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Should you move to Hackensack NJ?

Should you move to Hackensack NJ? This is a really good question and one that requires a lot of thought and research. After all, one of the most important events in one’s life is moving to a new home. We are all looking for that one place that we can call ours. Some of us stay in their childhood homes, and reshape them in their own image, while others move to other houses or apartments and make homes out of them. There is a lot of thought to be put into such a decision, and you have every right to take your time. From deciding to move somewhere, to choosing a home there, and then hiring a reliable moving company such as long distance movers NJ offers to do the moving, with all the other questions in between, there really is a lot to think about.

We have thus prepared a shortlist of things that we think you should know off and take into consideration as you prepare to make this decision.  So, let us begin.

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Hackensack is a city that has a lot to offer

The location of Hackensack

The geographical position of a city has always been a really important element in deciding whether you are going to move there or start a business there. Thus, before you move to Hackensack NJ, you should know things like this about it first. Firstly, Hackensack is a city in New Jersey. It is in Bergen County and is actually the county’s seat. Its position is quite peculiar from someone from the outside. It is a town that belongs to the state of New Jersey but is actually basically an inner suburb of New York City. The distance between Midtown Manhattan and Hackensack is around 12 miles. Around 7 miles distance is towards Geroge Washington Bridge. Hackensack is bordered by municipalities of Hasbrouck Heights, Little Ferry, Lodi, Maywood, Paramus Teterboro, Teaneck, South Hackensack, River Edge, and Ridgefield Park.

There are many reasons why you should move to Hackensack
The fact that NYC is so close is a huge advantage for everyone in Hackensack

When it comes to the interior geography of the city and its neighborhoods, there are several things worth mentioning. Within the borders of the city, you can find classic suburban neighborhoods with single-family houses. Whichever movers Hackensack offers you ask, they will tell you that these neighborhoods are perfect for raising families. If that is one of your primary reasons for considering a move to Hackensack NJ, then you are on the right track. There are neighborhoods that are close to the river, so if that is something you want from your new home, there are quite a few options. Other neighborhoods can offer you a more trendy lifestyle, like living in the very downtown of Hackensack. If you are looking for more of a historic neighborhood, then you may need to put in more effort. There are no specific historic districts, but there are a lot of historic houses.

What about education?

If you are going to base your decision to move to Hackensack NJ on the quality of education here, then you are gonna end up neither here nor there. Schools are not above the nation’s average but are also not bellow. Throughout the years they have been going up and bellow average. This means that the level of education has been stable throughout the years. For students from kindergarten through to fourth grade, your kids can go to Fairmount, Fanny Meyer Hillers, Jackson Avenue, and Nellie K. Parker schools. From fifth to the eight grade there are two schools – Hackensack Middle School and Hackensack High School. The latter was the bigger one with 1,820 enrolling students each year. Lastly, there is the Bergen County Academies that county’s Technical Schools district operates.

What is the famous “vibe” of the city of Hackensack?

If you walk on the streets of Hackensack during the day, you will find yourself in a busy bustling hub. It is a busy city that draws upon its beneficial position to lure people to Hackensack. County’s courthouse and government offices play a major role in drawing people here. The fact that there is a medical center just up the hill from downtown is a great asset to the city. Knowing that you can find yourself in thick of things of the county may just be the reason for speeding up your move to here With all the commuting, the population if the city during the day can reach a whole 100,000 people.

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School system is not the best in the country but is in fact around the nation’s average

The fact that Teterboro Airport is so close also plays a major role. There is basically always an airplane in the sky. When you lower your eyes down, to the street, you can see a lot of different people and establishments. In Main Street, you can see law offices right next to beauty supply shops and delis. There are a lot of small retailers, and it is clear from one look that the city is quite a diverse one. You can judge a city’s richness by the kinds of cuisines that you can try, and there are Colombian, Thai, Indian, German and Lebanese cuisines to choose from. If you are judging whether you should call the movers by whether you are gonna be in a culturally rich city, call them right away.

If you want to move to Hackensack NJ, you need a home

Now, it is impossible to predict how the current pandemic of the COVID-19 virus is going to impact the real estate prices, but based on the data up until the end of 2019, we can give you an idea of what to expect. If you are interested in co-op apartments, you find them in the range from $100,000 to around $800,000. Around a third of those offered usually are single-family houses. They usually cost from $350,000 to $600,000. In 2017, the median price for a single-home was $335,000. When it comes to condos and townhouses, prices were around $180,000. The prices of co-ops were around $91,000. Prices of all types of homes rose compared to 2016, but have remained on around the same level since.


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