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Tips for Packing Your Home Library

When you are moving, your thoughts are all over the place. You are probably having a lot on your mind and you are not sure what to do first. In all that chaos, sometimes you forget some important things. One of those things that people are taking lightly when moving is, packing your home library. This takes some planning and good organizational skill. Also, it takes a lot of strong packing material and some other things that we will mention in this article. Packing your home library is easy with some simple tips and tricks. At the end of the day, if you are still not sure how to do this right, packing services NJ are there to help you.

Packing Your Home Library can be fun and easy
It is not hard to pack your boxes if you know how

Packing your home library like a pro

By following some simple steps, you will be able to pack your books in no time. What is the most important step, is to have some good packing material. That means that you need some strong boxes for this. Usually, you can get free boxes in some large convenience stores. However, in this case, this is not the right solution. Books are really heavy especially when you are packing them together, therefore weak boxes will not to. You will have to shop for some hard cardboard boxes. You won’t do much if you have a box that is big and where you can pack a large number of boxes if that box breaks under pressure. Which surely will happen if you do so. That is why be sure and get moving boxes Jersey City in order to do this stress less and in a timely manner.

Packing material

As already mentioned. Boxes are an important part of the process of packing your home library. There are so many different sizes:

  • Small boxes
  • Medium boxes
  • Large boxes
  • Extra-large boxes
  • Extra, extra-large boxes
A man sitting on boxes, drinking coffee
There are different types and sizes of boxes. Make sure to choose the right ones.

Similar as with clothes. What would be a mistake, is to take an extra-large box for example and fill it with books. It would be almost impossible to pick it up, and even if you do manage to pick it up, the bottom would break. Therefore, it is not all black or white. It would be better if you take a couple of large or medium boxes and start from there. Of course, do not fill them up to the top of the box. Take more boxes if necessary and allocate them equally. In this way, you may have to have a couple of runs more to the moving van because you will have more boxes, but at least you won’t spray your back and your boxes won’t break under pressure.


When you have a lot of books, there are books that you haven’t read yet, that you have read a long time ago, and the ones you know that you won’t read ever. That is why you shouldn’t move all of them to your new home, especially if you are moving to a smaller home for example. It is ok to get rid of some of those books. That is why this is an action that should start a couple of days before the packing. Take your time and start browsing your books. See which one you don’t want and need anymore. Arrange a garage sale, or give them to charity. Either way, you should make this process of packing your home library easier for yourself and this is one of the ways to do so.

Find help

Having a lot of books and moving is not an easy task. Books are pretty heavy. What you ought to do is to hire help. There are professional movers that can assist you and make this move so much easier. If you are not feeling like packing books and looking for a good packing material for them, there are professionals who will do just that for you. Of course, it is not for free, you will have to separate some money for this.

Surely, you can ask a friend or a family member to help you and in this way, you will save some much-needed money when in process of moving, and who knows, you may actually have some fun while packing. What can be really helpful is to rent a moving truck in which you can load not only boxes with books but anything you want. In this way, you won’t have to worry about parking, and you won’t have to drive, which is great when traffic is hectic as it is most of the time.

Labels and markers, please!

When you pack your books in boxes, there is one important step that some people tend to forget or consider it irrelevant. You need to label, or in any other way mark the boxes with books. There is one huge reason for this. Not only so that you know in what boxes your books are. This is very important because the person who is picking the heavy box with books has to be aware that this particular box is heavy.

Markers on a table
Get some markers or labels and start marking boxes

By being aware of how this box is heavy, you will be more prepared to pick it up and you won’t spray your back. If you approach the heavy box as it is easy to pick up, the injury is unavoidable. You will definitely hurt your back. One extra tip: When picking up a box from the floor, make sure to bend your knees, not your back. Pick the box up from a squat.

Moving, in general, can be stressful and hard. However, it can also be fun. So, packing your home library is just that, fun. If you consider it as fun, it will be fun, easy as that. Make sure to find good and strong boxes that are not too big and possible to carry and you are all set. Give yourself some time and see what books you don’t want to bring along, and make your move easier. Enjoy this process of moving, do not consider it as something boring and hard and it won’t be.


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