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Tips for Packing Toys for Children

You may think that packing toys for children is easy. However, Hoboken moving companies have a lot of troubles to pack and move children’s toys. In most cases, it is much harder to pack toys than wardrobe. There are lots of things to consider when packing. 

Most of them are not closely connected with packing itself:

  • You should consider the emotional part when packing toys – children do not want to separate from their favorite toys, so you must decide what to leave behind before moving;
  • Some toys are fragile, so you must pack them much more carefully than other pieces from your home;
  • Do not forget that you need to get rid of things that children do not use anymore – however; it will be tough to do it with them;
  • In case that you have not chosen one of moving services NJ, you should prepare your packing supplies – they are much different than for usual things that you use for packing;
  • Packing toys for children have strong emotional character – for your children, toys keep their memories, and all they care along with childhood.
A girl with a toy that proves how packing toys for children is hard
Children cannot separate from their toys easily

It is not easy to struggle with all this baggage when packing toys. For most families, this is not only packing of the stuff from home. They consider it an essential part of their children growing up. You need to do this along with the children and take time for it. The best way is to prepare a day for it and try to be as patient and calm as you can.

Preparation for packing toys for children

Preparation for packing usually means preparing the packing supplies and maybe your patience. However, when toys are about, you need to have much more patience and training than usual. Preparing for moving of the toys also means the selection of not required toys. It is essential to include your children in this process. They should choose things, including children. Also, prepare as many boxes and wrapping paper for this.

Include children in the process

It is essential to do this sensitive and vital job along with children. They should choose what they want to remove and what to keep. Although interstate movers NJ has a lot of different boxes, you should organize toys by size and usage. Children should choose which box they will use and what they will take with them during traveling.

You will need a lot of boxes for your toys

Get rid of toys

It is not easy to get rid of things that you do not use anymore. For children, it is even harder to leave their favorite toys behind simply. For those reasons, you should do this job carefully. Give the children time for this job. Spare dolls donate to shelters or specialized organizations.

Throw away

After all, you should throw away everything that you cannot use anymore. There is no reason to keep all those broken toys. It is especially crucial if you need to take them with you. For those situations, you should do a much more natural thing. Simply leave them in the garbage and start your moving to New Jersey freely.

Packing toys for children is neither fast nor easy

We usually imagine our toys like stuffed animals and perhaps one or two dolls with crazy hair. However, toys include fragile, electric, and large items, with a lot of removable parts. You will need much more preparation for packing and protecting than usual. However, packing means that you need to prepare large boxes, separated from the conventional packages. Because of all, you need to do packing correctly.

Prepare a lot of boxes and supplies

You may think that only you need to prepare as many boxes you can and simply throw toys there. However, it is much harder than you may think. You will also need to pack and protect items from damage. Packing will be easier if you use different sizes of the boxes, too. Prepare all of that on time.

Remove all parts you can

As in any other situation, you need to remove all elements that you can before moving. Most of them they use for decoration. However, there are parts that they use for better usage of the toys. There is a lot of gadgets filled with water nowadays. Make sure that they are scorched before packing.

Pack them in the box as any other item

When packing sensitive parts in the boxes, you will surely protect them for transportation. You know that you need to use paper and soft pieces to fill the gaps. The same you should do when packing the toys. You can use paper for it or towels and blankets. One of the easiest ways is to put stuffed animals between plastic ones.

Clean and remove stains

Although you may think as this is necessary, you need to clean the toys before moving. Just think about all food, juice, and yogurt that come into them. In case that you do not clean and remove those things, you may ruin other think in boxes during transportation.

Protection is critical when packing toys for children

Although dolls are solid and protected from damaging and breaking, it is not easy to pack them. You need to protect electric toys from breaking. Also, stuffed animals need protection from stains. If you have large toys there, you need to protect other items in boxes from them. It is much essential to keep people in the truck away from boxes with this sensitive stuff.

A bear in luggage
You can use stuffed toys for protection in boxes

Wrap delicate toys

Toys are much more sensitive nowadays. Most of them have screens, lights, and removable parts. You need to pack them like every other fragile item. Use wrapping paper and plastic wrapping for that purpose. Also, use paper without letters to avoid stains and dark marks.

Label properly

Although you should pack toys in boxes like any other piece of furniture, you need to mark its usage and contents. It will help the workers in moving company when finding the best place for the boxes. You will easily re-pack the box after moving, too.

Use stuffed toys for protection

It does not mean that you should protect only other toys with these things. Stuffed animals are magnificent for the protection of any other items in the box. Put them on the bottom of every box, or use to fill gaps between fragile items. Packing toys for children could be an exciting adventure when moving.


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