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Top Smartphone Apps to Help With Your Bergen Move

Knowing how moving is stressful, you will surely need help with your Bergen move. You can hire one of the moving companies in North Bergen, NJ. They will know how to help you and organize your progress easily. However, modern time allows using of technology to assist in moving, too. Luckily, there are a lot of helpers for those purposes. One of them are applications that you can use on your smartphone. 

There are a lot of advantages to using apps:

  • Smartphones already have an application to organize your time, but with the particular moving use you will be able to make a moving timeline that will be right on your phone in every moment;
  • Not only that you can make selling inventory, but applications will also find the best stores, selling auctions and organizations for the stuff of sale;
  • It is always best to have a good GPS on the phone, but moving applications have much more than that – stores, agencies and parks in a neighbor;
  • You will surely need to find good reviews and recommendations on the internet with good companies that could help with your Bergen move;
  • Although NJ movers have excellent organization and proper documentation, you can check the correctness of them by using the application on the self-phone.
Businessman with a mobile phone
We use mobile phone for all kind of jobs nowadays

Like always, you will need a recommendation which of them to use. It surely depends on your needs and field that you have the most significant problems. You should use the application that helps in your particular moving, resolving the issues you have. In most cases, they will answer all questions or show how to find good advice or help.

A lot of applications could help with your Bergen move

In most cases, you will need an app to help you, in particular, moving. The only you need is to define which part of moving you need help. These applications could help you in organizing the moving process, or show how to find moving companies. Also, some applications could help you in every part of the moving process.

Move Advisor

Maybe is hiring one of pool table movers NJ a smart move, but it is only the beginning of the long process of moving. Mainly when moving includes not everyday items like this. Luckily, you can use the application as a help. This application has everything you need. You can use a moving timeline, organizing of the rooms and stuff, and connect with essential companies in your neighbor.

A hand with phone that show how you can use apps to help in your Bergen move
Do not hesitate to use apps as a help for moving.

Atlas Customer Portal

When having individual items to move, people hire specialized companies, like gun safe movers for moving of pieces of weapon. However, a proper application could help you with running alone. This application could connect you with a moving company, show all vital legislation, but also connect with a bank account.


This application is useful to control your moving by traffic and community you will move in. It is more like a social network, with important information about traffic crowd and gas stations. Also, you can make contact with clubs and organizations before you come to the new neighbor.

Applications could help you in selling and buying that help with your Bergen move

Maybe you are not aware of that, but you will need help in selling things when moving. You surely want to organize a garage sale or find proper sources on the internet. However, the application could find the best places for it in your neighbor or make contact with the companies and stores.


Moving presumes to sell off things, and this application can help you with that, too. It is like a Craigslist for phones. Thanks to the broad community, you can easily find people to buy your old wardrobe or pieces of furniture. It is safe since your contact with the buyer directly.

Magic Plan

Thanks to this application you can make a plan of your room and choose the place for your furniture. We know how hard it is to create a layout of the furniture in the new home. It would be more accessible if we can type measures and applications to make it instead of us.

Offer Up

It is a simple application that you can easily use after moving, too. Whenever you have something to sell, you can make a photo of it and post it with a short description of this platform. Buyers will contact you and start a conversation or transaction very quickly.

Organizing is most crucial help with your Bergen move that application could provide

Although we find moving as the most natural process with excellent packing and nothing more, the reality demands us. It is highly essential to organize the whole process accurately. You will not only pack things, but you also need to organize workers in a moving company and people who help in packing. Thanks to the applications, you do not need to worry about that.


Before moving, you will need to find a home. Although it is much easier to hire a real estate company, it is not cheap. In case that you will move locally, you do not need to hire expensive professionals for this step. Use this application that shows all available places with prices and conditions.

A person with phone
Do not hesitate to ask application for everything you need.


You will need an organizer for moving, that is for sure. Thanks to this application, moving becomes even more comfortable. According to the name, you will be able to sort and organize steps during moving. You will have an organizer with a moving timeline, essential numbers, and other information. The best is an option to make an inventory list of your stuff. Take photos of them and sort in files in the application. You will organize selling and packing much easier later.


Maybe it is not genuinely moving the application, but pet owners know how this problem could be severe to them. This application helps in finding a place for pet sitting. Not only that, it helps with your Bergen move, but with your pet, too. Bergen is a great place, with a lot of parks for walking, so you should find an agency that will help you with pets, also.


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