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Things to Not Forget When Leaving New Jersey

Around 30 million individuals relocate inside the United States each year. Additionally, 3 million Americans reportedly travel across state lines each year. However, some states have seen more emigration than others. Unfortunately, New Jersey has the highest number of outbound migrations nationwide. People were moving out of New Jersey in almost 70% of all migrations made there. The question is, why are all these people leaving New Jersey? Should you start looking for NJ movers for your relocation? Here are all the things to not forget when leaving New Jersey and all things you should know before your relocation. 

The migration situation in the country

Just as mentioned, New Jersey is the state with the most outbound movers. The three New Jersey regions of Middlesex-Somerset-Hunterdon (72%), Bergen-Passaic (76% outbound), and Newark (74% outbound) likewise placed in the top 10 metropolitan areas in the country for outbound relocation. States that have frequently been on the top outbound list in previous years, such as Illinois (67%), New York (63%), Connecticut (60%), and California (59%), once again placed pretty high. Even though many people from New Jersey tend to move to New York, NYC is not a popular destination anymore. Still, you might not be able to tell since it can be hard to find movers NJ to NYC available to book. The top four states for inbound relocations were shown to be South Dakota (69%), South Carolina (63%), West Virginia (63%), and Florida (62%). So, what are the reasons to leave?

world map
Many people are moving from New Jersey to Florida, South Dakota, West Virginia, and South Carolina

The main reasons people are leaving New Jersey – retirement

People frequently leave New Jersey because of retirement. Many elderly individuals are concerned about how they will pay to live in this state without an active income due to the present economic climate and the high quality of life in New Jersey. Many New Jersey residents who retire want to avoid worrying about compromising their standard of living. Because of this, a lot of people who have lived and worked in New Jersey for a long time decide to leave the state and relocate to places with greater amenities, cheaper cost of living, and more pleasant weather. New Jersey might not be suitable for older people since it is quite expensive. In addition to this, it is difficult to afford to live here if you are not working. Then, it is not surprising that many older residents are looking for moving services NJ for their upcoming relocation.

Taxes are quite high in NJ

High taxes are a factor in some people’s decision to leave their place, and New Jersey residents are no exception. Although it’s not because of income taxes or sales taxes, but rather property taxes, many middle-class families are making the decision to leave this state. You should see the various taxes in the state so that you can comprehend why so many people are deciding to move and purchase property elsewhere. State income taxes in New Jersey vary from 1.4 percent to 10.75 percent, with a rate of 10.75 percent applied to people making over $1 million. However, the median property tax rate is one of the highest in the nation at $2,417 per $100,000. It is still not too late to look for moving quotes NJ. As you might know, it is always a good investment to own a property.

money under the board that says taxes
It is expensive to live in New Jersey because of the high taxes

Work opportunities and the weather

More than 46 percent of all locals who left the state identified their employment as the reason for their relocation. Many New Jersey citizens are relocating to the west and south, where unemployment rates are generally lower and work opportunities are more plentiful. Some states would be Idaho with 2.9 percent, Iowa with an expected unemployment rate of around 2.7 percent, and Utah with 2.6 percent. In addition to this, things to not forget when leaving New Jersey would be the weather. New Jersey does not get consistently sunny weather like other states in the United States. Although the weather varies depending on where you are in the state, you can generally expect frigid winters and hot summers. Bad decisions and unhappy feelings are brought on by gloomy and cold weather. For this reason, many locals hire interstate movers NJ and move to warmer parts of the country.

Cost of living in NJ

The high cost of living in New Jersey is another factor contributing to the high number of relocations. According to estimates, this state’s average cost of living is $1951, which is around 1.1 times more costly than the US’s national average. It’s interesting to note that New Jersey ranks as the 12th most costly state to reside in. Given the high expense of living, it is not surprising that many people are leaving. New Jersey is 49.9% more expensive overall than Mississippi. For instance, in New Jersey, the cost of food at restaurants is 25% higher, transportation expenses are 38% percent higher, and housing prices are 51.8 percent higher. In addition, your expenses for food will increase by 30%, clothes costs will increase by 25%, and childcare costs will increase by 2.5 times. You can save money if you move to another state.

city in the distance
It is very expensive to live in New Jersey when compared to the national average

Expensive housing costs

In addition to having high property taxes, desirable neighborhoods in New Jersey cost a lot of money to rent a house. For this reason, a lot of millennials opt to move out of state in search of cheaper housing. According to estimates, almost 47% of millennials in New Jersey are now residing with their parents because they are unable to find acceptable homes in popular neighborhoods for a reasonable rental price. The average rent in New Jersey’s millennial-friendly neighborhoods is between $2,100 and $2,600 per month, which is much too much for most people. Instead of leaving New Jersey completely, you can try finding a more affordable city. Therefore, you can hire movers Montclair NJ for your relocation to this city. For example, the average rent here is around $1700 for a one-bedroom apartment. It is still on the more expensive side but better than other popular cities in NJ.

Things to not forget when leaving New Jersey – taxes requirements

It is fairly easy to find packing services NJ. However, many New Jersey residents are soon discovering that leaving the state in order to live elsewhere where taxes are lower is more difficult than they initially expected. Most people believe that all it takes is to purchase a second house and spend more than half the year there to change your domicile (the official tax word for the state that imposes taxes on you) to another state. To become a tax-paying citizen of a state like Florida, North Carolina, or Pennsylvania—the most popular new home states for many former New Jerseyans—you have to jump through several hoops with local tax offices. When it comes to new residents verifying their tax status, certain states are rather harsh. For example, New York is really strict about that. On the other hand, New Jersey has been rather lax.

Things to Not Forget When Leaving New Jersey would be taxes
It might be easy to move out, but applying for taxes in some states can be challenging

It is not easy to leave your home behind

It may seem easy to leave your state behind. However, you should mentally prepare yourself for your relocation. No matter how happy you are to leave your current state, if you leave your friends and family behind, it is going to be challenging. For this reason, make sure to spend enough time with your family and friends before you leave. Once you actually move away, it is going to be harder to meet more frequently. Therefore, before you face the moving day difficulties, you should organize a party or a dinner where you will invite all the people that you love and cherish. This would be one of the things to not forget when leaving New Jersey. Giving your friends and family a proper goodbye would mean a lot along the way. They can even help you to organize your relocation to your new destination.

What to do 2 months before moving out

There are many things to not forget when leaving New Jersey. For this reason, you should prepare a moving binder where you will organize all your important documents. Then you should also prepare a moving checklist so you can keep everything well organized. After this, it is extremely important to explore your new neighborhood. You need to see whether you can easily access your new house or not. If you are using professional moving services, you need to see if a driver can reach your house or building. If you’re not using movers, then you need to purchase moving and packing supplies. next comma you need to book all the appointments which would include schools, doctors, moving companies, and so on. Lastly, you should finalize your moving budget. This way, you will have a clear picture of how much you can spend on meals, travel costs, and more.

person writing
You should write down all the things you need to do before your relocation

Things to not forget when leaving New Jersey six weeks before the move

Once you only have six weeks left, you need to schedule your car shipment if you’re not driving. In this case, you also need to book and buy your plane tickets. If you have not secured your housing by this point, you should definitely do it by now. If not, you can always check out short-term rentals. After this, you should declutter your household. It is not necessary to move everything that you own. It will be just a waste of money and time. After you decluttered everything, you can search for charities in your area or try to organize a garage sale if you have time. In addition to this, you need to check with old utility companies about your contract and about the transfer of your utilities.

4 weeks before your relocation

This is the time when most of the things should be prepared and ready for your relocation. Those would include the following.

  • Rent a storage unit – it is quite convenient to have a storage unit when you’re moving, especially long distance.
  • Finalize your packing plan – it will be a disaster if you don’t have a packing plan to follow. You can easily lose or misplace your items if you’re not organized while packing.
  • Contact your new utility companies – it is going to be quite uncomfortable if you don’t have electricity or water in your new house.
  • Organize your documents – that is your birth certificate, passports, titles, medical records, Social Security cards, and so on.
  • Plan your route – you should see how you can reach your new house if you need to rent Airbnb or book a hotel.
person carrying boxes and thinking of things to not forget when leaving New Jersey
Make sure to have a proper packing plan so you will not forget or misplace something when leaving New Jersey

Two weeks before moving

You should update your information at the bank, post office, and so on. You should also transfer insurance. Then, do not forget to set up trash and recycling. You should also give a call to your moving company and confirm all the details. Then, you need to start packing. Generally speaking, you should finish packing two days before your moving day. In addition to this, you need to set up mail forwarding. Get all the necessary cash. Clean your car if you are driving. Finish all the packing and do not forget to label your boxes. The day before your move, you need to pack snacks and put aside all the special items.

What to do on your moving day

Once your moving day comes, there are certain things to not forget when leaving New Jersey on this day as well. You need to clear a pathway so you can easily load the moving truck. Then, you need to do a final check of your house to see if you have forgotten something. Lastly, give yourself a minute because moving out is always hard and emotionally draining.



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