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Tips for moving a home theater system

The process of relocation is a difficult and complex task. You have to approach it with a good plan and a clear mind in order to pack and transfer your belongings successfully. Some items are quite easy to pack and all you have to do is to make a good plan and make it simple and tidy. On the other hand, big furniture and home appliances like fridges and ovens require some work.

For those items, it is best to find professional assistance to help you with your move. Be sure to check out moving companies West New York NJ to find best deals for your relocation. Are you a movie fanatic? Do you own a home theater system? If you do, you must realize it is rather tricky for packing and transporting. For all those audiovisual buffs out there we have prepared a short guide for moving a home theater system. In the following paragraphs, we will share some of our ideas and try to make it easier for you. So get your pen and paper and let’s start.

The preparation phase for moving a home theater system

Before you even think of packing, you have to do some groundwork. A good plan will make everything easier and there is less chance for you to forget something. So what are some of the essentials for the moving a home theater system? Well, this is not exactly rocket science, but here’s a list of things you need to have at hand.

  • Cardboard boxes. These boxes are crucial for the whole process of relocation, and you are going to need them for other rooms as well. They are easy to carry, easy to label with a pen, and can be thrown away when you are done. On top of everything, they are fairly cheap. You can even find used boxes online to save additional money.
  • Bubble wrap. Moving home theater system requires packing and transporting a lot of delicate pieces. For this reason, you must be sure they are well protected. A Home theater includes a substantial amount of different electronic components which can be damaged easily if you don’t pay attention. The best way to do this is to use bubble wrap or packing peanuts if you can find them. Another option is to use your old clothes for maximum protection.
  • Screwdriver or cordless drill. You will have to break your home theater into several smaller pieces for the ease of transportation and packing. For this task, you will need adequate tools so pay a visit to a local do it yourself store.
  • Plan everything ahead. Before you proceed with the actual relocation, choose a room for your home theater. Plan where the plugs will be, where you will put the wires and switches.

    Picture of a bubble wrap, scissors and tape
    Bubble wrap is very useful for moving a home theater system

Make sure everything is disconnected

All right, let’s move to the packing phase. First of all, you need to power down all the devices and pull out all the cables. If you plan on setting up the theater by yourself make sure you remember how to re-connect everything. If you don’t have the user’s manual try to search it online. Another good strategy is to use your camera to document everything before you break it apart. It would be wise to label all the cords so you know to which device they belong. Give yourself enough time to pack everything as you are dealing with delicate equipment. You don’t want to rush and risk damaging something. Make o good use of those boxes and wraps you bought. Depending on the size, moving a home theater can be expensive so compare moving quotes NJ.

Picture of huge home cinema for several people
Home theaters can be quite sophisticated and complex for relocation and putting back together

The packing process is very sensitive

Packing a home theater system requires a few tricks. LCD screens are very sensitive and susceptible to breaking and scratching. Therefore you should be extra careful when handling them. If you can, call a friend to help you out. Put some soft fabric on the corners of the screen and fill any empty space inside the box. You should do this to prevent the screen from moving during transportation. If you plan on storing your home theater somewhere check moisture levels. Humidity is a dangerous enemy for your electronics and can cause their untimely death.

Even if you do make all the safety measures, unfortunate events can still happen. So what can you do in that case? Well, we advise you to search for moving insurance. There are several different types available so educate yourself on the matter and chose the option that suits you the best. That way you can just sit on your new couch and wait for your items to arrive.

Unpacking can be very complex

For moving a home theater system one has to know a thing or two about electronics
To set up a home theater you will have to connect a lot of wires and cables. That might be a job for the professional

With the first two phases gone, you still have to unpack everything and put all those electronic devices back together. This is far from a walk in the park. Depending on the size of your home theater, there is a possibility that you just can’t pull it on your own unless you are an engineer. Therefore it’s only logical to ask for professional help. Not only you will be sure everything will be working properly, but you will also buy peace of mind knowing that nothing will be damaged.

To summarize

So there you go, these are some of the vital things to know for moving a home theater system. Do all the preparing steps, call for assistance and get your insurance because you never know. Your goal is to go through this process with intact nerves as well as equipment. Now you are ready to move to your new home with an easy mind. We wish you a safe relocation and to continue enjoying your home theater.


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