the process. That old computer that you have no use for any more it only taking up space in your apartment. But it can be recycled. And clothes that you don’t plan on wearing but are still in your closet can make a lot of difference to less fortunate. Recycling and donating can be a big hassle, as you usually have to take everything to the collection office yourself.

When it comes to recycling, green moving companies usually cooperate with big recycling centers. And they can help you ship everything there. Your movers can give you some good advice on what to recycle and how to do it properly. And sometimes they can ship and sort everything for you.

brown bags full of old items that are going to be donated
Donating things that you do not use anymore is a great way to recycle!

Green moving company also keeps in touch with many charities. They can arrange the donation for you. Things like furniture are hard to transport yourself. That’s why it’s great to have a moving company that can help you with that.

Moving companies that truly care about the environment are a great source of information and tips about green moving. You can ask them everything you want to know about being eco-friendly. From where to take your things to how. They want to help you help the environment.

Eco-friendly storage

When you relocate you might also have a need for some storage space. Either temporary or long-term. And that’s another place where eco-friendly moving companies can help the environment. Aside from moving services NJ many moving companies also offer green storage solutions. Green storage usually consists of one big warehouse. And it follows the best practices when it comes to storing things with the environment in mind. It usually uses recyclable wooden containers, reducing the need for individual rooms. Natural light is maximized reducing the electricity usage during the day. The walls of the warehouse are well insulated. It reduces the amount of heating and climate control required to keep everything at a constant temperature. It can also be a great money saver for you as you will only pay for the space that you are actually using.


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