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Renting moving truck vs hiring movers

The decision to hire a moving company or rent a moving truck is the most common choice that people will have when moving. Of course, renting a moving truck comes at a lower price. But you should take into account the additional stress and load. And although the initial costs may seem tempting, there are a few hidden costs that you can overlook. Fortunately, there are currently hybrid methods between them, and you can hire professional movers Hackensack to meet your specific needs. To help you decide in the battle renting moving truck vs hiring movers, we bring you some pros and cons of both.

Renting moving truck vs hiring movers: What are the differences?


Of course, it seems cheaper to rent a moving truck than hire a moving company to handle your move. However, make sure you calculate everything in the final cost of the move. Many people forget to include the cost of rent, packing materials, the cost of their time. And almost always the cost of fuel in the total amount for renting a truck. When these things are taken into account, renting a cheap truck is not always a bargain that it initially seems to be. On the other hand, hiring one of the professional moving companies NJ may seem more expensive. But, with them, you will get a binding estimate of your cost that will not change. That way you know exactly how much you will pay and what will be included in the price.

Renting moving truck vs hiring movers: calculating the costs
That way, you can calculate the budget you are going to need


Moving and packing are time-consuming, so if you decide not to hire a moving company, you will need some help. This means that you need a lot of favors from friends and relatives. If you don’t have so many things and there is nothing particularly valuable or fragile to move, your friends may well be enough. If you have a significant inventory for transportation, and some of them are very valuable or irreplaceable, think twice. Good friends are not necessarily good movers and are almost always immune to damage that may occur during the move. If your best friends drop a flat-screen TV, will you sue them for compensation? Most likely not! Professional local movers NJ can save you from stress, and you may be wondered how affordable a full move can be.

Safety first

Can you imagine driving your rented truck from the house to the highway with some degree of comfort and confidence? If you are not a professional driver, the answer is probably no. These are large, heavy vehicles that are harder to drive. And require much more caution when braking, turning, merging, and most other aspects of driving. Now imagine that you are also tired of packing and loading the truck before you hit the road. If you do not travel long distances and cannot fit your things in a pickup truck, van or another type of small truck, it may better to pick the pros in battle renting moving truck vs hiring movers.

Covering for your belongings

Professional moving companies with the appropriate license are fully responsible for the transport of your belongings. All interstate moving companies NJ are required to bear insurance. So that in case of an accident during your move you will get compensation for any of your losses.

House insurance
When it comes to the coverage of your belongings, in renting moving truck vs hiring movers, professionals get the point

This is not the case when you do it yourself and rent out U-Haul. There have been cases when people lost most, if not all, of their property during accidents or other unexpected events that may occur during the move.

Freedom to change your mind

Most professional movers require you to book your move a few weeks in advance, with an advance payment to set a date for the move. If circumstances require a change in your plans, or if you have not taken care of everything on your moving checklist, you may have to lose your deposit. When renting a truck, you get more options for booking at the last minute. Or you can even change the date of moving without losing a deposit.

Great deals

How do moving companies work? Most of their work is seasonal, which means that summer is busier than winter. Some days are also busy, especially weekends. In the low season and on weekdays you can find great prices and get significant discounts. You can also take advantage of professional moving services if they load and transport your things while you pack yourself at a lower price than what a full-service moving will cost.

Giving stars
Don’t just look at the number of stars, read the whole review also

However, be careful when hiring a moving company. Some movers at great discounts have a reputation for being less delicate with your belongings or may even be unprofessional crooks. It can be hard to find cheap yet reliable local movers in NJ. It is important to check the online company reviews in order to study the experience of past customers. Make sure to study the track record of all the companies you are considering.

So, what should you choose between renting moving truck vs hiring movers? Ultimately, it all depends on how many things you move and where. If your inventory is not very large, i.e, you are leaving for the first time or transporting the contents of a one-bedroom apartment, you and your friends are likely to be able to cope with this task. If you are not moving farther than 10-15 miles and can go all the way throughout the day, a truck rental might be right for you. However, if your inventory is larger than this or your new home is not within the specified distance from your old one, the moving company is likely to be better equipped and prepared to handle your move.


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