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Should you tip your movers

Relocation is not something we do on a regular basis and therefore we don’t have the necessary knowledge to complete the whole process without assistance… Enter professional movers! These are the people who know how to handle the task of relocation from the start to the end. What’s even more important, they have all the necessary tools in order to carry out the move in the safest and fastest possible manner. Because relocation is not a topic that masses are familiar with, we are sure you have a lot of questions. How to choose the right moving company? Should I also hire packers? How to save money during relocation? Should I tip the movers? In this article, we will explain how to tip your movers, so stay with us to find out more.

Firstly, if you are in need of experienced moving partners look up professional movers NJ to ensure that you go through the relocation process without too much stress. After that. let’s see should you tip them for their work?

Picture of moving crew
No matter how far you have to go to reach your new address it is advisable to hire reliable moving company.

How to decide if you should tip your movers?

The first question you might ask yourself is why I should tip the movers if I already paid the full price to the moving agency? Well, you don’t have to tip your movers if you don’t want to. That decision is entirely up to you and how satisfied you were with the service. If your movers are reliable it is perfectly fitting to show your gratitude. It’s just a way to show your gratitude for the job well done. It’s pretty much the same as when you decide to tip taxi drivers or waiters. So what you take into consideration when you decide to tip your movers?

  • Have they arrived on time
  •  Movers did their job professionally
  • They finished everything in time
  • They were friendly and polite

On the other hand, if the movers were rude, if they broke or damaged your belongings, disrespected your time and did a lousy job in general you are not obliged to tip them just because it is expected of you. In the end, just trust your instincts. By the time they are done with their work, you will know if they deserved to be rewarded.

Dollar bills to tip your movers
Generally it is considered OK to tip your movers on an hourly rate of 4$-8$. This equals a total of 40$ per day of work

How much to tip your movers?

This is also entirely up to you, but here are some of the facts you should know before you make the decision. The standard tipping for most services is up to 20% of the total bill. This is how much you leave in coffee shops and restaurants. The same applies for moving services. However, in the moving industry, you can also tip on an hourly rate of 4$ to 5$. For a standard move, this equals a total of 40$ per worker for a day. This is considered as a standard and is perfectly acceptable.

When it comes to long distance moving you should probably use the per-hour method. Long-distance relocations can mount up to 5,000$ meaning that 20% is quite a lot of money. If you are very satisfied with how the movers did their job, you can consider giving 7$ to 8 $ per hour. Again, if you use your rational judgment when deciding how much to give to your movers, you can’t go wrong. Some of the factors that could help you to determine how much to tip would include the quality of their service, weather conditions in which the move took place or how complex your relocation was. To find the best long-distance movers NJ, take some time and educate yourself online. Moving your family heirloom is not something to be trusted to amateurs. Make your decisions wisely so you don’t regret them afterwards.

Other ways to show your gratitude

Working in the moving industry is a physically and mentally demanding job. Daily duties that these guys have include packing and carrying heavy pieces of furniture while paying attention that nothing gets damaged or broken. One wrong step could result in serious injuries. Another thing to take into account is that relocation sometimes take place during summer months when the weather conditions are far from favorable. Therefore it would be nice of you to provide them with cold drinks and other refreshments. Don’t offer them beer or other alcoholic beverages as pretty-much all moving companies have policies that forbid their employees to drink when on duty.

If the move lasts for the whole day, you can also organize a lunch for them. Just make sure that you ask them first what they would like to eat. Providing them with clean bathrooms with enough soap is another way to show them that you understand the grueling work they are putting in. If you provide them with everything listed above you will show that you appreciate their efforts and you will also motivate them to make a little extra effort.

Picture of refreshments
Relocation is a physically demanding labor, and your movers will appreciate if you provide them with cold drinks

Don’t forget to evaluate your movers

Aside from tipping your movers, make sure you leave feedback after the change of the address is completed. This will be greatly appreciated by the movers because good ratings will help them get more jobs in the future. Information about what are considered to be traits of a good moving company is somewhat limited so people often feel lost when searching for quality movers. For that reason write an honest review at the end of the day. You will be helping your movers as well as the people who would like to hire them.

Follow the steps that we have presented you above to determine if you should, and how much to tip your movers. Our last advice is to be friendly and willing to communicate. It is fascinating just how much you can accomplish just with a smile and a positive attitude. We wish you a safe relocation and many happy moments at your new address.


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