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The Best Way to Go About Unpacking the Bedroom

The time before moving is so focused on that the post-moving time is left in its shadow. But you need both parts to go well if you want to a good moving experience. Unpacking is part of that period after the move, and a rather feared one. Packing is the pinnacle of difficulty during a move, but unpacking is a close second. If you don’t want or can’t do any of these two, you can hire some movers NJ to do it for you. But if you pack yourself, you should do so with unpacking in mind. If you do packing right, unpacking the bedroom and other rooms will be much easier.

When should you start unpacking the bedroom?

The bedroom is an important room in a home, but so are the bathroom and the kitchen. Once some packing services NJ providers drop off your things, it can be difficult to decide. You could certainly unpack the essentials from every room, or you can start unpacking every room completely before moving on to the next. This will depend on what you are keeping in the bedroom. If your closet is a part of the bedroom, you might feel no motivation to do it fast because of the number of things that there are to unpack. You can start unpacking the bedroom by:

  • Unpacking the bed first
  • Unpack the clothes that you will be using
  • Leave the furniture last
a couple laying down in bed
It can be difficult to decide when to start unpacking the bedroom

Unpack the bed first

Before your move, you have likely lost hours of nighttime sleep. We all know how important sleep is, and no daytime nap can replace a good night’s sleep. If you have your old bed packed up from your old home, then you will have some familiarity in your new home. Apart from using some moving boxes NJ, you have hopefully also used a special mattress cover to protect your mattress. If you have bought a new bed, then you need to use the manual to assemble it, preferably on the first day after moving. You will want to sleep in a comfortable place that night, so make this your first task upon moving in for all your family members.

Unpack the clothes that you will be using

No matter if you have a closet in the bedroom or a separate room for your clothes, you will need something to wear during the first few days. Maybe you have something in your prepacked essentials bag, but you will need to unpack clothes at some point. Out-of-season clothes should go into storage right away to prevent unnecessary boxes from laying around, while you need to unpack just a few necessary clothing pieces that you will need until you unpack the whole closet. This might take some time to get to, so unpack according to this.

Leave the furniture last

Apart from your bed and clothes, you likely had or plan to have some additional furniture in your bedroom. Those could be tables, nightstands, lamps, etc. All of these items are needed, but not urgently. You can assemble this thing once you have unpacked at least the essentials from every room. If you have some complicated furniture to put together, you can let some long distance movers NJ take care of this.

woman sitting on the bed, smiling
You might want to leave decorative pieces last

Your bedroom most likely won’t look aesthetically pleasing the first few days after moving, and that is ok. As long as you have a vision of how you want it to look when it’s done, all you do will get you to that point. You might be working without motivation right now, but once you finish unpacking the bedroom, you will be happy. We wish you good luck and plenty of motivation!



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