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Things You Should Know Before Moving to Hoboken

Are you thinking about moving to Hoboken? Want to explore all your options and find out what’s waiting for you there? You are in the right place! Ample Moving is one of the most trusted and reliable moving companies in Hoboken, NJ! All you need to do to get us on your moving team is to pick up your phone and give us a call! Hiring a good moving company is one of the best ways to relocate. After all, there’s so much stress involved when moving to another place! But not when you’re moving with great movers who can take care of everything for you. So do not waste a second longer – we are waiting for you!

Why Should You Consider Moving to Hoboken?

The decision to move to Hoboken could be one of the best ones you have ever made! However, it’s always good to know what you’re getting into. Before you begin your Hoboken move, though, make sure to organize your move and hire Ample Moving – one of the best local movers NJ has! Movers can help you with a lot of things. From planning out the move to helping you pack everything up and finally transporting all your belongings – they can be with you every step of the way.

a sight you will see after moving to Hoboken
Hoboken, New Jersey, is known for affordability, safe neighborhoods, fast and easy commute, and walking distance facilities.

What’s more, in recent years, Hoboken has become one of the most popular USA cities to live in. Some of the main reasons for that are affordability, safe neighborhoods, fast and easy commute, and walking distance facilities. This city of roughly 53.000 residents has 1.275 square miles of land, most of it surrounded by water. It’s quite a small and lovely community. You still get to experience the NYC beauty while living in a more safe, peaceful and quiet place. Before you hire packers for the New Jersey move, take a look at the following facts you should know before making a move.

Hoboken Is Perfect for Families

Considering a very convenient commute, affordable rent pricing, and safe neighborhoods, Hoboken is perfect for families with children. Hoboken is very well connected to New York City and also has a great view of the Manhattan skyline. This is going to be great for everyone who wants to be close to NYC but doesn’t want to live exactly there. Living in a community close to NYC is a great way to experience NYC in all its glory while having cheaper expenses and similar quality of life.

A family after relocating to Hoboken.
Many families are choosing to relocate to Hoboken and continue their life there.

If you decide to enroll your child in a school in Hoboken,  you can choose between Salvatore R. Calabro Elementary School, Thomas G. Connors Elementary School, Joseph F. Brandt Primary School, and many others. Many of them offer preschool and kindergarten programs. Moreover, finding housing in Hoboken is way easier than in nearby New York City. Renting prices go from $1300 for a studio to $3500 for a three-bedroom apartment. Obviously, renting an apartment is pretty affordable, so it makes Hoboken perfect for family life.

Not Many People Drive in Hoboken

Before you begin calling Hoboken home, you should think twice about driving your car on a daily basis. It’s a fact that it is very hard to find a parking space in Hoboken, so most of the residents take a walk. Besides, you can reach almost every destination here by walking. Hoboken is considered the most walkable city in the world. Even though the rush hour in Hoboken causes a traffic jam every day, you’ll be lucky to explore the city on foot. Moreover, it’s an excellent opportunity for your family to exercise more! With so many great and affordable moving quotes in NJ, it’s hard not to at least think about relocating to Hoboken.

New York City
New York City is only 4 miles away – just a quick train right will get you into the very heart of Manhattan!

What’s more, Hoboken is only 4 miles away from New York City. This is why it has become a popular commuters town. Many people working in the Big Apple (but not being able to afford rent there) move to Hoboken. The city is much cheaper, and the commute back to New York takes only a little time! The easiest way for this is by PATH Subway, which connects Newark, Hoboken, and Jersey City straight with Manhattan! This is going to allow you to earn money according to NYC standards while paying comparably less for your life in Hoboken. It’s a great hack to earn extra money after using the affordable movers NJ has to relocate to the area.

People Also Avoid Taking a Cab

Even though catching a cab is not that hard in Hoboken, asking for a ride is not that simple. There’s a good chance that the taxi driver will insist on taking many passengers at the same time. As a result, you will have to stop several times before you reach your destination. Don’t be tempted by the long line of taxi cabs and choose to take a walk. You can always try driving your own car, as long as you’re being mindful about the parking spots.

Finding the Perfect Bar Is Not a Problem in Hoboken

Hoboken is famous for having more bars per capita than New York City. In about one square mile of the Hoboken area, you can find more than 120 bars and restaurants. Choosing the right place to have a drink after work is pretty easy. In case your favorite bar is too crowded, you can always take a few steps to the nearest bar and check the place yourself. Some of the most popular bars in Hoboken are Mulligan’s Pub, the Madison bar and grill, Black Bear bar and grill, and many others. This is an excellent opportunity for a night out with friends! It can be a great way to relax after a long week at work.

A group of friends sitting together, potentially in Hoboken.
You and your (new) friends are going to have so much fun in Hoboken!

You Will Probably Not Miss Out on Maxwell’s Club

Before making a move to Hoboken, you should explore the best places to have fun in this city. Maxwell’s Club is definitely one of them. This club is one of the most popular in Hoboken, and recently they’ve started to book live shows. Besides being popular for hosting great parties, you can watch live performances from well-known and popular brands. Some of them are R.E.M., The Replacements, The Pixies, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, and many others… If this is something that you’d want to do in your spare, Hoboken can seem like a dream coming to life!

Shopping and Buying Organic Food Is Always a Great Idea After Moving to Hoboken

Before moving to Hoboken, you should know the benefits of its own lifestyle. People living in Hoboken say that the best part of the city is the distance to the nearest shops and facilities. Whether you need to do the laundry, have a coffee, or buy some clothes, you won’t need to walk a long distance to get there. Everything from bars, restaurants, shops and venues will always be in one block area away from you. Such great living standards are a reason why so many people are hiring Hoboken moving companies to relocate to the area. If all of this suits your needs, then Hoboken is just a call away!

local food
Shopping in local markets is not only convenient in Hoboken. It’s a way of life!

If you are a fan of consuming local and fresh, organic food, you are in luck! Shopping in local markets is not only convenient in Hoboken. It’s a way of life. Check out the famous Farmer’s Market from June to November. That’s a great place to find everything you may need. Not a lot of places have such easy access to organic food, so it’s truly a hidden gem. Moreover, prices of organic food in NYC went through the roof. In contrast, Hoboken ones are still really manageable and affordable. That’s one thing a lot of people who relocated to Hoboken really appreciate.

The Importance of Using Reliable Movers When Moving to Hoboken

There are many discussions about whether or not you should use a professional company when moving to Hoboken. The city is amazing, and everyone wants to move here – but not everyone wants experts’ help when getting here. Sadly, this can lead to a lot of complications. It’s always advised to get at least some kind of assistance when relocating, no matter if you’re doing a short or a longer-distance move. Naturally, the longer the move, the harder it is for you to relocate on your own. Even if you can manage everything on your own, a moving company can save you lots of precious time and energy.

Simply put, moving to a city is a complicated business. There is so much that you need to do and go over. First, you will want to plan everything well – which we will look at later. This includes learning as much as you can about the moving process and taking as many moving tips as possible. Then, you want to prepare for packing – which can sometimes take a whole two months to complete. Finally, transporting things will bring you closer to ending your move. After that, there is unpacking and some final touches to go through.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Company

If you do not have enough experience, this can seem like a nightmare. You can even cause injury or damage to your items and furniture if you are not extra helpful! This is why having professionals help you with your Hoboken move is always a welcome thing! And there is no better company than Ample Moving! If you damage your items, you’re going to spend much more money than you would’ve spent on hiring movers in the first place. Think of it as an investment.

A man from a moving company standing next to a truck.
Hiring professional movers is one of the best ways to relocate to Hoboken.

Plan Your Time Before Moving to Hoboken

Hoboken offers so many fun things to do in your free time. Before you relocate to Hoboken, New Jersey, take a look at some of the most popular things you can do in your free time:

  • Cycling and running – between so many beautiful parks and waterfront paths, you will not know which one to choose first. Hoboken is perfect for those who like an active lifestyle. You can not only run along the water but also rent a bike and some time on the commute.
  • If you visit the marina, explore many of the water sports activities that you can enjoy. Some of them are sailing, kayaking, and riding paddleboards.
  • If you’re a fun outdoor lover, visit Sinatra Park, where you can enjoy beautiful sunset views of the Manhattan skyline. When warmer months allow it, you can also enjoy watching movies under the stars.
  • Don’t forget to take one of the Frank Sinatra walking tours that will allow you to explore the city. Visit the famous Hoboken Historical Museum and enjoy exhibits, lectures, movies, and many other events.
  • In case you like getting to know the city by walking, Hoboken is your lucky city! When the imagination runs dry, take a walk, and see where it will get you. Locals will always be more than happy to recommend you a bar, a restaurant or a great shopping place.

Don’t Waste a Second Longer – Contact Us Today!

As you can see – moving to Hoboken is quite exciting! But it also doesn’t need to be too tough! All you need to do is contact us! Ample Moving is here to make all your moving dreams come true – and all it takes is one phone call! And you’re also going to really like Hoboken. For example, the average household income is around $153,000! That’s right; the average home earns almost $2,000,000 a year in Hoboken! If that’s the kind of income you’d like to have, Hoboken is the right place for you. And if you don’t want to work in Hoboken, there are still plenty of jobs nearby.



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