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Tips for making Halloween costume with leftover moving boxes

It’s almost time to dig deep and start preparing a Halloween costume. Although it is fun to dress up and play trick or treat, sometimes you’re on a low budget. Or maybe you’re running out of fresh and original ideas, as well. Don’t worry. In this article, we’ll show you how to do both at the same time. Be original on a budget. Yes, it is possible. Especially if you’re moving to New Jersey and already own moving boxes. Even if you don’t, it is so easy to find free moving boxes. Afterward, you can use them to make a Halloween costume with leftover moving boxes. So, here are some ideas for making original costumes with moving boxes and packing supplies. Have fun!

Introduction for beginners on how to make Halloween costume with leftover moving boxes

There is no need to throw away those old moving boxes. All you need is a big imagination and a little bit of money. With that combination, you can build an unforgettable Halloween costume for your toddlers. You can always ask moving companies NJ where to get free moving boxes.

Popcorn as a Halloween costume made with leftover moving boxes
A great idea for a Halloween costume with leftover moving boxes is to become a popcorn.

Here are the most popular ideas for DIY Halloween costumes with leftover moving boxes

Tetris Blocks

If you loved playing Tetris when you were younger, it would be fun to make a costume out of it. So, the best ideas are the letters „T“ and „L“. First, get some free moving boxes. Then, you need to have one box with cutouts for your neck and arms. Also, you are going to need black duct tape to join the other parts of the boxes together. Eventually, you need to get the shape you want, resembling a true Tetris block. In the end, use some colors to paint the blocks. Also, if you want to make group costumes for Halloween with your friends, Tetris is one of the best ideas.

The material you will need

  • Cardboard moving boxes
  • Black duct tape
  • Paint for the blocks.

Popcorns are a great Halloween costume to make with leftover moving boxes

This is another great idea for a Halloween costume with leftover moving boxes. It is super easy to make them, yet it’s fun to be popcorn. Even for one night. You will need to cut out holes for your head and arms. Then, you have to superglue packing peanuts to the top of the box. The idea is to look like popcorns, remember? Also, it would be fun to paint white and red stripes all over the box. For making it even more original, you can paint a label on it.

Playing card Halloween costume can easily be made from leftover moving boxes.
Be the queen of the party with playing card Halloween costume made from leftover moving boxes.

The material you will need

Here are some more ideas for Halloween costume with moving boxes. For those who want to go the extra mile.


If you want to roll the dice with a costume, this is the one for you. It is so easy to make. You need to paint the box in black and cut out holes for arms and head. Another easy step is to cut out white paper circles and glue them to the box. Simple as that. All you need for making this costume is a cardboard box, some black paint, white paper, and glue.

Playing Cards

Another easy yet creative costume. There are a couple of easy steps to create a playing card Halloween costume. All you need is a cardboard box, some white paint, red paper, and some glue. You’ll begin with painting the box white. Then, you need to cut out holes for your arms and head. Also, cut out red paper in hearts or diamonds and numbers to resemble a playing card. This one is also a great idea for a group costume with friends or family members.

Lego block

This costume is quite appealing to boys. You are going to need a cardboard box, some paint, and some superglue and six empty yogurt tins. Start with cutting out holes in the main box for arms and neck. Then, superglue the yogurt tins to the main box. The main idea is that they stick out like the pegs of a Lego block. Then, paint the entire costume with the color you want. And there you have it. It is a real lego block, right?

Make a lego block costume with ease.
A Lego block is an easy and fun Halloween costume. It is also a good idea for a group costume.

Another easy and fun idea for girls- a costume of a Barbie doll made out of a moving box

This costume maybe takes a little more effort, but it is worth it. You’re going to need a wardrobe box, Barbie wrapping paper, hot pink paint, and duct tape. Also, you will need adjustable straps, clear shrink wrap, and a Barbie logo. First, duct tape the sides of the box. The duct-taped side will serve as the back of your box. Then, you need to paint the box in pink. Decorate it with a Barbie logo. Afterward, cut out the opening of the box. Cut a hand hole on the side of the box and some air holes at the top of the box. Then, use the Barbie wrapping paper to paper the inside of the box.  You also need to cut slits into the back of the box for the waist and shoulder straps. Finally, insert straps and cover the front opening with shrink wrap.

Photobooth Strip- easy and fun!

For this costume, you need a long cardboard box and black and white photos of you making different faces. The idea is that you make silly photos for your photobooth strip. You will need to cut the cardboard box into one long rectangle. Then, glue your photos onto three equal sections and cut out a face hole for your head. The face hole should be positioned towards the middle of the strip. And there you have your costume!


There is no end to these fun and creative ideas. We guarantee that you’ll have a good time while making these Halloween costumes with leftover moving boxes. Also, you’ll enjoy while wearing them. Anyway, we wish you a fun and unforgettable Halloween.


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