West New York vs Union City - which do the seniors prefer

West New York vs Union City – which do the seniors prefer

When we know that we will move soon in the future, we often wonder where to move to. These questions can lead to serious doubts between the two places. And that can cause delays in our plans. By reading our article, you will find out more about the moving to West New York vs. Union City debate. Once you read this, you will know exactly what place is for you.

West New York vs Union city – About the cities

Did you know that West New York is a city located in the northern part of Hudson County? The town population revolves around 49,700 residents, which is an increase from later years by 20%. What drives the economy in West New York is the main shopping district Bergenline Avenue. There are many chain and retail shops here, so you will most certainly be able to land a good job. if you are looking for a career then West New York is the place to be. Contact your moving companies West New York NJ to plan your move. With their help, you can focus on your job search with ease. No matter if you are looking for a small job or just to retire here, you will surely enjoy it.

a street as a part of West New York vs. Union City debate
West New York vs. Union City can be a rough debate

What to know about Union City

As a northern part of the same county, Union City has a population of 66,500 residents. With a small decline in people living here. It is a very nice place to move to with good opportunities and entertainment. Union City is a commercial zone as well. With many companies opening their shops here, there will always be work for those who search for it. And not to mention the sheer size of the place. So, if you are looking for a city that has that more urban vibe of life then you should get your movers in Union City NJ, and schedule your move. No matter the reason for your move, you will have a good time living here. Union City can provide many attractive activities for seniors as well. You should try one of the many programs they have.


As for West New York, you will be happy to know that it is served by the West New York School District from pre-kindergarten till twelfth grade. It the SDA District, and the schools are listed as very good. So if you are looking to move here and want your grandkids to have a proper education then West New York is just the place to move to. Moving here with them can be a good thing, and you can help them move by including them in the packing process. If you have some expensive items to move, then you should get packing services NJThey will transport your breakable items with ease.

kids studying
Education is great in West New York

As for Union City, you should know that it is highly ranked when it comes to education. Although it may not provide the top quality education like in the top schools in America, it will still be a good place to learn. If perhaps your grandchild has some difficulties studying then you can help them study more efficiently. That is a good way to create a good bond between the two of you and help them at the same time.

As you can see, it is not easy to answer the West New York vs. Union City debate. Because both places offer so much in terms of living and education, that you will probably move where you feel it is right to move. If you have any doubts about your move, you can contact us and get more information.


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