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The best sport centers in NJ

Mens Sana, in corpore Sano, says the old, famous Latin saying. It is usually translated into English, as “healthy mind, in a healthy body”, and the NJ residents can confirm this. And this statement is backed up by science too. Working out in the gym, or running along the seafront or through a park is a 100% proven way of relieving stress. There are many things to know about NJ, one of them being that you can find some of USA’s best sport centers in NJ. One of the perks of living in a big city is that there is a wide variety of everything. I came to New Jersy from a small town of about 25.000 people. There, there is only one place per sport where you can practice. Not to mention the fact that the options are scarce when it comes to the variety of sports offered.

What this means is that your child won’t be able to really choose something they like, unless it’s one of the popular sports. In a big city like New Jersy, you can practice pretty much anything – Fencing? Here. Cosplay workshops? Yep. Interested in martial arts? No problem, we karate, taekwondo, all types of jiu-jitsu, capoeira and pretty much all the others. In my hometown, until a couple of years ago, we didn’t have tennis courts! If you decided to move here, you will need best movers NJ offers and there’s a really good chance that they may help you with finding a new sport for yourself or your family since, in New Jersy, sports are really important for everyone, and there’s a good chance that they can point you in the right direction. Still, just in case, we have prepared a list of the best sports centers in NJ.

One of the best sport centers in NJ is definitely The Annex

Without a doubt, this place is one of the top spots for anyone who plans to live a healthy life. Since 2005, when they started as a branch of Chatham Club, the club’s growth was steady and inevitable. The rapid growth of demands for their service led to the Annex splitting from its mother club. They relocated in 2014, to 100 Passaic Avenue where Annex has been ever since. Numerous athletes who competed at the highest levels were forged here including a 2007 Gatorade National Player-of-the-year, many state and county players of the year, and College All-Americans and High-school All-state competitors. Furthermore, several of their members were a part of Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming, and Field Hockey USA Junior Olympic teams. The Annex was and still is one of the best sport centers in NJ, so don’t think twice about joining them.

Tennis player's arm preparing to serve
Tennis player getting ready to serve

The Sports Center

The Sports Center is a modern facility that offers a lot of different programs and sports, located in Wall Twp and covering 12, 000 Sq. Ft. of space. The most popular of the classic sports are football, softball, baseball, and soccer. As far as the special training programs come, there are various speed, strength, and other conditioning programs. You can come here with your friends or family members for group sessions, but you can also have private individual training. Professional instructors lead and supervise these sessions, and are there to work with people of all ages. Whether you want to simply lead a healthy life or to become a professional, this is the place for you.

Choose Tab Ramos Sports Center as one of the best sport centers in NJ

Whether you are looking for professional babysitters or residential movers NJ has them, and the same is true for professional trainers. Tab Ramos Sports Center is one of the places where you know will find the latter. They are open during the whole year and there is always a tournament or a league competition going on. Whether it is soccer, basketball, futsal, field hockey or kickball, that you are looking for, this the place for you. However, other events like birthday parties, corporate outings, team building events, and even school programs can be organized here, If you want your kid to go a camp here they have that option too.

best Sport Centers in NJ
The mother of all sports is athletics

Also, you can come here for a whole variety of different instruction classes and tournaments. The center gained its name after Tab Ramos, a soccer player who played on three World Cups. It is an indoor facility that covers 46,000 square feet of the training ground. Over the summer, there is also their Summer Youth Sports Camp that runs for 10 straight weeks every single summer. As a real Mecca for sports enthusiasts, this place has a lot to offer to the elderly also, so don’t miss out!

Branchburg Sports Complex

One of the best sport centers in NJ is definitely Branchburg Sports Complex. This place is huge. It covers 78,000 square feet of various fields and other types of terrains that are there to provide top-notch activities. Here you can take on activities designed for families, friends, and lone wolves alike. It is important to emphasize the fact that the environment is completely safe, clean, and family-friendly. This amazing sports center contains a PlayMaze of multiple levels, a more than 3000 square foot Training Center and the majestic 9,000 square foot laser tag arena. The staff here is amazing. Since it is all about the customers for these people, that is how they go about their job. They are professional trainers, motivators, and animators, who control their assigned groups at all times with great responsibility.

A basketball player dunking
A basketball player dunking the ball

Floyd Hall Arena

You can find Floyd Hall Arena in Little Falls New Jersey off of Route 46 on the campus of Montclair State University. Without a doubt, this is one of the best sport centers in NJ. This place is a dream-come-through for the children in love with the ice sports. The Arena offers programs for all ages and levels of capability. Activities that you can find here skating and hockey lessons, while leagues and tournaments are held around the year. Children can even go on both, the Winter and Summer camps! Also, the child’s skill level doesn’t matter since it can take private lessons for all the activities offered here.


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