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Tips to pack your home office

After years of working hard to make your job successful, you get a chance to continue somewhere else. Before you know it, you’re getting ready to relocate your business. In order to make your life easier, here are some tips to pack your home office.

Hire movers to pack your home office

Packing for a move is always a drag. If there was a way to just teleport all your things to your new place straight away that would be the best. However, we don’t have that type of technology yet. Too bad. What we do have right now are good and reliable movers to help us out.

This may not be to everyone taste, though. You might feel that they are too expensive or, maybe you just don’t want anyone to touch your precious home business. Well, if the first one is the case, you can hire professional help only for their packing services NJ and move your things yourself. If the other one is the case, you can DIY with the help of these tips.

Electronics and other equipment

jumbled cables should be avoided when you pack your home office
Baggies will prevent cables from jumbling

Make sure you have all the usual moving tools necessary. Apart from those, you might also need:

  • zip ties (for cables, or you can duct tape them together)
  • a lot of plastic baggies
  • a piece of paper
  • electric proof work gloves
  • a rag (so you can clean your cables when you pack your home office)

All electronics are usually very sensitive and fragile. Since you are packing them for what may be a long transport, you need to take some precautions. First of all, back up everything on trusted servers or on a hard drive. You don’t want to lose all your data by accident. Next, turn everything off and disassemble it. Plug the cables out of all appliances and computers, take the paper and cartridges out of your office printer. Then, tape all the moving parts of your machines/appliances to stop them from moving. Now it’s time to bubble wrap or pack everything. Make sure that any sensitive parts of your equipment, like your computer displays, are protected.

To ensure that all the cables are safe and that you can put them together in the right order use baggies or plastic bags. After you disconnect all the cables from your computer put them all in a baggie marked “COMPUTER”. Repeat this for every part of your equipment and use more than one baggie where necessary.


Well, if your office has little to no furniture you’re in luck. However, even the smallest office can be full of furniture, if for nothing else, for storing files. So, when you pack your home office furniture you need to pay attention to a few things. First of all, take out all the drawers from your desks and cupboards. You can move the drawers separately with the things still in them, just make sure you warp them well. Next, empty all your cabinets of files and other items and remove all the books from shelves and alike. This will make them easier to move, and if you are hiring office movers NJ, it will reduce the chance of injury to the workers.

a pink, a green and a blue book in a box
When you pack your home office place your books right side up

Now it’s time to disassemble any bigger pieces which may not fit in the car or the truck. When doing this, put all the screws in baggies and mark them all in numbers and write down the numbers in a notebook or your phone, for example, “1-file green cabinet”. This will help you reassemble them quickly when you arrive at the new location.

If your furniture isn’t coming with you, back your files and books in travel bags. It’s best to pack heavy books in bags with wheels to make them easier to transport. However, pack them flat side or spine down, so as not to ruin them. If you have some editions which are of special value, either monetary or personal, pack them separately and carefully.

Pack your home office last

Assuming you are not only moving your office when relocating, you’ll need to pack your home as well. We suggest you start packing at least a week in advance for every move. However, you should pack your home office last. Even though it’s probably the most boring part of what is generally a boring job, you’ll want access to your business until the moving day. You can start disassembling the furniture and packing some items but keep the ones you use a lot. This way, your business doesn’t have to suffer while you are packing. If, for some reason, you can’t pack it last, at least leave your computer and phone plugged in to keep your office operational.


Make sure you have a detailed checklist of what to pack and when. This is where the notebook comes handy as well. You can write down each day and what you’re going to pack that day. This way, you have a good idea of which things you can use in the week prior to the move and you have a clear idea of what should be packed when. Writing a clear plan will help you pack your home office in no time, and unless you hire professional movers NJ, you are in for a lot of work. But all work is manageable if you are prepared and you planed right.

a checklist being checked by a pink marker
A detailed checklist will help you organize the week before the move

Don’t stress out

Something a lot easier said than done. However, try to look at it this way: no matter how hard or well we plan, something might go wrong. The world is an unpredictable and chaotic place. We must learn to accept things as they come and not dwell too much on mistakes. Remeber, for every problem, there is a solution.

All in all, when you pack your home office keep things as detailed as possible and pay attention to everything. But, since you have your own business, you should already be very good at these things.



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