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The costs of living in Jersey City explained

So you’ve decided to move to Jersey and set up your new home there. Whether you’re moving out of state or locally, it’s important to be prepared. Moving is never a very easy decision, so it’s crucial to have all the info before finally going through with it. Knowing more about your locals, the neighborhood, and the costs of living in Jersey City is the least you should look into before moving. However, before even getting there, it’s important to look into how to get there. Your best bet for the move itself and planning around it is to contact a professional and reliable moving company. Expert movers and packers in Jersey City will make the entire process go seamless. In the following article, let’s have a closer look at every aspect of moving and the costs of living in Jersey.

Planning for the move to Jersey City

Moving is a huge undertaking. This is especially true for long-distance moving and it gets exponentially more complex when there are multiple family members involved. More family members mean more personal belongings, furniture, and other items that require careful packing and handling. All of this could be more than a handful if you want to do it all alone. Packing your entire life for transport is a lot more complicated than it may seem. It’s not as simple as stuffing things into boxes and trash bags and hoping for the best. This could be very risky and may lead to many of your prized possessions or precious heirlooms being irreparably damaged or lost. When moving to Jersey City from far away, it’s for the best to hire the services of long-distance movers in New Jersey

With the help of a professional moving company, expect to have everything covered. This involves:

  • Assessment
  • Packing
  • Loading
  • Transporting
  • Unloading
A moving van driver seated in the front seat of his vehicle
It is always the best choice to seek the help of reliable moving companies for your relocation needs. Calculating the costs of life in Jersey City starts with the move itself.

Professional teams of movers and packers in Jersey City are at your disposal to micromanage every last task on this list. Whether you’re moving long-distance, or requiring the services of local movers in New Jersey, with the right company, everything should go smoothly. Luckily, the entire process has been made as simple as possible with online tools.

In order to have the clearest picture about moving expenses, the best thing would be to research moving quotes in New Jersey. This way, you will be fully aware of everything you need to cover financially and time-wise, regarding your move. This is, in fact, your first expense when it comes to the costs of living in Jersey City.

Once that’s out of the way, let’s examine the other aspects of life in Jersey City.

How do the costs of living in Jersey City compare to other places in the US?

When it comes to the overall costs of living in Jersey City, it’s a good idea to compare them to other cities across the nation. We can compare living expenses in Jersey City to the rest of the United States, through costs of living indices. These indices take into account every major, unavoidable expense. Prices of food, healthcare, housing, and other factors, as well as income levels, are compared to the national average. So how does Jersey City compare to the national average?

The national average cost of life is set at 100 points. Anything above 100 is considered to be more expensive, and by that rule, everything below 100 is considered more affordable. Jersey City boasts a not-so-impressive 148 points! But why is that?

The cost of living indices are based upon these major categories:

  • Health
  • Housing
  • Grocery
  • Median Home Cost
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Miscellaneous

Let’s have a closer look at some of these and see how they contribute to the high scoring of living expenses in Jersey City.


When it comes to healthcare, we could say that this is Jersey City’s strongest point. With the national average, as we mentioned before, being at 100 points, how does Jersey City compare? Well, you may be positively surprised to find out that Jersey City has scored an impressive 91.5! With a score of 91.5 and an even lower 88.4 for the state of New Jersey, you are looking at some very affordable healthcare. Definitely a huge plus!

Front of an Emergency
When it comes to costs of living in Jersey City, healthcare is a strong point.


Unfortunately, affordable healthcare isn’t all there is to it when calculating living costs in Jersey City. When it comes to housing, we are looking at what’s probably going to be your largest expense. How does Jersey City compare to the national average of 100? The results may be more shocking than you anticipated, with an abysmal 209.9! This may sound disappointing and will probably be the biggest drawback when deciding your move to Jersey. As with many things in life, there are always two sides to a medal.

Grocery, transportation, and others

Purchasing food and dining out in Jersey City is not as expensive as you may expect. Compared to the national average of 100, groceries are a decent 107.9, which may not be great, but is affordable. Transportation, on the other hand, is another area where Jersey City doesn’t exactly shine. The costs of living indices show a disappointing 153.7, which is significantly more than the national average. Other expenses hover around the national average and are not drastically above or below.

Store front of a grocery store with various fruit and vegetables representing one of the costs of living in Jersey City
Housing and transportation are the most detrimental factors to the costs of living in Jersey City. The prices of groceries are acceptable when compared to the national average.

Costs of living in Jersey City concluded

It seems that there are areas that Jersey City can be proud of when it comes to the affordability of life. There are, however, areas which Jersey City could improve upon. Living costs in Jersey City are significantly higher than the national average. A family of four estimated monthly expenses are around 3,994.35$, and that’s without rent. All in all, Jersey City is a place with many benefits, but as it is with everything – good things are usually not free.



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