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Simple guide on how to move a king size bed

When you want to move a king size bed, you need to find some good advice, so you don’t do it wrong. Believe it or not, there are in fact bad ways to move a king size bed. Here we will give you some pointers on how to do this in the best way possible. Even if you hire professional movers NJ, there are still some things that don’t hurt to know. For example, you are the one who should prepare your bed for transportation. You need to know how to do this, it is not only taking the sheets off the bed and that is it, there is more to it.

Move a king size bed in a couple of simple steps

When you are doing a big job like this, you need to know the steps. By following these steps one by one, you will manage to move a king size bed in no time. So, let’s see how you can do this. First thing first. You need to remove the sheets from it, it has to be completely empty. If your bed contains any type of drawers then you need to empty them as well. After that, you simply need to remove the mattress.

king size bed with drawers
Empty drawers before moving a bed

Since we are talking about a king size bed, bare in mind that the mattress will be big. You shouldn’t remove it on your own. There has to be at least one friend to help you move. Mattresses are not necessarily heavy, but they are pretty big and therefore not easy to carry. It is definitely a two-man job, especially if you don’t want your mattress to get dirty during the transportation.

Protect everything you removed

Next step is to protect everything that you have removed from your king size bed. This means that you need to pack your drawers from the bed in the van carefully. Pack your sheets as well, in a way that they don’t get anything in them during the move. Of course, you will need to wash them upon the arrival to your new home, but you still need to protect them from tearing or getting greasy and dirty in general. Moving can be a really messy process.

pillows on the bed
Make sure you protect everything

Next thing to give your attention to is your mattress. After you have removed it from the bed, with a helping set of hands, you need to pack it in a plastic foil. This will definitely protect your mattress. If you get dirt on it during the move, you will have a very difficult time washing it. So, think ahead and prepare everything that you may need from the packing material for this.

Packing material

Packing material is not important only for packing clothes, kitchen appliances, etc. It is also important when you need to move a king size bed. You need this packing material in order to have everything protected in this moving process:

  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • Plastic wrap (a big one)
  • Packing paper
  • Original box for mattress (plastic wrap will do if you haven’t saved the box)

These are the packing material you will definitely need in order to pack your king size bed properly. Now comes the trickier part of the moving.

Get nails and a hammer

Next thing you need to do is to disassemble your bed. Actually, not the whole bed, since you have removed the essentials. Now you need to dedicate your time to the frame of the bed. Look to see where are all the nails you need to remove in order to disassemble this bed. Take your time and no hurry. What would be a very good idea is to take pictures so that you can memorize where what type of nails need to go. This is something that you may need when you start to assemble the bed in your new home. Nowadays, when everybody has camera phones this is something extremely easy to do. Once you finish with this part of the job, maybe you should consider renting a local moving truck in order to transport this in the best way possible.

cozy bedroom
You will need to disassemble your bed

You have arrived at your new home

Once you have arrived at your new home unpacking can begin. This is an easier part of the job and more fun. However, you still need to be careful with your king size bed. With the help of your movers, you will bring it from the moving van inside your home. It is a good thing to assemble it upon your arrival because the chances are that you will be extremely tired at one point and you will want to take a nap. So, assemble it upon the arrival using the photos you have taken earlier. Once you did that, the next few steps are a piece of cake. Put the mattress on and some clean sheets. That is it. We promised that this process is really easy.

When you want to move a king size bed, you may think that it will be a hard thing to do. Mostly because it is a king size bed. However, this is a common mistake, because with the right people around you such as moving companies West New York NJ moving has never been easier. Also, by following this simple guide you are good to go. It may even be fun. Enjoy your new home and your king size bed. Sleep tight!


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