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The items your movers will refuse to relocate?

Although there is a variety of services professional moving companies, like Ample Moving, can offer to a client, there are certain items that movers will refuse to relocate. This can become quite stressful, especially if you spent weeks or months packing and preparing for the move. To your surprise, these items are not very compatible with moving, or they require special permits or conditions. In this article, we will discuss all the items that your moving company will decline relocation. Moreover, we will talk about why that is so and what alternative solutions you have.

What items your movers will refuse to relocate?

Well, it is simple. Most items that your movers will not pack are the items that might pose a threat to other items inside the truck. These items might seem harmless to you, but your movers will say otherwise. Items that movers will decline to move are usually those which contain hazardous components or require special permits to move. Because of this, we came up with a list of some items that your moving company will surely turn down when you relocate:

  • Perishable food
  • Items that have a sentimental value to them
  • Plants
  • Products which contain hazardous materials
  • Pets
a bottle of green liquid next to two spilled bottles on the table
A variety of our cleaning products contain hazardous components which makes them impossible to transport

These items are the most common items in every household. Unfortunately, this also applies to your animal companions and plants you might have in your home.

Perishable food

To no surprise, movers will not be moving any items that can rot or perish in a short period of time. Firstly, this is because the truck does not provide adequate materials for the food you move to. Secondly, because the food can spread smell and liquids to other items inside the bag or truck. Because of this, you are most likely to throw away any food that cannot survive the journey. However, if you can acquire a small cooler for the food, you can pack it inside the truck without issues. Small coolers provide all the conditions that your food requires and they prevent the food from spilling or leaking out of the container.

Items that have sentimental value to them

We all have some items that we have an emotional attachment to. This is the first reason why moving companies will not transport those items. Namely, the moving company does not want to take the risk of damaging or losing your valuable items during transport. For instance, because there will be a lot of moving and shuffling the boxes, there is a high chance something valuable and fragile might break. So, instead of packing those items inside the truck, try and put them all in a bag you will carry with you. This way you will ensure that all items are safe and the moving company will do their job without hesitation. Amongst items that movers will refuse to relocate are things like personal medicine, jewelry, important documents, keys, etc.


Moving plants is a tricky subject when it comes to relocation. Namely, if you plan on moving your plants on a long-distance, the moving company will probably refuse to move them. This is because they do not provide all the conditions your plants might need during this long transport. Secondly, it is hard to create a static position for the plants and therefore they might suffer damage during transport.

a variety of house plants in the living room as an item your movers will refuse to relocate
There is a number of reasons why plants are not allowed in the moving truck, so you will have to find an alternative solution

Moreover, plants can be a home to parasite or pest transmitters and certain state laws prohibit such items inside the state. However, if you are moving on a short distance and hire movers Hackensack you might have a chance at moving them. The state you are moving in and the number of plants you have will determine how plausible this relocation is.

Movers will refuse to relocate products with hazardous components

Basically, anything that is flammable or potentially explosive is prohibited in the moving truck. For a good reason! For instance, moving companies will always decline to move any products which contain flammable or explosive components as they will both do the damage to the moving truck and to your items. Most importantly, they pose a serious threat to our health. Refusing to move them is the safest thing a moving company can do. The best thing you can do is to dispose of them in a proper manner in your local hazardous-waste disposal centre. Moreover, you can follow our cosmetics packing guide to help you recognize what items can be moved and how to pack them.


Unfortunately, you cannot move your pets with you on a moving day. Firstly, it is neither humane nor advisable that you put your pets inside a moving truck. Secondly, certain states have laws about pets that are coming in their state. These laws require special permits, vaccination confirmation and vet exams.

a picture of a black kitten standing outside
As much as we love our pets, we will have to find an alternative solution for their relocation

If you are moving long-distance you do not want your pet stuck in the back of the truck for hours. So what can you do? Firstly, finding affordable pet relocation services can help you relocate your pets with ease. Secondly, finding an alternative way to relocate your pet is pretty easy. For instance, you can opt for moving your pet with your car. While movers transport your items via trucks, you can place your pet in your car and drive to your new home.

Keep in touch with your movers before moving

The best way you can ensure you have not packed anything you should not is to stay in touch with the moving company. This is the best way you can ensure there are no items movers will refuse to relocate. Do the research and find out if there are any specific items you have to be wary about and see what you can do to relocate them.


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