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The best NJ food towns

You are probably a food lover and you know what you like and you don’t like. There are many best NJ food towns. There are some that are famous and well known. But besides them, there are some cities that are under the radar and they are a real treasure. NJ is known for its tasty food and variety of choices. From well-known cities for foodies to hidden gems. If you just moved to NJ or you are looking for adventure, well just keep on reading!

What are the best NJ food towns?

Well, some of them you already know. They are famous and you probably have been there. And tried their lovely food. Hoboken, Atlantic City, Jersey City – those are all very famous places to enjoy the food. You can choose so many different cuisines and you can visit a different restaurant every day. And you will still remain surprised each time. If you are thinking about moving to NJ, well you should hire local movers NJ because they can give you tips about the city itself. They know all the hidden gems and are more than willing to share their experience. Also, you will move much easier and you will be able to save some money. For your adventure to begin we are going to provide you with some valuable information.

different food on table in best NJ food towns
Nj towns can offer you a great variety of food


This is a well-known space and for a good reason. It is considered to be one of the best NJ food towns. Here you will find more than 32 restaurants. You can choose between Indian, Italian, Chinese, Vegan, Japanese. This is just the part of the whole repertoire that Collingswood can offer. In a walking distance, you will be able to try so many different types of food that it will feel amazing to you. So if you are maybe looking to move here and you like food- here you can find affordable places. You should definitely visit Sabrina’s since it is one of the hottest spots for brunch.

West New York

This is one of those under the radar parts of NJ where you can find delicious food. It is very diverse and you can choose from Colombian, Cuban, Argentian, Mexican food. So many different options in a relatively small space. You should visit La Pola and try their Cuban sandwich. There are rumors that this is the best Cuban sandwich you will ever taste. One of the more casual places is Lusso. And for a little dash of Columbia, you should visit Noches de Colombia and try their delicious empanadas.

sandwich with cheese
What was the best Cuban sandwich you tried?

New Brunswick

New Brunswick might be one of the places for food lovers. It is filled with casual eateries for students. But that is not entirely true. It is being considered as one of the best NJ food towns. And it is attracting many talented chefs over the years. And with talented chefs comes delicious food. Here you can find a modern twist on cocktails and food.


Hammonton is being regarded as the Blueberry Capital of the world. But that’s not all that there is to this Atlantic County town. From a wine bar located in a former car repair shop to some unique Mexican food. Hammonton has a lot to offer. Cuisines from all over there world are popping up in this hidden gem of a town. So hurry and visit it before it because too popular for a modest budget.


Merchantville is not a famous town. Heck, you probably haven’t even heard about it. But this small town in Camden County has some great food to offer. From Blue Monkey Tavern, one of the top 10 burger joints in NJ to Park Place Cafe, where you can enjoy some creative lunch, brunch, and dinner. There are also great Indian, Japanese and Mexican restaurants located here. This town, surrounded by Camden, Pennsauken and Cherry Hill is quickly gaining popularity for its great food. If you happen to be looking for a great place to open a restaurant, this is the place to go. Hire some good commercial movers NJ and move there. You will not regret it. If not, make sure you visit it before it becomes too mainstream.

Friends eating japanese food
In Merchantville, you can try delicious Japanese food!


Essex County has long been known for having excellent food towns like Newark and Montclair. But right in between those two lies another hidden gem for food lovers. And that is Bloomfield. Definitely one of the best NJ food towns. Famous for great desserts and a wide variety of international cuisines, this little town has a lot to offer. And it will be pleasantly surprised to even to most experienced foodies, with its wide range of great food options. It’s also home to legendary luncheonette Holsten’s, where the last scene in “The Sopranos” took place.

Perth Amboy

Perth Amboy is a town in Middlesex County known for its lively downtown. It’s not a place where you will find many high-end restaurants. But when it comes to affordable Central and South American restaurants, cafes and markets, this place is the best. It’s also home to two of the state’s best Spanish/Portuguese restaurants – The Portuguese Manor and the Armory. And most of those restaurants are located very close to each other, in the downtown of Perth Amboy.


Crawford is up and coming food town located in Union County. And it certainly deserves a place in a list of the best NJ food towns. While most people might focus on Elizabeth or Westfield when talking about this part of NJ, Crawford definitely has a lot going for it. Prices are moderate and it has an amazing offer of food. From burgers and hotdogs to authentic Greek cuisine. Great sushi is also a part of this lovely Union County town’s offer. Unlike most other places on this list, Cranford also has a great selection of upscale restaurants.

uspcale restaurant in one of the best NJ food towns Cranford
You can visit some of the upscale restaurants in Cranford


This small Burlington County town is quite charming. You can find a few craft breweries and a bit weird, but interesting soda fountain. It offers a wide variety of options when it comes to great food. But classic American cuisine and type of restaurants seem to be prevalent here. You can take a trip down the memory lane with 50’s style leather boots and 60s style tables and chairs.


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