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Tips to Survive Moving in Winter

Here are some tips to tackle that moving in winter, like a piece of cake. Do not panic, there are some things you can do to make a moving easier. People are usually afraid of moving in winter because of the conditions but do not despair.

Packing in time

Start to pack in time. Don’t wait for your moving to come to close. Leave enough time to do some other important things.

When you are packing, make sure that you are using the right kind of moving boxes. Because it is winter, you need to be sure that snow or rain will not damage your box and belongings. Moving boxes are durable and sturdy. If you pick up in store, some regular boxes you are risking your items. When you are moving in winter, you have to be extra careful.

Maybe you can ask your movers for advice or even better for boxes to buy. Right packing supplies are very important, especially if you are moving in winter when the weather is not your ally.

Orange shovel in snow
Clean in front of your entrance for safer move and transport.

Prepare your house for moving in winter

Clear your front yard

If you live somewhere where it snows a lot, this is the most important step. If you are snowed in, your movers won’t be able to unload a moving truck. At least they will need much more time than usual. You have to clear all the snow from the path to the house and from the driveway. Also, make sure that it is not slippery. If it is too cold and your entrance is wet then it will be icy. So, you can pour some salt on the ground so it isn’t slippery. This is safer when you are transporting large furniture. You cannot look at the ground while you carry it. Make sure to take all the precautions so nobody gets hurt.

Protect floors in the house

It doesn’t matter if you are moving away. Still, it is nice for new residents to come and find that everything is clean and not messy. You can use towels and rags to lie them on the floor. If you don’t have any extra towels or blankets than use cardboard boxes. Split them to pieces and put it on the floor. They will collect and absorb all the mud and the snow from outside. And the best is that you just throw them away when you finish moving. Moving in winter means that it will be messier than other seasons are.

Wet and damaged floors
Protect your floors from snow and mud.

It is easier to protect floors instead of wiping them in the end. Depending on the floor, if they are wet for a long period they can be damaged.

Prepare the cleaning supplies

You will need basic cleaning supplies such as floor cleaner, tissues, towels, rags, and similar items.

After movers finish with transporting you will need it for both old and your new house. You probably don’t want to go to the store during the work and cold winter. You can check what type of moving services NJ offers so you know in advance. Maybe you can arrange packing or cleaning service as well.

Prepare your snow gear

This is actually for your car as well as yourself. Don’t forget to take out your scarf, gloves and some older jacket that you can mess up a little bit. Do not wear some new coat or jacket, because you will probably do some carrying as well.

If you are moving long distance, you need to check and prepare your vehicle. Get some winter equipment on time. Check the weather forecast so you know what to expect. Just in case, you should prepare for the worst. In case of long distance moving, we assume you will hire professionals. This is a safer option. If you are worried about your budget, put all the expenses on the paper. You will see that it costs a lot to rent a truck and pay the insurance by yourself. If you hire long distance movers NJ, for example, you will get help and the advice you need. Make no mistake; moving in winter is never easy.

Even if you are hiring movers, prepare your car. Prepare winter equipment. Make sure that you have chains, ice scraper, blankets. You can also buy defrosting car spray. Just in case of ice in your windshield or locks. This will remove it quickly and pain-free. This is especially if you are driving long distance. Once again, prepare for the worst conditions.

Make sure that your new house is ready

Prepare your new home for moving in. Protect the floors here as well. Check if you have enough light inside and outside as well. Shovel the snow in front of the house before the movers start to unloading everything.

It is nice to have some warm beverages: coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Especially if everybody had a long ride. Be reminded that you are moving in winter, so these can really help you warm up and invigorate yourself so that you can continue with a hard work.

Long distance moving

When you are moving in winter and long distance, leave enough time for preparations. Check and make sure that you don’t forget everything and pack a bag to take with yourself. You will need some essential thing while you are driving to your new place.

Bring your keys, some extra cash and credit cards, just in case. Charge your phone in case you need help on the road. Don’t forget about food and drinks. Bring your thermos it will keep you warm during the ride.

Grey gloves to keep you warm when moving in winter.
Keep yourself warm at all time.

Moving day survival kit

These are the things that you may need on your first day in your new home. Bring all your things in one box or suitcase so everything is handy. If you don’t feel you up for the unpacking, you will have your survival kit to help you to get through your first day – moving day. This should include bed linens and towels as well. Some bathroom essentials like toothbrush, hairdryer, toilet paper, and shampoo.

Moving in winter is not so bad if you are well prepared. Take as long time as you need for planning and do it properly. Good luck!


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