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Tips for negotiating a location package

Relocation can be a bit stressful, depending on a lot of things. This is why you need to be good at negotiating a location package. How the move itself goes is one of the most important factors, but there are others too:

  • The reason for your relocation
  • How far you are moving, and this can be a big factor in negotiating a location package
  • Are you moving alone or with your family

If you are relocating because you can’t afford your current place of living than the move is not likely to be on your good side. If you are moving into a bigger apartment, you will remember this move as a good thing. And if you got a promotion or the job you had your eye on for some time, you will be thrilled to move. If you are going to get that job in another city or state or even further away, you will need to move. Hopefully, you will be moving with your family, or a friend at least. Maybe even move to a place where you already know some people. But whatever are the circumstances, moving away for a promotion or a new job that you liked is going to be great for you. But negotiating a location package is something you must learn how to do.

Negotiating a location package- two boxes on a hand trolley
Moving for a new job or a promotion is a                             great experience

Company will probably offer you help, so prepare for negotiating a relocation package

Most companies are going to offer you to cover your relocation bills. This is great thing for you since relocating costs can add up. The outcoming expenses might be trough the roof so you will need all the help your company can offer you. This is where you need to do your best in negotiating a location package you will get. It is not always easy and the company will try to go around some of the benefits to give you, but if you are persistent enough, you will be happy with the outcome. There are things you should focus on while trying to be best at negotiating a location package. If you are in need of a reliable moving company, try Hoboken movers.

Choose the moving company

Finding a reliable moving company is not an easy task. First, check if your company has a contract with a moving company. If not, you need to do the research and pick one for yourself. The easiest way to make sure the companies, like Ample Moving, have exactly what you need is by contacting them. This is the best way to do it since you can ask exactly how much will it cost to move and what is the best way to do it. Once you contact the moving company, try to make a deal. Try to get a discount if you hire them to pack, move and unpack you or other similar bundle deal.

Negotiating a location package
Moving companies may be able to get you a               deal for a bundle of services

Make sure you know exactly what you need

There are all kinds of relocating packages and the first thing you need to do is go over all of them. Make sure to see what are, realistically services you need and what the company will cover. If the company is not covering all of the services, see if you really need the ones that are not included. Maybe you think you need packing service, but you can pack yourself actually. Make sure to inform yourself about all the services the moving company you choose is offering. Movers NJ have a wast variety of services they offer.

Boxes with the titles : Kitchen, Dishes, Bedroom and Books on them
Do you need a packing service or can you pack yourself? How about other services?

Negotiate the moving compensation

Most companies will cover your moving costs or at least some part of the expenses. Make sure to inform on what expenses will your company cover in the first place. It is important to know exactly what they can offer you before you start negotiating a location package. Maybe they will cover all of the costs. This includes packing service, moving service, apartment rent, and bills. In case they will not cover the apartment rent and bills, you should make sure you know how to find a cheap studio apartment. Find out what moving expenses other companies that are as big as your company cover. If they cover more expenses than your company does, make sure to document it. You can use it as a negotiation tool. If you need more money for an apartment, make sure to state that living closer to the office will affect your results at work. Similar explanations will help you get more money.

Have it all on the paper

This includes both the expenses that the move will generate and the covering costs your company grants you. It will ensure your company won’t be able to change any of the promised costs coverings. So, first, make a calculation on how much it costs to get a packing service, moving service, get an apartment and any other costs. If you decided to pack yourself, make sure you do it in a way that won’t be affecting the environment. Once you calculated how much will the move cost, compare it to the compensation the company is offering. This will show if you can even afford the move. If the difference is not that big a deal, see if you can do something to cut the expenses. When you are negotiating a location package, make sure to state that you are hoping to resolve the issue on both your and the companies benefit.

A contract
Make sure to have everything on the paper

Give them the time they need to resolve it

The moving company will need some time to resolve the issue. Your employer will have to report to the people above them so they can make a deal for you. Do not rush them, they are doing the best they can so you don’t wait. After all, it is in their interest that you get to the new workplace as soon as possible. But make sure to start researching as soon as you learn that you will move so you don’t have any last-minute plan changes.

It doesn’t really matter if you are moving with helping hand from your company or not. There are main rules you need to follow so you come out as the winner from this moving situation:

  • Get a reliable moving company
  • Make a list of the expenses you will have
  • Try to cut them down
  • See if the moving company would give you a discount for a bundle deal
  • Inform yourself before negotiating a location package
  • If the company is covering the costs, make sure you got that in writing.

If you follow these rules, you will be done with negotiating a location package in no time.


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