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Urban vs Suburban life in NJ

What do you see when you ask yourself where you want to live? Do you prefer to have a house with your own backyard and maybe even a dog? Or do you see yourself in some big city, right in the middle of things, in an apartment downtown? With the Garden State, it doesn’t matter how you picture your perfect home cause you can find everything that’s to your liking. Sometimes, even the advantages of both and none of the disadvantages. To find these places we compared urban vs suburban life in NJ, and check out the conclusions we arrived at.

Urban lifestyle

Chaotic, filled with people and everyone’s rude – that’s how we usually picture urban areas. Well, for cities like Trenton, Newark or Jersey City, this isn’t true. These cities have populations lower than 300,000, so they are definitely not crowded. But don’t let the number of denizens fool you. These cities rival many larger ones when it comes to their modernity and income. However, unlike their more populated counterparts, the cities of New Jersey are cluttered with people and the real estate is cheaper. So call your moving services NJ and check out one of these cities.

a huge crowd gathered
Cities in New Jersey are not as full of people

The lack of many people makes the urban Jersey lifestyle a bit peculiar. Even though there are still a lot of opportunities available (which is normal for every large city), the people in the cities in NJ are much nicer. So, you can say you get the best of both worlds. You won’t get a lot of rude people, but more of a small town atmosphere but on a bigger scale. As far as nightlife goes, you can count on NJ to not let you down. The lack of many people doesn’t mean the lack of party! There are various clubs with different types of music all over the Garden State. And if you like something different, there are also bars and pubs to your liking.

This type of lifestyle usually attracts younger people, who are after their career rather than family. Which means that it’s excellent for millennials and college students.

Suburban Lifestyle

Unlike in most cases, suburban life in NJ is not completely opposite from the urban life. The differences between them are mostly in real estate prices and sizes of the homes. You’d think that distance from the downtown area would also be important, but because of good roads and good cars, the distance is closer than it seems.

a big house in the suburbs
Some people prefer a larger house in a more quiet area

When we compare urban vs suburban life in NJ, the suburban life has obvious advantages such as a low crime rate and cheaper housing. The drive to the city is a breeze for the most of the year. It gets a bit troublesome when the tourist season starts, however, just around the coast. Further inland there are no such issues. And if you ever get homesick for the city life, it’s just a short drive away. Just one more reason to hire one of the moving companies NJ.

many rolled dollar bills
Living in the suburbs and driving to the city for work can save you a lot of money

Because of the low prices and general safety in these neighborhoods, families are moving more and more into them. The opportunity is too great to miss, and since NJ is flourishing, the prices may go up. This can be one more reason to buy property in NJ now. If you want to sell it, it’s worth will probably double in 10 years.

Urban vs suburban life in NJ- Jersey City

When talking about lifestyle in New Jersey, it hard to mention Jersey City. Right across the river from the island of Manhattan, this city is an exception when it comes to NJ lifestyle. It has both an excellent urban and suburban life.

It’s proximity to the City of New York opened many possibilities for this city. With rents cheaper, many companies started opening their franchises in Jersey City rather than New York. Furthermore, “the capital of the world” is a great market, so, if you want to start or move your business, call your commercial movers NJ and pack for Jersey City. Finally, if you ever want to visit New York City, it’s just a train ride away. From some parts of the city, even as low as 5 minutes. That’s why some Newyorkers decide to live in Jersey City and ride to work every day. It’s just so much more cost efficient.

urban vs suburban life in NJ all meat in Jersey City
Jersey City offers a combination of both urban and the suburban life in NJ

You can experience suburban life on the outskirts of Jersey City. If you like to have a big house and be a drive away from New York City consider buying property in Hoboken or Edgewater. Both of these suburbs are close to both NYC and Jersey City and give you cheap homes.


It all depends on what you prefer yourself. Whether you are a person who won’t mind living in a smaller apartment as long as it’s in the city or someone who likes spacious living quarters and likes their peace and quiet, New Jersey won’t disappoint you. You can find housing to your liking anywhere from extremely urban areas to completely rural reaches. And with the costs so low, and opportunities so close, what more can a person ask for. Apart from this, there are some very obvious advantages to living in NJ opposed to other states:

  • proximity to NYC
  • cheap housing
  • excellent job opportunities
  • urban vs suburban life in NJ is little different
  • a good place to start a business and a family

However, when we compare urban vs suburban life in NJ it is easy to come to the conclusion that suburban environments provide a better home for less money. If you don’t mind the occasional long drive, get your local movers NJ and find yourself a nice suburb home.


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