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Tips and tricks for packing your kid’s room

Whenever someone talks about moving, they say how stressful it can be. Ask anyone, and they will tell you just how hard packing and finding good packing services NJ was, or how just how difficult it is to say goodbye to your friends and your home. However, not many people will talk about others’ experiences. You see, the move is not only stressful for you – but your family members too. And even if you reduce the workload they have, the move will still affect them in man ways. The most affected by it are probably your kids. For them, the move is something new and scary – because everything they know and love is changing. That’s why in this article, we give you a list of tips and tricks you need to know when packing your kid’s room.

Prepare your children for the move

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your kids for the move. They need to adjust to the idea of moving, and only you can help them through that process. Remember, you may know that moving is not such a huge deal – but the world they live in right now means everything to them. It doesn’t matter if they are just a toddler or a moody teen – they have built a support system that they need to leave behind. And this can come with quite a bit of shock.

A parent talking to a child about moving.
Have a good talk with your child about the move.

What’s the best thing you can do? Well, talk to them. It’s a smart idea to hold a family meeting where you will discuss the moving. There are two things that you need to remember here. First, make sure they understand this move is happening. Be firm in this decision, no matter how much they protest. Second, make sure that they know you are aware of your needs. Talk to them about ensuring everything goes without too much trouble, and that you are there for them.

From there, you can think about including them in the moving process. They can help you find movers Guttenberg NJ, or deal with simple tasks around the home. Finally, they will be the best-suited to help you when packing your kid’s room.

Pick up the materials to start packing your kid’s room

Once they are okay with the move, it’s time to get their help and actually start packing. So, take them to a nearby store and they can give you a hand picking up some packing materials. Let them choose the stuff they want. These can be some colorful stickers, fun packing paper, nice markers, etc. It’s also a great idea to get them a packing journal or diary where they can record their moving experience. This can come in handy later when they need to deal with the moving stress. However, it has another purpose. The diary will be a great tool in stopping you to forget anything when packing your kid’s room.

Colorful pencils
Let them pick some colorful markers.

After that comes the hard part – going through your kid’s room. Remember, you will need to help your kids cope with moving stress even here – when they need to decide what they will take with them, and what stays behind. Since moving is such a change, there is a high probability that your children will try and hold on to as many things as they possibly can. This way, they will hope to keep things the same. However, you need to be caring yet firm here as well. Set up a limit of things you can take with you. Most importantly, help them decide what they can move.

Think about their ages when packing your kid’s room

Depending on your children’s age, you can change this process a little. If your kid still isn’t going to school, then picking up the toys, books, and stuff for them might be your best bet. If they are in school, but still not a teenager, then going through everything with them is the best course of action. At this point, they are aware that they need to choose – and that their decisions matter – but you can still control the process.

If you are working with the teenager, then giving them their own space might be the best decision. This way, they will feel you value their opinion – and you can have one room less to think about. However, make sure you go through the things that they want to keep or donate in order to ensure these are all appropriate. Be respectful, but still aware of what you can move and what you cannot.

A room layout can help a lot when packing your kid's room.
Let them decide their room layout.

If they are able to understand, you can also give them the room dimensions in their new home. Tell them about other features – such as doors and windows – and let them start planning out their own layout. This will get them excited for the move but also involved in the process.

Being packing your kid’s room

Once you start packing, there are two things you need to go over. The first is to get an essentials box. Here, you will pack all the things they will need for the journey. The priority will be the things that keep them happy and calm when the day arrives.

Then, pack up their clothes and shoes, and similar items they will need once you move. Pack these in a suitcase that will go in the car. It should contain changes for at least a couple of days, in case the moving truck is late for some reason. While packing your kid’s room, your children can help you by labeling and decorating the boxes. Then, once you arrive at one of the best Jersey City neighborhoods for families with kids, you can help them unpack and set up their whole new room!


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