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The insider’s guide to living in North Bergen

Moving to North Bergen definitely is a great idea. You will love living so close to the big cities and having a small city vibe all around you at all times. It’s a great city to live in. Getting a home here won’t take too much money, and it’s a huge benefit compared to Jersey City or Manhattan. Once you decide to move out here, all you need to do is get to know about everyday life in North Bergen. The insider’s guide to living in North Bergen is the best thing you can use to get to know the life here.

About North Bergen

North Bergen is located in New York City, or to be precise, it’s one of New York neighborhoods. It belongs to Hudson County. The population here is just under 63,500 people. Most people here rent, opposing to owning their homes, and everyone can find a perfect home around here. The city just feels like a family place with many restaurants, parks and coffee shops. You will be able to fit in in no time. Residents are mostly liberal so you can live your life just the way you want without people looking at you funny. Moving here is really a great idea.

 guide to living in North Bergen- suburbs
If you want to live close to all the main events but still feel like you live in the suburbs, this is a place for you

Is North Bergen safe?

Even with being so close to Manhattan and Jersey City, North Bergen is a safe place to live in. There is much less crime here than in the rest of the country, where there are over 280 assaults on 100,000 people. In North Bergen, there are about 82 assaults, which is much less. Not just that, but there are much fewer robberies and property-related crims than the country average shows, so you can really say it’s safe to live here. All you need to do is get the best long distance movers NJ has to offer and move here so you can enjoy our city as well. You will love it here.

Home prices and Median income

Living in North Bergen is affordable. You will see that you will have no trouble making a living here if you want to work. Once you move here, after hiring some of the best movers North Bergen NJ has for you, you will be able to start your life over in no time. if you have high education, it will be even easier to find a good job. You will be glad to know that residents of Noth Bergen are mostly educated with about 50% of people going to college or more. The median household income in New Bergen is about $57,000 and the median home price is similar to the New Jersey ones so they are about $410,000.

 guide to living in North Bergen- house
Buying a home can be expensive in North Bergen, so many people are renting.

If you decide to live in North Bergen, it can be a great choice. Depending on what you are looking for in life, you can really have any type of lifestyle here. There are many nightclubs to party in, there are parks and shops for you, so everything that you might need is right here for you.


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