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Tips for packing and moving your art collection

It might be a very stressful and time-consuming part of a moving effort to pack and relocate your artwork. You surely spent a lot of time and effort in getting or creating the artwork, and they have become a very important part of your home. It might be your children’s drawings, your diploma in a frame. You truly wish that everything is shipped carefully and that it is ready to be put up on the walls of your new home. This is why we have prepared some tips for packing and moving your art collection to get you ready for the endeavor!

The most important thing is not to get scared. Still, if you are unsure and would like to hire a professional moving company to do the job for you, NJ movers are a great option. And while your art collection is surely very dear to you and possibly expensive, with the tips provided here you will have an easy time while making sure your artwork is relocated safely and professionally.

Prepare the packing materials

It is very important to get the best packing materials for your art. To lower the risks of any possible damage, buy boxes of different shapes and sizes. Have in mind a rough estimate of the size of the items you are packing and moving. To protect your paintings, the best idea is to use a pillow-case or a clean sheet and make sure to protect both sides of the painting. While old newspaper or paper towels may come in mind, try to stay away from these options, as they might do some damage to your art. Also, soft packing materials are necessary to keep your art safe inside the boxes, so get some bubble wrap and foam peanut.

Green foam peanut pile
Foam peanut is a great way to keep your art safe

If you are moving more valuable items, it might be worth investing in special boxes that are designed specifically for transporting art. They come in many shapes and sizes and fit almost any type of art your collection might hold. This is, of course, a more costly option, but it may very well be worth the extra expense.

Prepare the art pieces

Once you have all the materials, it is time to prepare your art pieces for the move. Cleaning is an essential part of the process. You most probably had your art hanged on a wall for quite some time. Be sure to thoroughly dust off everything you can before packing. Do the cleaning in a clean room, with no dirt or liquids. Avoid areas that might be dusty if you already started moving some of your furniture.

Two framed pictures on a white wall
Take extra care of your framed artwork

Use painters tape to preserve the glass parts of your paintings. The adhesive in this sort of tape will hold tight enough while not leaving any marks behind like some other tape types might. You should do a bit of extra effort to tape the corners of the glass. While this might consume some time, it might be a key difference between a safely transported art piece and a glass in pieces. Some of the pictures might be framed with plexiglass, in which case you do not have to bother with securing them.

Of course, be careful not to stick the tape directly to either the frame or the painting itself. While the adhesive is weak, it may cause damage to the very delicate materials such as dry paint or wood.

Finally, use the bubble wrap and the peanut foam to wrap your art items safely. Use some extra tape to secure the wrapping materials to hold them in place. Polyurethane paper is also a great alternative. When done, this protective wrapping will shield your art from moisture and temperature differences in transit. 

Packing the boxes for moving art

Boxes are the logical next part of packing and moving your art collection. You can start by putting some of the protective materials you got earlier at the bottom of the box and put the art piece on it. Use smaller pieces of cardboard and put them on each side of the artwork for extra protection. To prevent bending of the cardboard, make sure to use more pieces. Once you are sure that the painting doesn’t move inside of the box, fill out the rest of the space with foam peanut or tissue paper.

Another important step is to use a visible marker and label the outside of the box so it is easier to distinguish the different items and have an easier time when unpacking. Be sure to mark the most valuable or the most fragile items, so that either you or the moving company workers can take extra care while relocating them.

Extra tips

There are just a few more extra notes to take into account while packing and moving your art collection:

  • If you have unframed prints, it is a good idea to roll up your artwork and use a tube. This, however, should not be done with more valuable or limited edition prints.
  • Do not wait for the last moment. Make time for working on your art packing as much as you can in the days leading up to your move. The more hastily you do the packing, the more chances there are that you missed an important detail. However, if you are in a hurry, be sure to look up some tips on speeding up the moving process.
  • Ask for advice from the experts. Some art galleries or art universities have great experience in moving such items. Give them a call and ask for some extra tips and tricks. Museums also tend to move their exhibitions all the time, so a local art curator might provide you with some assistance. 
A bedroom featuring a blue and white art piece on the wall
Art can truly make a difference in your new home

Hire professionals for packing and moving your art collection

If you follow all the above-given tips, you will most likely have a very easy time while moving. Of course, you can always get the best moving quotes Jersey City can offer by simply contacting us.

We wish you the best of luck with your upcoming move! With all this in mind, we are sure that your art collection will make it to your new home safe… And bring the same shine to your walls once you move in. 


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