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Tips for moving during the holiday season

Holiday days are upon us. The Christmas spirit is starting to spread. The mood is great, even on Mondays early mornings. However, you have to move. Moving during the holiday season is not really something to look forward to. But not to worry, it is not the end of the world, with some tips and tricks you will move in no time, and maybe you will get some time to go to Christmas shopping. This means that you have to organize your time in the best way possible. Here, we will try to help you. By reading these tips and tricks and having Movers west new york NJ to move you, there is only one thing left for you to worry about, and that thing is what will you buy for your loved ones.

moving during the holiday season can be easy if you plan it right
Moving doesn’t have to be stressful even though it is the time of holidays

Moving during the holiday season means a good organization

Good organization when you are in a process of moving is ninety percent of your work. By planning everything to be done in a timely manner and by actually following through with your plan you won’t have any issues whatsoever. That is why you should take a pen and paper and start writing things to do, create a checklist:

  • Hiring the movers’ company
  • Getting the right packing material
  • Planning you moving budget
  • Checking the weather conditions for the day on which you are planning to move

This is how yours to do list should look like more or less. Of course, you need to adjust this list to suit your moving plan and needs. People usually think that they will remember everything and they don’t need this type of list, but this is not true. Chances are extremely high that you will forget something extremely important for your move, especially when moving during the holiday season.


Since you have decided to move during the winter holidays it is very important how will you pack. Let’s take a guess and think that it will be cold and snowy on the day of your move. You want to make the job easier for Moving services NJ and therefore you will pack your items in a way that they won’t have any trouble loading them in the van. This means that your boxes should be protected from the water. As you may know, if your box gets wet, from the snow or rain it will get damaged and then we would have a problem. That is why when you finish packing, box by box. Wrap them in a plastic wrap. It is that simple. Make sure not to forget to pack an overnight bag for the first night in your new apartment, so you don’t have to unwrap every single box to find a toothbrush.

A man carrying boxes
Make sure your packing material is the right one for the time of holidays and weather conditions

Decluttering during holidays

Moving during the holiday season is a great opportunity to declutter. Another great chance to do something good for someone else in the Christmas spirit. This means that you need to start to declutter way before your moving day. At least a couple of weeks. When you start to declutter, you will see for example from your clothes what is still good to wear, but you don’t need it, because it went out of style or you just don’t like it anymore. Take that kind of clothes, wash it, iron it and pack it. There is someone out there who will appreciate this. Decluttering is a win-win situation, you will help someone in need and you will have less to pack. So, start doing this on time, because you will need time to get everything in order.

Movers company

Talking about moving during the holiday season means getting things done on time. Time organization seems to be the most important part of this move you are about to plan. One of the most important items on your checklist is to hire a moving company and prepare on time. On time, doesn’t mean the same during the holiday season as in “normal” days. On time, during the holiday season means at least a month ahead. You have to keep in mind that even though it doesn’t have a lot of sense, the holiday season is the time when a lot of people decide to move and therefore a lot of mover’s company are already booked earlier in the year. Also, some mover’s companies don’t even work, they are celebrating as well. That is why you should be ahead of time.

DIY moving

DIY moving is not bad if you are equipped properly. This means many things. Since it is holiday season you have to be more understanding to other drivers on the street. Yes, you are moving and you are probably somewhat nervous, but other people are in a hurry too. Maybe someone else is moving the same day as you are. Also, it gets pretty hectic during the holiday season in the traffic. People are buying gifts at the last minute which results in traffic jams. Therefore, do not be surprised when you are moving during the holiday season when you see more vehicles on the street then you would like. That is the risk you are taking when you are moving during the holiday season.

a little Christmas tree and a Santa's hat
Packing can be fun during the holidays

Moving is in most cases pretty stressful. You are usually in a hurry and things do not always go as you have imagined. That is why it is important to have a good plan so that nothing unexpected can happen. However, when you are moving during the holiday season, chances are almost always that something that was not planned happens. Movers can be late, or your moving box can get wet, it is nothing to worry about. Go with the flow and enjoy your holidays!


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