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The ultimate moving checklist

Relocation can be incredibly stressful when you pack, move and unpack your things. However, what makes the whole experience more intense is not being prepared. Indeed, moving should be exciting: in the end, you get a whole new place, just waiting for you to add a personal touch. Organizing and preparing can help you relieve anxiety and enjoy the thrill of recovering yourself elsewhere. With that in mind, here is our moving checklist, ensuring you don’t lose another favorite t-shirt in the abyss of moving boxes.

Here is our moving checklist

This is the best time for preparatory work. This is also when the organization is most important. You will reap the benefits of the work you are doing now when you are in your new apartment.

Moving checklist
If you decide to follow it, your move will be much easier

6 to 8 weeks before moving

Here is the moving checklist with tasks you must complete six to eight weeks before a big day:

  • Create a file for each move-related document. It can be digital or physical – the important part is that you have everything you need, all in one place.
  • Decide whether you will do it yourself or want to hire professional help.
  • Explore moving companies if you plan to hire professional movers Hackensack. Look at the reviews and ask your friends for links. Compare prices. Most likely, you will have to plan an assessment at home, so add it to your calendar.
  • Schedule a date with your moving company. You must receive written confirmation of your moving date and route.
  • Come up with a moving budget. It should include the cost of the movers, any new furniture that you have to buy and anything you will eat during the move.
  • Inform the relevant parties about your relocation (for example, your child’s school, doctors, employers, groups to which you belong).
  • Start looking for new professionals (such as doctors) and other services (such as school and childcare) in a city where you are moving.
  • Transfer insurance of your tenants to the next apartment. Also, see how to get insurance on the move itself, in case something is damaged during the move.
  • Start collecting eco-friendly packing supplies such as boxes and packing tape.
  • Request a day off from work, preferably at the end of the week.

4 to 5 weeks before moving

When you reach the monthly range, you should begin to bend while performing moving tasks. Here is the moving checklist for that period:

  • Set up your organization system for all your boxes of things. There are many different things you can do, and there is no right answer, but figuring out all of this will now pay off.
  • Start sorting your stuff. You do not need to pack all this yet, but start cleaning things that you do not need. For example, if your worn table is not suitable for your next apartment, sell it or donate.
  • Complete the preparations for the move, whether booking a truck or hiring a company on a specific day.
  • Separate your values ​​from everything else so that they are not messed up or damaged during the move.
  • Check with your moving company if you have items that you cannot transport. If you do, arrange to deliver these items to a new location.
  • Fill out the address change form provided by the US Postal Service.
  • Schedule cancellation or transfer of your utilities, including gas, electricity, and Internet or cable services.
  • Take care of your pets if you are moving out of state and need a nanny at this time. Also, get new identification tags for your pet with a new address on them.
  • Arrange for any necessary temporary storage.
  • Change your address in your bank and transfer accounts if necessary.
  • Start using perishable goods that you do not plan to move, such as food.
  • Have a yard sale if your landlord allows it. You can also promote your yard sale online. This way, you can make some money on some things that you will not store.
Hotel room
Book hotels if you travel long distances and you need to stay somewhere for the night

2 to 3 weeks before moving

  • Pack everything you need.
  • Return library books or rented DVDs.
  • Finish negotiating with utilities and confirm your date with the movers NJ.
  • See what kind of cleaning is required on your rental and set a cleaning day.
  • In addition to cleaning, plan a day to make any repairs to your apartment.
  • Use all your food to save you having to pack the contents of your refrigerator.
  • Have your last party with friends and family in the area. Your seating is still mostly intact, and you may not be able to plunge into the chaos of moving later.

1 week before moving

  • Finish packing. Label each box with what’s inside, based on the organization system you created earlier.
  • Create inventory from all of your boxes. You could even number them. This will help you make sure that you have everything after moving.
  • Take one box with the necessary things for the first night in a new place.
  • Pack your suitcase as if you were traveling. Between this and the essentials box, you should not fuss on the first night.
  • Fill the box with cleaning products, as scrubbing the old spot is likely to be the last thing you do before handing over the keys.
  • Confirm pet or childcare plans.
  • Check the installation date for new utilities, such as the Internet, gas, and electricity.
  • Confirm moving details with your moving company or your assistants.
  • Clean the apartment to the required characteristics.
  • Plan and complete a detour with your landlord. Skipping this step makes it impossible for you to argue with any mortgage decisions your landlord makes.
  • Ask your landlord if you can reserve a parking space on the day of the move. This may mean driving to an alley or parking lot directly in front of the house.
Moving checklist
We hope that this moving checklist will help you with your upcoming move

Moving is hard work, whether you complete the entire task by car or hire local movers NJ. This moving checklist should streamline the process, but don’t be afraid to personalize it. You can have a unique timeline and various items that will keep you in order. Congratulations on a new place and good luck!


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