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Should you help your movers NJ?

We are sure that the last thing you think of is should you help your movers NJ. While you are preparing for moving, with all stress and considers you have, you expect that workers in moving companies know their jobs. However, you should consider helping them, for many reasons.

To name just some:

  • Believe you or not, helping movers will produce less stress than you leave them to do the job as they want;
  • It is for sure that when you help your movers NJ the moving process will be more efficient;
  • You will have an opportunity to keep your valuable items under your eye;
  • Everybody actually wants to have control over their moving process, with moving on your way and time saving that this method brings;
  • Do not forget that helping workers means making a relationship with them so they will be more careful with your stuff.

Choosing a good moving company is surely the first step in successful moving. We are sure that Hoboken moving companies have experience and knowledge to organize the moving process properly. However, when you help your movers NJ, you do not need to literally put boxes in the trunk. You can provide them information about boxes or pieces of furniture. There are many different types of help. Some of them could be valuable for workers in a moving company.

Help your movers NJ when packing

Electrician works with electricity
We believe that everybody should do their job

You can help your movers even while you packing. The way you pack or label boxes could be important for your moving company. You can particularly protect your valuable items. On the other hand, workers should know where to put every box before moving process starts.

Do not take everything with you

This is more like helping for you than for your workers. You will surely help your movers NJ if you take with you only needed things. However, make sure that you have removed the cloth that you do not wear anymore or books that you have read more than one. You should clean a room for those items or organize garage sale before moving.

Do not leave things on the walls

You movers should not lose the time for removing your paintings or clocks from walls. It is your job and obligation. It will surely save time for moving, too.

Disassemble the shelves

It is for sure that workers in moving companies could do this alone. However, not only that it takes time, it makes the whole process heavier. You should also put books and other items from the shelves in boxes. Packing services could do that, too, but it will prolong the time for packing.

Disconnect devices, phones, and computers

Imagine how much time workers in moving company lose for unplugging the devices from the computer or phone? Why would you do not do on your own and help your movers NJ on that way?

Clean and defrost the refrigerator

This should do every time when you are leaving your home for the long term. This time, however, if you consider taking the refrigerator with you, you should help your movers NJ. They do not need to clean the refrigerator from the food.

Remove front wheels from bicycles

Long distance movers will be thankful if they will not need to run for a bicycle during loading the truck and moving. It is for sure one of the nightmares that they have. In order to help your movers NJ, simply remove the front wheel from bicycle.

Workers need your help during the moving process, too

Do not forget that you are a precious helper when the moving process starts. It is very important for you to be there, too. You will be able to control packing or possible changes in loading the truck. Make sure that you are free and available on moving day.

Clear the way for them

Not only that they can harm themselves during the moving process, but workers can damage something, too. That is why is important to make the way clear in order to help your movers NJ. It is also important to put away pets and children from their way on moving day.

Do not lift heavy items

Man with heavy boxes - you can be like him in order to help your movers NJ
Do not lift heavy boxes

You may think that helping presumes lifting boxes along with the workers, but it could make a completely opposite effect. In case that you harm yourself, moving process delays, and it surely does not help your workers. Not to mention your troubles with health.

Label boxes

Labeling of the boxes is actually very important for moving itself. You will know where the things you took with you are. It will make unpacking much easier and faster. However, it helps to your workers, too. They will know how to treat the boxes while loading the truck. You can order labels on the internet if you do not want to draw your own.

Treat your movers properly

Workers in moving company surely work for a salary. They also get needed help and support from their bosses. On moving day, however, their boss is you. You should treat them as their helpers and employers, with care and attention. They will be thankful for that.

Get friends to help

Even though you have professional help, your friends could be helpful when moving is about, too. They could simply add boxes, or help in packing. Just because they cannot do professional and important jobs, they can be helpful in those small steps like packing an emergency box or labeling the boxes.

Friends can help your workers in moving, too

Provide refreshment

If you are moving during summer, your movers will be thankful for water, lemonade or light food. This could be a great reason for a break and making a connection with the workers. They will know to appreciate that. Of course, you should avoid alcohol and heavy junk food.

Give tips to workers

Although movers NJ work for a salary as well you already paid them, every worker loves to get small signs of attention from you. Do not hesitate to thank them after moving day properly. They will know that the job they have done satisfying you.


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